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The Inner Game Of Social Networking
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Getting Started
Creating Social Value From Scratch ................................................ 19
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Three Step Social Formula
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Working The Room
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Turn Friends Into Girlfriends
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Sexual Subcommunication ............................................................ 73
The Art of Proposing ................................................................... 80



Background History
Back in high school I was the most anti-social kid you could imagine. A
punk, a loner, a geek, and never the guy who gets the girls. I found it
extremely hard to “fit-in.”

Most of my friends were geeks like me, so when we got together it was
usually to play video games. Going out to meet girls and socialize was
unheard of!

When I was twenty-one years old I was living in a crammed room in
student housing around my university. On a Friday night I was at home alone
playing video games as usual, when suddenly my roommate's friend, a girl my
age, kept walking by and saying hi every time she passed my door and would
ask me what I was doing. Every day she would do that for a week, and me,
being the socially awkward jackass I was didn't have the sense to realize she
was interested in me!

Finally, one day she came up to my room while I was playing video games
as usual, asked if she could come in, then asked if I wanted to have some fun.
Stupid as I was, I just said, “Actually I'm pretty tired”, not even realizing
that she wanted to have sex!

She pretty much had to jump on me and rip my clothes off before I had
any idea what was going on.

At TWENTY-ONE YEARS OLD, she became my first girlfriend.

Yep, it was sad. I didn't always have the exciting social life I have now.
Not even close!

I sunk back into my old antisocial self. That's when I discovered an underground community of pickup-artists known as “The Seduction Community. I got so sick of being the victim of a poor social life and decided that I was not going to let this happen again. Using the techniques I'd learned. However. sorrow. she dumped my ass leaving me heartbroken. After lots of grief. and whining.That turned into a seven month relationship from hell. suddenly I was able to start conversations with women and make new friends. all the stuff I was learning never really seemed to suit my personality. my goal had never been to become a seducer guy who used tricks to pickup women. I decided that not only was I going to go back out there and build a social life.” I have The Seduction Community to thank for getting me started. It was an eye-opening experience! I tried all the different seduction methods out there. I opened up my internet browser and searched for any information I could find on how to learn social skills. I was able to recognize social behaviors. It was a life where I had a massive social . Although I was now able to start conversations and meet women. When it was over. and that sharpened my social and dating skills. and because I gave up on socializing again I lost many of my friends. through the hobbies I was passionate about. “Waaaah! I'll never meet another girl again! Waaaah!”. The life I had envisioned for myself was one where I was always doing fun and exciting things with friends and I was meeting tons of women along the way through friends. but I was going to the best damn social life EVER! I decided that someday I would have a system for the millions of frustrated men in my situation so they could get their social lives back! Starting from scratch. through the places I loved to hangout at.

Guess what? It worked! Eventually I was being invited out all the time. Alone in a new city with no friends at all. Staying in Vancouver. So I began to focus instead on building a social life. was it possible to use the solution I'd discovered to build a social life from scratch? In less than a year to the day that I first set foot in Vancouver – friendless. I had completely overlooked the benefits of creating a social network where I would meet THOUSANDS of girls. Instead of trying to seduce every woman I full of women that would be introducing me to their hot friends all the time! I looked at my life and realized that because I was so focused on how to pickup one girl. jobless and on my own – I couldn't walk down the street without having people say hi to me on every block. I had cool groups of friends who regularly got together. On a spur of a moment decision I decided to go on a road trip to the West Coast of Canada. I'd thrown the biggest house parties in the city. Now the real test of my social skills would begin. I instead invested time on making friends with new groups of people and just having fun instead of always thinking about the seduction. been awarded “The Next Big Promoter” by the most exclusive night club in the city. I had come up with a solution to starting a social network from scratch. and above all else I was meeting and hooking up with tons of women without even having to try! Then one day something unexpected happen. I fell in love with the city and decided not to return home from the road trip. connected with . going to parties.

and had wild adventures meeting thousands of women along the way. This book is a comprehensive guide on how I built this massive social network from scratch.businesses and organizations all over the city. .

AND MORE! .What You'll Learn It has taken me YEARS to figure this stuff out. you will have everything it takes to become a social master when you apply this information shared here..  Eliminating your approach anxiety for good and becoming more confident in any social situation. and I am sharing it all here in this book so that you won't have to go out and figure it out for yourself.  How to stay out of the friend zone FOREVER!  A system for creating a social network of hundreds of babes that will set you up with their hottest friends (even if right now you have no friends at all!)  How to create a revolving door of beautiful women who are calling YOU constantly. This is the real deal! These are the exact same guidelines I use in my private coaching.  .  Secrets that I have learned from studying social masters who have figured it all out!  Sure-fire techniques that take little effort and pay-off BIGTIME in meeting women and creating attraction.. and you now have it all without me even having to be there and show you in person.  Freedom from ever having to use another pickup line!  How to penetrate elite social circles and become a regular at all the exclusive parties in your area  Ways to have every women in the room dying to meet you. By the end of this book.

The Inner Game Of Social Networking .

Be Social Over Seductive Why on earth would you ever want to be social if you're trying to get a girl into bed? That seems so absurd! Guys. you will trigger tremendously more powerful levels of attraction with beautiful women when you can get the interest of a beautiful girl without hitting on her. Think about it. When you adopt a powerful social mindset. and contributing value to a great social atmosphere. realize this: You can trigger massive attraction without ever hitting on a woman. what is usually going through your head? . and making friends. I know how crazy it sounds. you can say goodbye to any social anxiety you have that comes up when you are approaching a hot babe when trying to seduce her. at one point. There's nothing on the line when you aren't trying to pickup every single girl you meet! All you are doing is being social. having fun. Whenever I met a woman. hunt me down. Before you close this book. In fact. I instantly went into seducer mode and started pulling out all my pickup lines and tried to escalate with every single hot girl that came across my path. Believe me. When you're approaching a hot babe. call me a fraud and demand your hard-earned money back. being social was the last thing on my mind.

it's typically to hit on her and try to and try to compliment her and tell her everything It sets you apart from other guys who just seek value and want to take something from people they meet. you're cool and composed. confident and relaxed. but you are just offering . “Which pickup line will I use?”  “How will I transition into that five-hundred-word routine I memorized?”  “What if she rejects me for hitting on her?”  “What if she tells her friends I tried to pick her up?”  “How can I get into this girl's pants?” When your only intention is to be friendly and social. From the moment most guys open their mouth to a beautiful woman. or when out of nowhere she says she's not going to sleep with you. I just want to be friends with your hot friends.  Because you're not trying to pick her up. She'd have to be crazy not to be into that!  Not wanting anything from her is attractive. it's a totally different dynamic:  You come across as genuine and authentic because you're no longer struggling to come up with your next pickup line.”  You're offering massive value by letting her know about the exciting parties and social events you're involved in creating. “Woah. slow down.  She can't reject you if you're not picking her up! When a girl suddenly brings up her boyfriend. you can raise an eyebrow and say. and you're welcoming her to be part of this amazing social life. there's nothing at stake! When the pressure is off.

the more confidence and composure you'll gain. the more time you spend in the presence with these beautiful women and interacting with them.  By getting experience being in the presence of hot babes for long enough to say more than a few pickup lines and actually build a relationship. and every girl in the place will see that and they'll be fighting over you for the rest of the night. you'll develop a confidence and comfort around hot women so that all your anxiety will disappear. When you befriend a beautiful girl. she'll be inviting you out to parties or coming to your parties where she'll be introducing you to all of her beautiful friends. Think about it as a compound interest investment – making friends with one girl will give you the opportunity to date ten of her friends. and I'm about to tell you why this is one of the MOST powerful techniques you will ever learn for attracting babes. you'll have MASSIVE social value and trigger major attraction.  Women will be fighting over you without you ever having to use a pickup line! .  Make friends with a babe and she is going to invite you into her social circle to meet all of her gorgeous friends  When you show up at the club with your entourage of hot girlfriends and girls are running up to hug and kiss you when you arrive. hugging and kissing you. “I thought this book was about picking up girls?” It is. Imagine if you befriended ten beautiful women. The next time you walk into the club she'll run up to you.I hear you saying. Can you picture how many dozens of new women you'd be meeting every week without having to do anything? These women you'll meet are doing all the work for you and bringing their hot friends to YOU! As an added benefit.

