---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------AIM AND TARGET
- The student will be understood about
arrange of sentence
- The student will be familiar with subject,
Predicate and Object
- The student knew “what is the filler and its
role to SPO
- The student able to make some differences
and categories sample in each sentences
SUBJECT + PREDICATE + (Object/ Adverb/ Complement)
- Proper Noun (KB nama diri)

- Common Noun (KB Umum)
- Concrete Noun (KB Berwujud)

: Mr. Robert is an engineer
: Town is smaller than city
: Desks are usually made of

- Abstract Noun (KB tak berwujud) : Beauty is the noun of
- Countable Noun (KB dpt dihitung) : Students should attend
- Uncountable Noun (KB Tidak dpt dihitung)
: Coffee is not
good for our health
- Collective Noun (KB Kolektif)
: The committee has
decided to make some
- Material Noun (KB bahan mentah) : Silver is good for ring
: He can speak English very well
: To paint requires patience and skill

I am not a pilot (-).Auxiliary Verbs (modals/ helping Verbs) : You must study hard (+) Must you study hard (?) You mustn’t study hard (-) C. You were sick yesterday (+). Are (present). .(-). I am a Pilot (+). NOUN CLAUSE) . NOUN PHRASE. I was here last minute ago (+). AS OBJECT : (NOUN. I wasn’t here (-).Adjective. (What did John write ? ) : The Teacher explained a difficult ( What did the teacher explained ? ) : Alice love Him Very much. Am. c. Was I here (?). They are busy (+). . Is my father a doctor (?). c. I am not in the yard (-) To be : was.NOUN . were (past) a. GERUND. am I in the yard (?). INFINITIVE.Lexical Verbs : She teaches English (+) Does She teach English (?) She doesn’t teach English (-) . INFINITIVE PHRASE : To study hard is the duty of any student 5. b. NOUN. PRONOUN. I am in the yard (+). Am I a pilot (?). LEXICAL VERBS. My father isn’t…. Adverb usually used after To Be/ linking Verb : To be : Is. you weren’t sick (-). AUXILIARY VERBS) . Noun. INFINITIVE PHRASE. AS PREDICATE : (ADJECTIVE. a. ADVERB. My father is a Doctor (+).4. Are they busy (?). They aren’t busy (-) b. GERUND : Typing is a tiring job 6.NOUN PHRASE lesson - PRONOUN : John wrote Books. NOUN CLAUSE : How he can pass the exam is important for him B. GERUND PHRASE. GERUND PHRASE : Choosing appropriate words requires intelligence 7. were you sick (?).

( What am I planning ? ) NOUN CLAUSE : I don’t understand What you have done to me. AS COMPLEMENT : (Usually placed after Predicate. ADVERB OF MANNER. NOUN PHRASE. INFINITIVE PHRASE). Adverb of Perspective (kepastian) : Honestly. ADVERB OF PLACE. ADVERB OF PERSPECTIVE) . - D.Adverb of Time (waktu) : The plane arrived yesterday When did the plane arrive ? Adverb of place (tempat) : He comes from Italy Where does he come from ? Adverb of Manner (cara) : She handles young children in a lovely way : How does she handle young children ? Adverb of degree (tingkatan) : I am almost ready : The box isn’t big enough Adverb of Frequency (sering) : I normally don’t take math course on Friday : They are always late. GERUND.(Whom does Alice love very much ? ) : Andi likes sleeping. ADVERB OF DEGREE. ADVERB OF FREQUENCY. ADJECTIVE PHRASE. AS ADVERB : - (ADVERB OF TIME. Noun : The boy in red cloth is Ali : Who come here yesterday is bush Noun Phrase : Marry is a professional lecturer : He has been a Spanish teacher in London Adjective : We have to be patient : The man is really handsome Adjective Phrase : Rina is very ugly but beautiful This book is better than that one Gerund : His hobby is swimming : What he likes to do is reading . Tom didn’t get the money They certainly work hard E. ( What does Andi like ? ) : John enjoys listening the music ( What does John Enjoy ? ) - GERUND GERUND PHRASE - INFINITIVE : He started to study. INFINITIVE. ( What did he start ? ) INFINITIVE PHRASE : I’m planning to go to the beach. GERUND PHRASE. it’s very closed with predicate) - (NOUN. ADJECTIVE.

WRITING EXERCISE VI. Asking and Giving Opinion b. LISTENING COMPREHENSION .- Gerund Phrase: His hobby is reading Novel in the classroom : His problem is not having a lot of money for holiday Infinitive : His main problem is to dance : What she like to do very much is to sleep Infinitive Phrase : What the children like to do is to play a game at station : Her hobby is to watch television in mid night Noun Clause : His uncle become what the people expected in that class Meeting : His hobby is what his father likes to do very much IV. Practice these expression V. ORAL WORK a.