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Continental Drift Notes

Continental Drift-very slow movement of the continental plates on the surface of the Earth due
to tectonic activity through geological time.
Continental Fit
Evidence for CD-Similar fossils found, similar geographic structures and continental fit. Some
continents contain coal deposits that were formed in tropical conditions.
Biological linkage- Similar fossil information found in either side of the Atlantic
Paleomagnetism-mid ocean ridge, ocean floor is spreading
Theory of Continental drift-Proposed by Alfred Wegener who investigated formations and fossils
around the continents.In 1915, the German geologist and meteorologist Alfred Wegener first
proposed the idea of the continental drift
2 supercontinents-Laurasia (northern hemisphere) and Gondwanaland (southern hemisphere)
formed when Pangea broke up.

-Family Feud
-Settlers of Catan
-War Light

Evidence for PT (Website)
-Mid-ocean ridges surpass Himalayas in size and experience earthquake. They also experience
heat flow and have deep trenches.
-Deep Sea Trenches- are seismically active oceanic trenches that are long,narrow, and parallel.
-Geomagnetic Anomalies- when random magnetic fields reverse and occurring patterns of
stripes at the seafloor, which comes from new rock formations on ridges.
-Island Arcs-are found along deep ocean trenches
-The ocean floors move away from the mid-oceanic ridge it will eventually come into contact
with a continental plate