job opportunities. infinite social connections. There are many guys who I meet who want to be rich. you'll find yourself alone.. you'll always be pretending. You must believe that people are worthwhile. there is one fundamental belief that you must keep in mind while reading this book and applying these concepts or you are doomed to fail and will never achieve the higher levels of social life that are described in this book. and never genuinely connected with the women you meet. However. Without this belief. but don't want to have to work for it. but they hate people. but they resent them for being beautiful and “out of their league” (. . much more. Without this belief.. on the outside looking at these people who have created an attractive lifestyle. great friendships and much. you'll never develop the kind of lifestyle where you are an abundance of beautiful babes who are introducing you to all their beautiful friends. They want to sleep with beautiful women.. They want to have a great social life. Without this belief..or so they believe). The problem is that you can't have both.People Are Worthwhile The information contained in this book has the potential to radically transform your social life into a lifestyle with no shortage of gorgeous women.

but to find the good things that people do. I knew that I had to change to achieve the lifestyle I wanted. I was the worst case: angsty. but only a few. . Take a few minutes to watch an inspirational video on Youtube or read a book that reminds you how amazing the human spirit is. and that is incredibly powerful in your relationships. The reason I know it's not going to work is because I've been there myself. Sure. remind yourself of all the great things that people do for each other. Then I finally realized after many years that it was not getting me anywhere. antisocial. Every time you hear yourself saying it's not worth it. you can make a few friends by being fake and deceiving. With the belief that people are worthwhile all these techniques will fall into place with ease. They are also able to feel when you are truly being sincere. The life I wanted – an amazing life with great friendships and lasting relationships – was not possible with those limiting beliefs that I had that people were not worthwhile. When I was younger. To build a social network of hundreds of beautiful women. people are able to detect insincerity and when others are trying to control and manipulate them. otherwise you won't have the motivation to get there. What I did to get over these limiting beliefs was to stop focusing only on the bad qualities of people. it requires that you genuinely like people. When you have an appreciation for people and a desire to unite with others in this world. When a belief came up about people that wasn't working for me. I could easily look on the positive side and find evidence that there are great people. and constantly depressed. Get into the process of interrupting your negative thought patterns. the possibilities are endless.At a very instinctual level.

Starting From Scratch .

Instead.Creating Social Value From Scratch My First Day In A New City Stranded alone in Vancouver without a single acquaintance in this new city. Without the knowledge of creating social value. the people I met were inviting me out when I told them I was looking to meet people and make friends! At the very least. every new acquaintance fizzles out or they flake on you. I was determined to make the best of my vacation. By night I had tons of people texting me asking what my plans were. Which clubs are usually good on a Tuesday night?” Not once did I ever get “rejected” when I was coming from this place of being social and polite. that social life you've always dreamt of never happens. Suddenly I was a local celebrity! That was the day I became that guy who knows what's going. if you know how to Create Social Value From Scratch. The women you meet aren't really that interested. In fact. Eventually I had collected so much information about the nightlife that whenever I would talk to the locals.. “Excuse me. I'm going out later tonight. polite manner and suddenly I had more of a social circle than most locals did. you'll NEVER feel insecure about yourself when you have to start a new social life. you look like you may know this.. Whether you've just moved to a new city or you recently got out of a long-term relationship that killed your social life. we usually exchanged info so we could touch base later or in the days that followed. people everywhere would recognize me and say hi just after ONE AFTERNOON of doing this. and . Being new to the city. Whenever a beautiful girl crossed my path or I ran into a group of people who looked cool I'd say. All it took was approaching people in a friendly. With this critical skill you can meet people and make solid connections everywhere you go in life in a way that will have women calling you. it was as if I knew more about the nightlife than they did! In fact. I had to ask around to figure out where the hottest clubs were.

.Don't go down that route! Learn this skill and can control your social life. One. The truth is. but they'll be trying to get together with you because they want to get in your pants! These conversations that begin from this social context can go anywhere.. or to any number of wild adventures!  A relationship with the woman of your dreams. they aren't sexually attracted. functions..  That one approach might lead right into a hangout right on the spot. . This is more than just Creating Social Value From Scratch: this is rapidly creating incredible value from scratch in a way that has beautiful women calling you. What typically happens is you'll start meeting girls and through social affairs. .even if they want to be your “friend”.. Weekends are a painfully lonely mess as you sit at home frustrated and alone.. OVERNIGHT! This is a skill to attract women and make an impression on people that make them irresistibly drawn to you because you convey that you are a cool guy with a social lifestyle... or maybe you go out by yourself or with friends you can't stand and have another crappy night. just ONE of these conversations can open the door for THOUSANDS of opportunities:  Being invited out to parties.. and events that same night and being introduced to that person's entire group of friends. and personalities who have become life-long friends.  Meeting people with similar interests. careers.. and that's an attractive thing to convey to the women you meet! It shows that you're a cool guy who has friends and other beautiful women in his life. the process of becoming the guy who knows everyone is the beginning of a relationship with a woman.. or to a party.

then your social life is completely dead! Do you really want to be reaching out in desperation all the time? Do you really want your social life to be at the mercy of someone else? . Now. or hitting the clubs with Group B. For example. instead of trying to hit on her and convincing her to go on a date with you. Can you see how they are more desirable because they have Social Intelligence? The problem is if that when they're not able to control your social life. If you're not even lucky enough to know someone like this (like when you move to a new city). Think about the last time you were planning to go out so you called that cool friend of yours because he/she always has girls around and fun parties to go to. Leaving your social life in the hands of someone else means your social life is only as good as they allow it to be. In other words. you can create tons of social value by becoming the “nexus”. When you're the Mayor Of The Party. Social Intelligence is information that people need to meet more cool people. the guy who always knows what's going on. if you have the option of going to the beach with Group A. the “connector”. your social life falls flat on its face. you have LOTS of Social Intelligence for that night. and have fun! Collecting Social Intelligence The fastest way to Create TONS of Social Value from scratch is by collecting Social Intelligence.This is how people with attractive lifestyles meet people. Somehow people are constantly reaching out to him yet he never bothers calling anyone. or as I like to call him. everyone wants to be around you and women will swarm you in droves! You probably know someone like this. when you're talking to a girl. The Mayor Of The Party. or chilling at a house party with Group C. you have a great reason to get together that is enticing and compelling. do business.

. Here are a few ways you could approach a complete stranger:  “Excuse me.. the best art galleries. one thing I like to say is. It's so effortless to approach people and make new friends when you're on mission to help bring everyone to the funnest spot. you look like you might know this. “Hey. or whatever it is you're passionate about. what are the best art galleries around here? I'm new here and looking to break into the art scene.Of course you would! The trick is to always be living your life like you're on vacation. tell them about what you've heard from other people. Where can I find some good live music on a Tuesday?”  “Excuse me. generally all gorgeous babes love house music. if they're not the first person you've talked to. can you help me with something. you guys look cool. For example. are you into house music?” (In my experiences. and start from there.. people will follow! It all starts with approaching all the coolest people you see – especially the kind of women who you would like to have in your social circle – and politely asking where the best clubs.”  In the case of a group.” then ask whatever it is I'm looking for...) “I'm just trying to figure out where the best club is for tonight.”  “Excuse me.Wouldn't you rather have your social life on autopilot so you have a constant influx of people reaching out to you letting you know where the party is at? Wouldn't you rather be able to guide all these beautiful women you meet to a single place that YOU decide? .. Once you start chatting. you can .

