Fitness Assessment

by MLauren » Tue Sep 13, 2011 12:26 am
Fitness Assessment
You Are Your Own Gym’s fitness program is split into 4 ability groups- Basic (beginner), 1st Class
(intermediate), Master (advanced), and Chief (elite). Use the following fitness ‘Minimums’ as a guide
to help you determine which of the book’s fitness level is most appropriate for you.
The 125 exercises in You Are Your Own Gym are split into four movement categories- Push, Pull,
Legs, and Core. Each of these movement categories, for this fitness assessment, will contain one
exercise with a prescribed number of repetitions that act as the recommended minimum for each of
the fitness levels. Ensure that you are using perfect technique in order to get an honest assessment
of where to begin.
Don’t worry if you are not squarely centered in one fitness group. For example, you might be able to
meet the minimum standards for the Pull, Legs, and Core categories of the 1st Class minimums but
not for the Push category. That’s not a problem. You are free to change the recommended variation
of any exercise in this program, or to replace an exercise entirely in order to better suit your abilities
and situation. You can even interchange the exercises from the various programs. For example- you
could use the leg and core exercises from the 1st Class Program and the Push and Pull exercises
from the Basic Program.
Don’t be afraid to experiment with the book’s 125 exercises and their variations. Use these
“Minimums” to help get you started in the right place and to make you aware of your strengths and
weaknesses in the 4 movement categories.
Basic Minimums
Anyone healthy enough for rigorous exercise. You should consult your physician before beginning
any physical training program. If you are unable to meet the 1st Class Minimums, start with the
Basic Program.
1st Class Minimums
10 Push-ups with 2-3 second pause at top and bottom of movement

8 on each side. Core Static Push-up position for 3 minutes Chief Minimums Push 16 alternating 1-arm Push-ups. Pull 12 Pull-ups with 1 second pause at top and bottom Legs 24 alternating Pistols. That’s 12 on each leg.Pull 10 Let-Me-Ups with legs only slightly bent and feet on the ground Legs 15 Back Lunges. . with 3 second pause at bottom of movement Core Static Push-Up position for 1 minute Master Minimums Push 16 alternating 1-arm Push-ups with hands elevated on mid thigh height surface Pull 5 Pull-ups with 2-3 second pause at top and bottom of movement Legs 24 alternating 1-legged Squats off of a just below knee height platform without “flopping” onto the surface. on each leg. 12 on each side.

Half Dive Bombers. 2 second pause with jump 29. jumping 27. Pistols. or closing your eyes . Pistols. feet knee height with 1 second pause 29. One-arm Push-ups 1 second pause Bending 26. One-arm Push-ups with hand elevated knee height 27. One-arm Push-ups with hand elevated knee height and 2 second pause 29. Close Grip Pull-ups with 2 second pause Squatting{/b} 26. 1 second pause with jump 28. One-arm Push-ups with hand elevated knee height and 1 second pause 28. Pull-ups with 1 second pause 27. Half Dive Bombers. Dive Bombers with 2 second pause on the way up 27.Core Static Push-up position for 5 minutes Advanced Progressions by MLauren » Mon Dec 17. 2012 9:38 pm Pulling 26. Half Dive Bombers. Close Grip Pull-ups with 1 second pause 30. such as a pillow. Pull-ups with 2 second pause 28. feet knee height with 2 second pause 30. Close Grip Pull-ups 29. Try standing on an unstable surface. Leg Switch Pistol 30. Leg Switch Pistol with jump [b]In-line Pushing 26. Pistols. Military Presses. feet pressed against wall Perpendicular Pushing 26. feet knee height 28. One-arm Push-ups 30.

Alternate training days doing variations of One-legged Hip Raisers and One-legged Warriors. *For exercise videos and details see the You Are Your Own Gym app. do One-legged Romanian Deadlifts with it. If you have something that's too heavy to hold overhead. . 28.27.