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FOR A PERSONAL CONSULTATION If you would like a personal consultation from a MahaVastuTM Experts that takes into consideration your specific situation. However.Get MahaVastuTM Report No financial stability in life: YOU CAN ADDRESS THIS ISSUE OR SEEK APPROPRIATE SOLUTIONS TO THIS PROBLEM BY ADHERING TO THE FOLLOWING MEASURES: ● Paint 4 inch wide Red Paint Strip around the Toilet in SSE Zone. which can only be determined with additional information and details from you about you. call our MahaVastuTM Experts on +91 120 xxx xxxx and ask for a Clarification +91 120 xxx xxxx and ask for a Personal Consultation. Zone of cash liquidity). your profession. NE ( North East. SE ( South East. YOU MAY WISH TO CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING VASTU APPROACHES: ● Growth in Business or Financials are governed by N ( North. there may be some other solutions to address your specific issue. FOR CLARIFICATION If you are interested in further clarifications regarding the above suggested remedies. Z one of Gains). Based on this. ● Hang either a picture or a painting of a village scene on the WSW Zone.likes. Zone of opporunities). Z one of Clarity). All the solutions provided above for your Money Matters issue is applicable in all circumstances. ● Kitchen Remedy Required TO ACHIEVE A GREATER SENSE OF OVERALL WELL-BEING. W ( West. Place a statue of Yakshraj Kuber on a table in N Zone. Zone of fame and relaxation). make sure they face the south direction. . S ( South. SSE ( South of South East. dislikes etc. we have suggested the above vastu remedies. If all of these Zones are balanced. Zone of confidence). then a person will get good g rowth in Business.Place 12 Galloping white horeses in NW zone of building.