Would you mind sending me a text the next time you're having one of your beach parties?” No matter what her response. She's starting her social life from scratch – This is the perfect opportunity to offer massive social value that will have people calling you. I'm just getting my social life started and I'm looking to do something fun like that. Always Be Closing. too – In this case. In my experiences. “So what do you do for fun then?” or “What kind of events do you typically go to?” She may tell you. As they say in sales. You can say. then I'd suggest digging a bit deeper and asking. that's fine! 3. Whether she's a social nexus herself. or whatever you're proposing.say. Have you been there?” (Now you're coming from a place of value because you're connecting these people to social value!) The most important step in approaching these people is The Close. or she has no idea what's going on. you can let her know that you wouldn't mind if she wants to check with you later to see how good your party is. the close will go one of three ways: 1. She's going out. 2. clubs. “That's awesome. you now have a way to bridge this into a second meeting! In each situation you're giving out your information in a way . you let her know that you'll do her the favour of checking out the party first so she knows whether or not it's worth going. In other words. you can always close this to create an opportunity for a second meeting. “My friends and I usually just go to the beach”. you let her know that you'll do all the work and if she wants to reach out at any time to find a party. and that is another opportunity to connect socially.“One person I talked to mentioned I should go to Club XYZ on Tuesday. In other words. She doesn't go to bars and clubs (or whatever you asked her about) – If she's just not interested in bars. Let her know that you're going to be networking with a lot of people and she's welcome to check back with you whenever she wants to know what's going on.

that offers social value and this makes you socially desirable. where I can find good live music. On top of that. ask where the best hiking trails are. you're giving your social muscles a workout. All these hobbies and interests are connected by social circles and you can merge those. How could she not be interested in that? You can ask about ANYTHING. not just bars/clubs. For example.. that's totally fine! You can ask where the best art galleries are. I love going to the beach so I always ask people about stuff going on at the beach and build connections from there.. Collect Social Intellgence to become that attractive leader calling the shots of your fun social life. You're offering major social value yet asking for nothing in return. ask for whatever you're passionate about. or whatever it was I was socially passionate about at the time. each time you politely approach someone this confident way. too by using these principles. This is the best way to get warmed up if your social skills are a little rusty. If you're not interested in the nightlife. especially because it's a very non-threatening approach to meeting people: I have NEVER been snubbed or rejected for politely asking someone if they could share with me which clubs are the most bumpin'. blasting through social anxiety. .

Three Step Social Formula .

in a bar or club. I'm always starting random conversations everywhere I go. that hits major attraction buttons with beautiful women. They'll also see-through your tricks when you're NOT actually the social guy but just turning on your social side on weekends. beautiful women see right through that will know that you are just pretending to be that way so you can get into their pants. Being social becomes your default state of mind and you won't have to warm-up or use rehearsed lines when you meet a woman. Everyone. the waitress serving me at the restaurant. When you're pretending to be someone you're not. To start getting consistent results you have to be social all the time. the barista at my favourite coffee shop. walking alongside them on the sidewalk. anytime is a major asset in building a social life.The Sincere Hello Can you remember being a little boy and your mother told you. It could be on a bus. your social anxiety will fade away. . that old saying couldn't be further from the truth. It's also a major asset in being able to meet women and capitalize on opportunities to bring more women into your social circle. anytime. in line at a bank. always having fun and interacting with the people around him. When you are the guy who talks to everyone. When you practice meeting people everywhere.. anywhere. You'll have a natural social charisma.. “Never talk to strangers!”? When it comes to building an amazing lifestyle full of babes. Having the skills to meet people anywhere. and not just when the weekend comes around.

All that matters is that you are expressing a sincere interest in the people around you. In the words of Chuck D. but you may have been reluctant to use it with women because it seems impossible that it would work. . most of us fall for this false belief that it's not possible to start conversations here. “Don't believe the hype!” The technique I came up with for being able to start social interactions is very simple. or thank someone for their service. You can use this anywhere. All you have to do is ask. The places where people gather but no one is social are typically the best places to do this. or the cashier who gets all those polite but meaningless greetings from each customer) are typically the places where people are socially deprived and dying for social interaction and connection... so we miss out on great opportunities to meet people. anytime. Let me repeat that. “How are you?” You can ask. and you already do it all the time. Sadly. You can do this by just asking someone how their day is going.All it takes is expressing a sincere interest in the people you meet. Those places where it's unheard of to mingle with people yet people go everyday (think about the bus driver who rarely gets people greeting him or even looking at him. “How's everything?” or whatever style works for you. “How's it going?”. In fact. the places where people gather but no one is social are typically the best places to do this.

If you can brighten up their day and make someone smile. then you'll make an amazing impression. if you can connect even for a brief moment and learn something about them. If. business deals. and she's expecting that like everyone else. they will remember you. Forget the flashy pickup lines. anything could happen. You're the hundredth person today. and brought many gorgeous women into my social circle. Women can detect when you are just repeating some rehearsed line or trying to get a reaction out of her. especially beautiful women. instead. it's enamoring and people love it. and the problem is that most guys are brainwashed into movie moment style seductions where everywhere is over-the-top suave and perfect. I know it's funny to think saying “hi” or asking how's their day going is actually the opposite of what guys do! However. I've been sitting in cafes and said hi to people that has led to long-term relationships. However. you have a great conversation without doing what every other guy does.When someone with that kind of social charisma comes along and has the courage to just start a conversation at a bus stop or at a cafe. get your order. when you ask someone – and you really mean it -. you'll just say your automatic hello. Saying hello is all it takes. . you can get everywhere just with hello. Let's say that sexy barista is serving you. and get the hell out of there.“How's your day going?” then you really try to find out how they are. You can convey all your confidence and courage just by showing that you don't even need a pickup line or a witty one-liner.

. anywhere. everyone! When you ask a babe “how's your day going?” it will work as if you've said the perfect line because you'll have that social momentum giving it power. use a simple hello. Keep it simple. I'm about to share with you a way to build attraction on top of that technique and even apply it so babes will be asking you to be part of your social life in the chapters that follow. Say hello to the bus driver. . the cashier.. Start off with a sincere hello to get conversations started anytime. Ask people how their day is going.You don't have to be perfect.

and leveraging your network of friends you create major social value that you can give freely to people you meet. The more you introduce a friend to another friend. or get into her pants. especially beautiful women who are used to guys constantly trying to get something from them. get! When your primary focus is on getting it will repel people.” This saying could not be more true when it comes to building your attractive social life. “You get back what you give out. the more amazing social events you put together for your friends.Offering Social Value You've probably heard the saying. the more social value you gain! When you have high social value. amazing things start to happen: people are calling you up inviting you out to exclusive events. introducing friends to one another. business opportunities arise everywhere. giving women gifts or paying her cash is giving. Yet what do most guys do? They meet a woman and are trying to get her number. It's so easy! All you have to do is give. that is exactly why your social life hasn't reached the point where an abundance of women are trying to get into your pants! . get a date with her. By organizing fun social events. And if you think that buying flowers. get. and of course women are fighting over you because it's clear you are a fun. social guy. Get.

Remember this: whores give to get.

What I've noticed about guys who have built those social circles that
are full of babes is that they are always giving out social value without
expecting anything in return. They're making the effort to bring people
together, put together great events, without asking for anything in return.
They give for the sake of giving.

Of course, they have business opportunities coming in left and right,
they're surrounded by beautiful women, and they lead remarkable lives. Is
that a coincidence? Nope.

To generate your own social value, here are the approaches that will
have a powerful effect on your social circle:

1. Be The Mayor – When you are that guy who knows what's going on,
the guy that always knows where the party is at, the guy who always
has something fun to do and is fun to be around, women will flock in
droves to you.
All it takes is that you decide, right now, that you are The Mayor.
You are that guy.
Then, next time you've had a great conversation with a woman you've
met, before you say goodbye let her know that you're working on
building an amazing social life and if she's interested you'll give her
your number and she can call you whenever she is looking to go out.
I've connected with hundreds of people this way, and now I am always
getting texts with things like, “Hey I haven't been out in a while and
am looking to go have some fun. Anything cool going on tonight?” I
get texts like this all the time from babes who I've met.
2. Provide A Contact – Keeping your ears open for opportunities where
you can connect people with each other is a chance to add even more

social value to your life.
For instance, you could meet a girl and she says she just moved here
looking for modeling work then you say, “That's perfect because my
friend Judy is a fashion designer and she's looking for some girls to
model for a shoot this weekend!”
Both Judy and the girl you met benefit from this. The girl you met
now has some work, and your friend Judy now has a model for her
shoot. In turn, your social value increases and your social circle is
It may seem like you don't really directly benefit from this because
well... you don't.
However, when you start connecting all these people, giving without
expecting anything, and offering social value, strange things start

People start inviting you to amazing social events

Beautiful women are introducing you to more beautiful

You get discounts, free stuff, and VIP treatment everywhere
you go!

Think about it, as you go through your life always helping people and
giving social value, it comes back to you in favors, meeting more people, and
access to a great social life!

Having high social value is what will create that revolving door of women
in your life because YOU are coming from a place of power where you are not
just some guy trying to get in their pants – they're trying to get in YOUR pants
because you actually have a great social life and lots of value to offer. That's
highly attractive!

The Non-Date Date
The biggest problem with dating is the fact that we call it “dating”.

As soon as we put that ugly label on why we're meeting up and call it a
date, we behave totally differently than we would if we were just out for a
casual get together having a good time.

When you're out with our friends having some beers, playing volleyball at
the beach, or whatever social recreational activities you enjoy, you're
relaxed, comfortable, and you're able to be yourself and not care what
anyone thinks, right?

The reason you're cooler, funnier, and more comfortable with yourself
when you're out with friends is because the meaning you give it when you go

Think about it: Why are you meeting up with friends? (What is the
meaning?) To have fun, joke around, and do the things you love to do in life.
There's no outcome really other than to enjoy yourself. There's no pressure to
impress your friends or make them like you, you just enjoy yourself.

By setting up a “date” with a girl, the meaning is that you're both getting
together so you can try to seduce her and by the end of the night she'll pick
whether or not you will be getting any play.

When girls are put into these dating situations, they start to behave
according to all these rules that society tries to force them to conform to and
they stop just having a good time and hanging out with their friends and
having fun. For instance, those rules like “no kissing on the first date” and
“no sex until the fourth date” come up.

If it's not enough that you've totally killed attraction for being
completely boring, predictable and cliché by doing the same date she's been
on literally a hundred times in her life, if she does actually like you then
you're both working against all of yours and her social programming and have
to go by all the guidelines set by society.

It's not their fault! This is how we've all been told that dating is
supposed to work!

Meeting up with women to be sexual is great, the problem is that our
society in North America has complicated the whole process and now we have
these rituals that are only making it harder for us to really connect and be
intimate with one another.

Movies, magazines, and the media have defined how dating should be
but it has created this block for many men who are trying to follow these
guidelines for dating that society has laid out for them, but it's making them
inauthentic and harder to meet the right women.

Since you know you're in your best, natural form when you're out with
friends having a good time, what if you had the date at the same time?

For instance, what if you organized a dinner or some kind of social
activity like a beach party, and just casually invited the girls you meet along?

The difference is that you're just bringing your friends, girls you know,
and everyone together and there's no guidelines you have to obey. You don't
have to take a girl to a movie, then a dinner, then drive her home. All you
have to do is show up and have a good time.

 It's just you and her. You've brought her into your life. If she's boring. your plans for  the night are ruined. giving her a chance to see you at your best. You pickup a few beers and party in your friends backyard.Now. Now. You bring her into your world where you are comfortable with your friends. and  all the costs of dating.  You meet up with her and spend the night getting to know her. You're out with friends relaxing and having a good time!  If she flakes on you. There's no pressure because nothing is at stake. or hangout at the beach to play Frisbee for either free or a fraction of the price. locked in  together all night. If she flakes. you invite her and several other girls you know out and you spend the night with all of those girls and your friends. instead of having to explain to her what you do and how you spend your time. you're giving her a vivid experience of the amazing lifestyle you lead! Let's compare traditional dating with the non-date approach to dating (on the next page): Traditional Date Non-Date  There's a lot of pressure not to fail  because you both know that unless you play your cards totally right you're going home alone. If you choose. she's going to join you in YOUR world. you're stuck with her and can't escape. that doesn't affect anything because you'll still hangout with your friends and have a great time. All the girls bring along babes for your friends!  You gotta pay for dinner. movie. .


However. it's unattached. the most effective way to bring people to your social activities is calling them personally to let them know about a get together you're having. do a facebook event. the results were phenomenal. The Personal Invite – From my experiences in promoting nightclubs.So let's say you've met a girl and you want to employ this social get together formula. You're building an attractive lifestyle. when I tried calling up people personally to let them know about the event. The Invite – Send out a text. I would send out a mass text. 3. There's a few approach you can take: 1. . With the non-date you are still doing everything you'd be doing. Pretty simple and something you may have tried already. or tell the people you know in person. create a facebook event. This works really well because it's non-threatening. 2. The main strength with the non-date date is that you break-free from that mold of the traditional “date” giving you the chance to be yourself in an environment where you'd be doing what you love to be doing anyways. This is effective. but the personal invite is a powerful technique to combine with your invites. and you're bringing beautiful women along with you into that lifestyle. or let everyone I talked to know I was having a party. I'd recommend you do both. but nowhere near as effective as The Personal Invite. At first when I started promoting. The turnout of my parties was exceptionally higher. you just let them know that you're going to be doing something social and she's welcome to come along. Social Offer – This is a type of invite where when you get a call or text from a girl asking you what you're up to. and you're bringing her into your world.

The best way to offer value in a way that is going to lead to bringing more beautiful women into your life is to simultaneously propose the The Non-Date Date. Remember: You can always walk away.Three Step Social Formula Now that you've learned a few powerful techniques that will kick-start your social life. From there you can vibe and carry out the thread of “how's your day going?” You can tell her about your day. No one is holding a gun to your head to stay in that conversation. you can ask another question. or you can skip to the next step of offering social value when the conversation nears a close. make it casual. you can always walk away. Everything starts with the sincere hello. you are naturally using the sincere hello with people everywhere. and it's the easiest thing when you see a beautiful girl to say hi and ask her how her day is going. Let her know about something that is going on in your life that she could join you on. If it feels like it's stalling. and if your intuition tells you she's not that interested or the direction of the conversation is not where you'd like. whatever. You are being social all the time so after you get in the swing of being social. When the conversation is nearing a close. No one is holding a gun to your head to stay in that conversation. here's how you can throw them together for incredible results that will whisk you from the first encounter to a second meeting with beautiful women. throw out some value. Use your best judgment. . Offer value by proposing one of the options in the Offering Value section.

Stay on your course and keep building that social value and watch it multiply. adding you on Facebook. etc. (Note: Often at this point your work is done. girls will be calling you inviting you out or just asking where you are so they can come meet you. . emailing. etc.) Follow this simple formula for social success: Sincere Hello → Offer Social Value →The Non-Date Date Put these steps into action right away. This formula alone is all it takes to start building relationships and connecting with hundreds of girls. and there will be a few that won't. Don't take it personally because who knows what reason they had for not contacting. and you will also be seeing them again at the same social venues.Many women will be texting you.

practice using the techniques from The Non-Date Date to bridge a second meetup. Make a commitment to make friends with THREE of the kind of girls you would like to date. . Start by using the sincere opener. “How's your social life?” and whether she says good or bad. keep things friendly without hitting on her.Exercises 1. 2. ask. then team up with her in building a social life. The next time you are in a conversation with a girl.

Working The Room .

.” Whatever you want to call it. Working The Room is this process where you are bouncing around the party from group to group. so when you finally do approach them they are excited to meet you. flirting with all the girls. introducing friends to friends. this is a powerful skill for building a social network. you'll eventually hit a threshold of Social Value that triggers such massive attraction throughout the room that something miraculous happens called The Mayor Effect (which will be explained shortly). and making sure everyone is having a wonderful time.Introduction There is one skill that will allow you to start from scratch when you move to any city and powerfully walk into any room and instantaneously become the most popular guy in the room. Due to your high social value. welcoming all the new arrivals. Some people call it being the “life of the party” or “being the mayor. The more you work the room and apply these techniques. and recruit all those women into your social network: your ability to work a room. making friends with everyone. women are already attracted to you before you even approach them. get the attention of all the hottest women there. The power of Working The Room can be happens by generating so much Social Value that you'll be attracting ten women for every one woman you talk to as you bounce around working the room.

. The Lukewarm Approach 2. I've been able to break this down into four key parts: 1. The Welcoming Committee 4.After years of practice and refining this technique. Being The Manager Throughout this section you'll learn the nuts and bolts of all these techniques and you'll be shown techniques to build your social network from scratch at any social event you attend. Introducing Everyone To Everyone 3.

that is essentially what they are doing: pitching themselves to a beautiful woman. there is also a “warm approach”. then we might worry or become anxious. or what many people call the frame. When the frame is that we're already friends and we can walk up start shooting the crap with her as if we're old pals. When guys “cold approach” a cute girl. and that's when you approach some babe who you already have a previous relationship. if the frame is that we are cold approaching a stranger and we have to do our best not to rejected. . They never have to get themselves psyched up to go hang out with a friend or get past approach anxiety. The term comes from sales where they “cold call” someone (a person who they have no previous relationship with) and pitch their sale to them. For example. Nobody ever calls it a “warm approach” when they walk over to say hi to a friend. then we act much differently. Just as there is a “cold approach”.The Lukewarm Approach When we approach a woman we don't know we call it a “cold approach”. Do you have to get psyched when your pal invites you over to watch the game? Hell no! Do you ever have to think twice about approaching someone you already have a relationship with? NO! Our behavior when we meet new people depends largely on how we view the context.

they'll all be wondering. The way this technique works is by having very short interactions with everyone at the party. It creates mystery. fast interactions create spontaneous attraction and intrigue for many reasons:  You're confident enough to approach and say hi. I've discovered a powerful way to influence people in a social environment to adopt that frame of already being old friends with you. then suddenly you move on instead of milking the interaction for all its worth and trying to get a number right away. you have a quick interaction. you're care-free and unattached enough to move on to the next group and keep spreading good energy.  Unlike every other guy. A few stock conversation starters I use are:  “How's your night going?”  “What's the occasion tonight?” (often my second question)  Simply yelling “Paaarrttyyy!” These short. A short interaction could be anything from a cheers.Although having a strong frame is incredibly powerful and can cause people to fall into your frame (to adopt the same view of the context as you). a high-five.  As people see you walking around being the mayor. fun guy walking around having fun with everyone?” and each following interaction be better . “Woah! Who is this confident. or a brief exchange of words. get a great response.  Even though you have this confidence and get great responses from everyone. leaving women wanting more!  Fun people are attracted to other fun people! Bouncing around the party being the mayor radiates great energy and it's attractive.

then on your second lap around ten minutes later you see a girl you already had a rapid-fire interaction with.because all the women seeing this are intrigued and want to meet you. you can say things like: . For example. After you've had one short interaction with someone where you cheered them. you're completely unstoppable! (Sometimes it might only take one to reach your peak state. don't try to milk it out all the way to the point of getting her number because that's what every other guy does and it doesn't let you stand out.) Keep these interactions short! That will help keep you in state and ensure that there's not even time for any rejection. so the next time you approach them you've created some intrigue and attraction. but good enough! The frame then becomes that you have already met. By the time you've done ten of these. Since you've previously had a short interaction with them. the next interaction will be what I call a “lukewarm approach”. or exchanged a few words. What I find best about this rapid-fire approach to working the room is that it boosts confidence and builds up more and more momentum with each person or group that you approach. high-five. What we're going to focus on is the second approach is because that is where you will apply this flawless technique to influence the people in the social environment to start talking to you like an old friend. If you get into a conversation. so you can go straight into old pal talk. that's good enough to qualify as a relationship – not much of a relationship. if you went around the room cheering all the beautiful women. The approaches are so easy because all you have to do is say “Cheers!” or “What a great night!” then move on. We're not concerned with the first approach.

I <fill in the blank>. Keep it short. Then. you have a relationship with that person and all you have to do is treat it that way.and so on. but you can talk to everyone because many guys or lesser-attractive women will be with hot girls). etc. whatever. The attraction it creates is amazing and women will lose control of their inhibitions and hunt you down to pounce on you. when you re-encounter someone. keep moving from group to group. If I saw a fight break out. to recap. go talk to a friend.. if I met someone really cool. it's even more powerful if you move on to the next group on a high note of the interaction. . Typically what I do is ask one of those questions or I will talk about my adventures since the last encounter. To end interactions. what you do is have simple. “Great meeting you! Let's talk later!” You can also exit to go grab a drink. At this point. “Great to see you again!” What I've found from doing this is that even when you start a conversation and it's going great. if I learned something new.. “Since we last spoke. I like to say. Many of those same girls you met will be approaching you again later doing the same thing because after all you guys have already met. you can throw in one of those lines like. Again.“Did I miss anything?” “Great to see you again!” “Did you miss me?” . short. whatever it is I can just say. how your night has been. right? They'll walk over and ask you what happened. rapid-fire interactions with everyone (mainly women.” You could even go up and give them a hug or whatever you want.

) In more mellow environments like cafes. how's it going?” then chat for bit.The most important thing is that you are ending it first.) It's important to note that this technique tends to work best in environments that are very anonymous and nobody knows each other (nightclubs. not just one girl. then you can approach later and you'll have the lukewarm approach working in your favor. intimate approach (see the chapter on “The Sincere Hello” for that. make a choice to move on. if you approach a group. etc. parties. that could give you more confidence to try something new. bars. “Hey. a park. don't do it! There are exceptions. concerts. my approach is more of a sincere. Even though it is tempting to stay in a long interaction. lounges. or somewhere where people aren't mingling. but first and foremost you want to focus on the group dynamic. So.) . say. you can present yourself however you want. you want to work the whole room. Because it's completely anonymous. Sometimes you might even have to exchange numbers and let a girl know you'll catch up with her later because she won't leave you alone! You can get the best practice trying this stuff in environments where you don't know anyone. A very powerful rule to keep in mind is to always be ending your conversations first. and more confidence to be anyone you want (if nobody knows you.

and we were always at that awkward acquaintance level. or better yet the lover of those girls of your dreams. Before I had a large social circle. I'd often be meeting the same people time and time again. You want to be the colleague. it brings out that feeling of familiarity and trust. Where you want to be is in close. one of the best places to start is to focus on the name. I forgot your name. Those weak connections that never truly bonded. “Hey.. it's generally a weak connection and meaningless in your social circle. When you greet someone by name.. When you walk over to a friend and say. “Sorry. Bob! How are ya?” It's a lot different than just nodding or waving because you feel socially obligated to acknowledge a person you . To become a regular in the social circles and be privy to all the babes and social value that comes with it. friend. you will never be merging into that person's social circle. People love to hear their own name. you must always be collecting names. Knowing that person may get you a To breakthrough past that stage of being an acquaintance to becoming a genuine member of that person's social circle.”. then reintroduce ourselves. I had little appreciation for how important names were. That is when you've made a solid connection. Being an “acquaintance” with someone is not a very close relationship at all. then each time we'd say.What's In A Name? Collecting names is essential to working a room. As long as you remain at that acquaintance level.

but when you not only give a sincere hello but take it even further by making an effort to remember a person's name for the next time you see them. they will be enamoured and don't be surprised if you receive exceptional treatment. You can put all the names in your phone if you have to using your phones notebook program like “LINDA BARTENDER CLUB XYZ” or “DALLAS DOORMAN CLUB XYZ. so I'd like to introduce you. Not just hot girls. When you go to your favourite club next time. can get you VIP entrance to a club or discounts. have similar interests. too.barely know. start up a conversation with the door men. Many of the people who serve you are often taken for granted and people barely even say hello to them. What knowing a name will do is turn otherwise weak relationships into something that will grow. when you meet new people and you share the name of someone you both know.) without saying anything! One of the best ways to get started on this is to start taking the names of the people you meet. everyone. but everyone because all these people could bring you one step closer to your ideal social life. When you're in a club you can meet people and say. this is Tiffany and she's from California. that is an example of social value being displayed right there. (Note: If your friend's name isn't actually 'Bob' he/she might look at you strangely.” Then you tell Rachel. etc. and be sure to get their names. “Have you met Rachel? Come over here. that can boost your credibility and says a lot about you (things like you are part of an elite social group.” When it comes to memorizing the names of people you don't have . the cash girl. and you realize you both know many of the same people.” Also. If you meet a beautiful woman. “Hey Rachel. the bartenders.) Sometimes knowing someone's name. for example a doorman. I'll introduce you.

When it comes to meeting someone in a club or social event and remembering their name throughout the night.much interaction with. what I try to do is first during the introduction I make sure I heard every name properly. Be honest at this point if you forget: it's better to have them repeat the name then you pretending to hear it and having it be awkward when you have to do introductions again later. Usually by doing this. they'll correct me again. If there's any technique you should start working on right away for working the room. It can be loud in clubs so I might have to ask them to repeat their name several times until I understand it. Then. immediately after the introduction (especially if it's a group) I will repeat the names of everyone I just made. I won't forget the name again. I find this method to be best. Using your phone's voice notes works great for this if you remember to listen to all the notes you make regularly. even sometimes pointing at each person as I say the names. . when I see those people throughout the night. Names are incredibly valuable and will get you far in your social success. If I get it wrong. it's this one. I'll always be trying to recall the names. Second. or if it's a foreign name I'll ask them to spell it out.

being the mayor of the party. and generally being the mayor. and now everyone is looking over your way wondering. When this happens.  The people you've met are inviting you to exclusive after-parties.  Women are fighting over you  Your confidence levels are higher than they've ever been and every interaction goes smoothly. “who is that guy?” By doing enough rapid-fire approaches. Your social value will be so freakin' high that every hot girl in the place is going to treat you like a rock star. and that technique is Introducing Everyone To Everyone. you can create this effect (also known as The Mayor Effect) where you will pretty much be able to approach anyone and get mind-blowingly great responses (stuff like instant make-outs. however there is one other key technique that will trigger The Mayor Effect much faster. . creating massive attraction What has happened is you've blown away the whole room with your social confidence. etc. lukewarm approaches. you'll be hopping around.) The Lukewarm Method by itself can work great for doing this.Introduce Everyone To Everyone At some point during your nights out. you may have some unusual experiences:  Women all across the room are sending sexy looks your way. You've made a big splash in the social pond. girls begging you to take their number. then suddenly you hit a point of critical mass where you social value skyrockets.

It's as if it's your birthday party and everyone is there because they know you. Once people are all connected together. and enjoy yourself by yourself sometimes. but the abundance mentality is necessary for The Mayor Effect to work. Most of the time. as crazy as it might sound. is that you will even want to be introducing your male friends to girls you meet. You're going to mingle. you're going to have massive attraction because you are the leader. have fun.Exactly like it sounds. There are two principles to making this work: The first principle is to constantly be introducing your friends (old or new) to your other friends the moment that the opportunity to introduce presents itself. The second principle. you are the one responsible for bringing all these people together. and in some cases people you haven't even spoke to. Whether it's the people you came with. you will even be going out of your way and taking advantage of all the opportunities to introduce people that you can. That doesn't mean that each time you meet someone your first task should be to introduce them. it is what makes it work because an abundance mentality where you aren't attached to the outcome is probably the most attractive thing because it shows that you are going to have fun no matter what! . the people you just met. but you must recognize the opportunities to introduce and do so when they're available. In fact. Introducing Everyone To Everyone is when you are connecting all the anonymous people at the party to each other. Many of us guys have a win-lose mentality when it comes to going out to a party and competing with all the other guys out there. you're introducing everyone in the whole room.

you might get comments like “Wow. huh?” That's when The Mayor Effect has been triggered. she won't be cock blocking you from getting with her friend and they're all going to be satisfied so no one is going to want to leave or find other guys to hangout with. If you were thinking that this sounds like Lukewarm Approach. Sometimes when you flag down a person enough times. flagging a friend down to meet your new friends can be the ideal way to make that lukewarm approach. The reverse is true as well: if you hook up your friend. you know everyone here. let's look at a few situations where you will be doing introductions and how to do these introductions: Situation #1 – The Flag-Down As you're connecting and you start to recognize all the faces in the room that you've already approached and connected with.Introducing girls to other guys also has a secondary benefit: it prevents cock blocking! If you hook a girl you know. you can flag them down and bring them into the group. You can do this many times introducing people again and again. then kudos to you – you're right! When you've already done a rapid-fire approach on a group or a babe. he won't be competing with you or getting in the way of you picking up a girl. Even if this is the first interaction you've had with the group you're currently in. you can start the second interaction by flagging them down and introducing them into whichever group you're in at that point. . Now.

This is a rule I've learned from watching the most successful socialites I've met that they are always introducing me anytime they run into acquaintances. that might not be a friend you want to bring around introducing to everyone. or just allow them to include themselves in the interaction. Think about it: how would you feel if you were new to a town and you went around with a friend who new everyone and would stop to talk to everyone but never introduce you to anyone? Any self-respecting person would not hang out with that person for long.Situation #2 – Include Them In The Fun Sometimes you'll run into an acquaintance and the friend who you're with will be waiting patiently off to the side while you're interacting. then be happy for them if you bring them into a group and even if they end up attracting a babe. Immediately after the initial formalities of “What's up?” and “How are ya?” you should include your friend in by waving him/her over and introducing her to your friends. Wave your friend over. but if they are just having a good time and they're cool. Never walk away from any interaction when you're with a friend without introducing them. . If that it's a male friend who is trying to steal every girl you talk to after you do the work of talking to all of them.

Remember to acknowledge your friends by introducing them. What you don't want to do is completely disengage the group you're with now that some girl is talking to you. but don't completely disregard your bros by disengaging them completely just because a girl shows up. If it goes well separately. then maybe you makeout or go home together. . Remember: when you trigger The Mayor Effect by creating massive social value the attraction levels from the women in the room will go through the roof! If it goes well as a group. you can go back to talking with the girl separately or as a group. she will probably be introducing your group to her friends then suddenly you have merged into a bigger group and you're getting closer to triggering The Mayor Effect by connecting more people into your entourage.Situation #3 – Acknowledge Your Entourage Imagine being the life of the party and suddenly a girl you know (or one you don't know – it doesn't matter) walks over to say hi when you're interacting with your bros or the group of babes you just met. Either way. you win! This kind of thing will happen all the time when The Mayor Effect has been triggered. so be prepared by acknowledging your entourage. Sure. From there. you can interact with her and flirt.

that is the opportunity to introduce them. he will become offended because he thinks that because I introduced him that makes him look like a pussy because he didn't approach her himself.” then lead her over there Another way to do this is to say “Have you met Jane? She's also from Toronto”. this is also a great opportunity to use the Lukewarm Approach by re-approaching a group. “Jane is also <fill in the blank>. weird. or whenever you find out a commonality between two of the people. or someone you've known for years – it doesn't matter. or strange in any way) away from the girls you're with.Situation #4 – Escorting Them To The Introduction Like I said before. you'd say. Also.) If I'm talking to girl. Whatever that commonality is. What you'll be doing to make this happen a lot of times is inviting people over to meet friends and people you've previously met. I would say. Again. ... this is not just about introducing people when it's appropriate: you are connecting the whole room together and going out of your way to do that. “I've got some friends who would think you're really cool. they're over here. What I have found is that when a guy has told me he likes a certain girl and later I've introduced him to her. make sure to keep creepy males or “creepers” (guys who seem perverted. this time to introduce them to someone new (it could be someone you just met. Let's go say hi!” Introducing Guys To Girls Be careful when you are introducing guys to girls.

Keep them out of your group. However. you will get huge brownie points. funny. Use your best judgment. When you allow and even worse invite creepy guys into the group. In fact. bringing cool. these are not the guys who I mean.When I say hookup your male friends. interesting guys is great and only going to attract more women to you because your entourage has more social value. and it goes to show that these girls trust you and don't think of you as a creep. that will lower your social value. and you have no obligation to introduce them to the girls. when you can keep those guys out of the group and save girls by interrupting that moment when they're getting hit on by creeps. .

You are becoming a regular at the places you go! After going to a place enough times. she gets your usual drink ready for you (while you stare at her ass when her back is turned!) She tells you about her latest assignment from her nutrition class. If you've played your cards right.The Welcoming Committee One of the most effective techniques for working the room and you with hundreds of beautiful women is something you are already doing every day without even realizing it. John! The usual?” and you say. “Hi. At many places like clubs. Without even saying a word. friendly welcome. bars. and social hangouts. and you tell her about the latest development in that big project you're always working on. the usual.” It's happening during your daily workout at the gym when that new European trainer babe is telling you about the latest thing she learned in her nutrition class. “Hi Jane! Yep. you walk in and it's as if you're a local celebrity! That sexy girl behind the counter smiles and greets you with a warm. friendly welcome. gorgeous women who go crazy whenever you enter the room! . It happens when you get your morning coffee at Starbucks and the cute little barista behind the counter says to you. It's happening EVERYWHERE. after becoming a regular you eventually walk in and everyone greets you with a warm.

Now that you're the big celebrity at your hangout. a restaurant. This is great. twice. they all ask themselves. Beautiful girls run up to hug and kiss you. you could even be doing this at your gym. but ideally we want to be able to recreate this rapidly all over our city so fast it will be making heads spin. It may be someone else's party but just think of it as YOUR party. the women are attracted and want to get to know you. To quadruple the effect of .” The Welcoming Committee is when you make it your personal mission to welcome all the new people at your party. the staff all enthusiastically welcome you. or if you've been working the room at a social venue once. the women around you notice this and it creates social value. or enough times to establish yourself as a regular. In fact. or anywhere that people gather and it will work just as well if not better! What happens is that as you become a regular your social network expands because you'll naturally meet everyone in that group. that will open up the doors to a whole pile of killer techniques that you can apply to amp your social value at these venues. and everyone wants to be your friend! After you've either become a regular. This technique is what I call “The Welcoming Committee. and all the people watching this spectacle are intrigued. your social value is already sky-high through the roof. “He must be important!” and “He must be an cool guy!” and “I've got to meet that guy!” Before you even speak to a single person. “Who is this guy?”. Everyone in the place is thinking.

no need to be flashy or overthe-top. For example. let your approach reflect that. I often jokingly warn them about some of the staff members and tell them to watch out for them doing “sketchy” or “perverted” things.this. For example. You can be very casual. so don't bum them out with a formal introduction. let's say you've been going to The XYZ Fitness Gym now for a few months and you've met most of the staff. you can actively be introducing yourself to everyone who you haven't met yet by welcoming them. “Watch out for Joe. just very relaxed and friendly. At a club or more high-energy venue. you notice that there's a new Brazilian trainer and she's smokin hot. All it takes at this point is walking over there and welcoming her to the team! Before you introduce yourself. In these venues I would avoid a formal type introduction and focus on being more jubilant and energetic. When I've introduced myself and exchanged a few words with a babe who I've just met through The Welcoming Committee approach. make your approach reflect that. . you look like you're new here!”  “I'm a regular here and haven't seen you before!”  “Welcome to the team!” In a mellow environment like a gym or a coffee shop. Now. there are a couple techniques I do next to keep it fun: 1. Fill Them In – When someone new shows up to a place where I'm friends with the team or staff. People are at clubs to be wild and fun. you can lead in with something casual like:  “Hey.

You may have approached a girl who works at this place. you're going to be seeing this girl all the time. so you'll be seeing her every time you go there. go up to Denise and ask her if her butt is sore today. Join The Conspiracy – Many times in these social circles there is an ongoing conspiracy like an inside joke or prank that is going on. I'll say. You'll be seeing these people for a while. I might prank the girl I just met just because I like to mess with people. “If you want to see something hilarious. don't be thinking that you have to get a number. or lay right off the first interaction. In places like a gym.he's a pretty sketchy character” I must emphasize that I'm always clearly joking. so there's no need to rush it. RARELY.” Sometimes. Girls love conspiracies! For instance. The person I'm making fun of is often nearby and I'll say it loud enough for them to hear and get a banter going. Build the attraction over time. remember that these will often be ongoing relationships. . but get used to some light humor first before you do that. so play it cool and don't try to milk it for all it's worth. For these type of relationships. It's great fun! 2. makeout. and I would usually say this about really cool people who are the opposite of sketchy or weird. When you are The Welcoming Committee.

4. 3. Don't worry about closing the deal. After you've become a regular. Get conspiracies going to keep things fun and build attraction over time. 2. to recap.. become The Welcoming Committee. . Make introductions with any new faces you see joining the team. 1. Focus on a long-term flirt..Again.

That's when we started doing all kinds of social experiments.Be The Manager Growing up in a boring small town forced me to come up with creative ways to pass the time. Fun is contagious! When you are being the mayor and walking over to people joking around by pretending to be the manager. Girls LOVE it! Sure. if you do it with enough authority. It's fun. You get practice socializing. The result was a triple-threat explosion of success: 1. Especially when we discovered night clubs. 2. they love it! . we're out at clubs meeting women but we're also there to have fun. We loved it because it proved over and over again that you can get away with anything. 3. moving to the big city was like unleashing a bunch of kids into a candy store. The concept of the game was that we'd be walking around a bar or night club acting like the manager but never actually saying that we were the manager and seeing how many people would believe it. My friends and I became experts at brainstorming creative ways to turn any dull situation into an exciting time. For a bunch of mischievous young kids like us. One such game we were always playing was Be The Manager.

What does the host of the party do? He/she walks around welcoming and introducing herself and thanking everyone for coming out.The honest truth is that a lot of people will know that you're just messing around. your social anxiety will be GONE. You'll be having so much fun that it's pretty much impossible to feel uncomfortable. Let's break it down: . You can say goodbye to rejection because who in their right mind is going to tell the (seemingly) manager of the club they're at to go away. you're getting practice socializing while having incredible amounts of fun! If you've got some social anxiety that you want to get rid of. basically you have to start mimicking all the things that a manager. party host. store owner. and they LOVE it! It's like being a kid again where you'd be playing by going over to other kids and telling them jokes or trying to play a trick on them. Women love this stuff! On top of that. or someone in authority in the social venue you're at would do. checking in periodically to make sure they're still doing great. and your true confidence will radiate through when you meet babe after babe. After doing a few rounds of Be The Manager with your friends. why not have fun while you're doing it? There's nothing saying it has to be a painful process to get rid of it. and letting them know to get you if they need anything. making sure everyone is having a great time. You'll also notice that people treat you a lot different when you are communicating as if you're in a position of authority or high status. Women will be treating you like they are guests at YOUR party and your social value in every interaction will skyrocket! To play this.

Thanks for coming out tonight!” 2. remember to be gesturing like you're a waiter or a maître d' in a very respectful. Walk over to a group of women and say. whenever girls come back to talk. not actually telling them verbally that you're the manager. “Nah. you can get away with anything. but never actually say that you are the manager. Introduce yourself and thank them for coming out. Make sure they're having a good time by making sure that the party is satisfactory.1. Keep your hands clasped together in front of you. and polite way. so get those gestures down! Speak like a manager. throw that in there and later they'll be coming back and talking to you all the time. . Let them know to get you if they need anything. “How's everything? Is the staff treating you okay?” Throw in whatever else you want. “Hi. courteous. You are just giving people the impression that you're the manager. Check back from time to time to make sure that everyone you meet is still having a great time. but basically you want to ensure that the quality of the service is great. slightly bowing your head respectfully for extra effect! Remember. “Hello again! Still having a great time I hope?” 4. we need some new drinks. it's never because they have a problem with the quality of the service or want to ask you a question about the business – they're ATTRACTED to you! All the while that you're talking to the groups of girls you meet. Managers are always saying this one! “Let me know if you need anything!” Whenever you walk away. but be prepared to deal with it if they say. In my experiences. “Are your drinks alright?” which you can risk if you want to have lots of fun.” That's a lot of fun! 3. I'm John. if you do it with enough authority. Managers often ask.

I've met tons of women at book or music stores by walking over and asking.You can do this almost anywhere. “Is there anything I can help you find?” Then when they realize I'm joking they LOVE it! Try and see how far you can go with it. People love that fun energy. In fact. guaranteed that they will be laughing because they'll also realize that you're just a fun guy messing with people. It's one of the core traits of the mayor of the party! . If someone calls you out on it.

Walk around and introduce a new friend to everyone you've met that night. “Do I know you?” Just say. “I'm going to introduce you to all the people I've met tonight.Exercises 1.” 2. Say. 3.Approach a woman you do not know at all as if you're best friends who haven't seen each other in years. “No!” She'll be laughing her ass off and you'll spark massive attraction and generate heaps of intrigue. Which places are you already a regular at where you could practice being the welcoming committee? Write down a list and choose one to go to on your next night out to practice being the Welcoming Committee. . EXTREME!!! -. “How the hell are you?” If at any point she asks. “OH MY GOD!” Run up and hug her and say.

Turn Friends Into Girlfriends .

But I don't like you in that way. or dare I say years secretely crushing on a girl who thinks of us as a friend only to be rejected when we make a move.) Beautiful women always have that guy in their life who acts “nice” and she can see through it because she can sense he's just trying to sleep with her.. Girls were always putting me in the friendzone and telling me.. We might spend weeks. Being in the friend zone sucks! Few of us men ever make it back from that dreaded realm.” Or maybe she told you. the truth is that she probably doesn't even want to be friends after that awkward experience. “..” or she said. (Sadly. “But I don't like you in that way. “Let's just be friends. Then one day she inevitably has to tell him “Let's just be friends” when he reveals his true intentions. It sucks! I've been there myself and it is not somewhere I enjoyed being. but unfortunately you are too “nice” that when you try to put the moves on her it comes to a screeching halt when she has to stop you because she only likes you as a friend. “We could never do that! You're like a brother to me!” How does this typically happen? You try to be “nice” so that she will like you. months.“Let's Just Be Friends” There's four words that many of us men have heard several times before that make us men cringe..” That felt like a dagger straight through the heart! .

. even though she will probably throw herself at you at this point. you could choose to pursue a sexual relationship at any time you choose. “There's something very different about this guy! I don't know what it is. She'll be thinking. When you make the conscious choice not to have a sexual relationship and only a friendly relationship with a girl. try telling her. In fact.” This technique triggers MASSIVE attraction! Even if you are just flirting with a girl. and I think I'm going to have to sleep with him to find out. The bigger goal is building an attractive social circle. You have the power to choose whether or not you want to have a sexual relationship or not. it will blow your mind. that's a whole other story. you should genuinely not be chasing these girls and trying too hard to sleep with these girls. I just want to be friends” with a smile on your face. When YOU put a smoking hot girl in the friend zone. being in the friend zone is only a problem when SHE puts you there. “Woah you have the wrong idea here. The idea is to honestly decide for yourself to make friends with your ideal type of woman. it will completely fry her circuits! It's unheard of for a guy to put that beautiful girl who is used to getting treated like a princess in the friend zone! It's a complete role reversal.However. Again. Watch the attraction that is created.

Us men who have discovered this hidden channel of communication are getting laid like it's going out of style.. In fact. Not only that. This is the process by which you can say or do one thing on the surface. you'll never get rejected again because there's nothing you've said for her to reject! Tapping into this channel is done through subcommunication. . you can communicate your interest to the women you date. using cheesy pickup lines... and polite without having to hit on women and turn your friends into girlfriends. but on a deeper level you are flirting or implying something sexual. That's why there are chumps still saying what they think women want to hear and getting nowhere! That's why there are men bragging their faces off to women.Sexual Subcommunication The kind of communication that really excites women and keeps them drawn to you like magnets is not what's said on the surface – it's what is communicated between the lines. Most guys are not aware of this.. I'm going to let you in on how this hidden channel of communication works so you can tap into it and create massive attraction. nice. There's more. but I'm even going to show you how you can still be friendly. I'm even going to show you how without ever verbally stating it. and those who haven't are getting punked every time a guy like me shows up because the women like guys who know how to tap into these attraction mechanisms. pleading with women that they'll do anything for them because they're sooo beautiful.

flirtatiousness and fun into the conversation in an elegant way that it goes beyond just having a conversation and triggers attraction.In fact. hitting on her and trying to tell her what she wants to hear. it's just their reality and they are always getting approached by clueless guys who don't know this stuff. it still could be somewhat ambiguous. In fact. and she's getting close to . For example. The idea with subcommunication is to weave sexuality. but the communication between the lines could be an entirely sexual and flirtatious vibe.. and that's excellent because that element of mystery can often drive her to try to find out. Gorgeous women are constantly getting hit on. you speak in a way that goes beyond compliments and gifts and what we as guys think women want to here and reaches her sexual attraction mechanisms directly. by sleeping with you! Flirting is a form of subcommunication. the details of your day. you could be talking about something as boring as the weather. and they've learned to deal with it by rejecting guys and putting up resistance when it happens. even though a woman might be aware of the sexual vibe that is between the two of you. It's really not even her fault since most of these guys are practically begging for women to walk all over them in exchange for even being around her! Subcommunicating is a way to escalate through this delicate process while keeping the tables of power balanced. It doesn't make them bad people. leading him on.. women who are less mature might play off of a guy overextending his reach and mess with him by flaking on him. or any number or mundane topics. or having him bendover backwards for her. when you're talking about something normal like the details of your day. Because guys try too hard sometimes to win over a woman and gain her favour. Instead of what most guys do.

even though nothing has been stated. The more it builds. When you flirt with a woman by teasing her about how clumsy she is or how she has such a dirty mind. Always! No matter what the content of the conversation. You are joking around in some way. the more she will be wanting to release that sexual tension and sooner or later it's going to burst! Sexual tension is created by the fact that she's building up a desire to let that sexual energy out that builds from subcommunicating. you're weaving in fun. and on another level it's turning her on. “Wow I just think you're so hot and I had to come over and meet you” that builds no sexual tension because the sexual tension is released before there's even been any created! Always build sexual tension! Until the very moment you are getting freaky with that girl. Verbalizing the sexual energy and talking about it kills the attraction. flirtatious ways of talking about it and building on that tension. that's flirting. let it build and build and that is what will create that gravitation pull of attraction that keeps her held to you. When guys say lines like. those kinda things. An important principle with this concept is that you are always building up that sexual tension that both of you are aware of. What happens throughout this process is sexual tension begins to build as you engage eachother in this subtle sexual way. but you both harness it and continue to build upon it as it fires up the attraction mechanisms in her body. hitting you on the arm when you say something funny. .you and batting her eyelashes.

. “So I guess we'll exchange info then” OR “So I suppose we should get out of this place and head to my place”. To lace a sexual vibe into your interactions. flirtatious. so get on that topic! Some excellent questions are. if she's the kind of women who is used to attention then she'll be wise to what's going on. As the conversation goes on. . keep in mind that beautiful women have men hitting on them all the time every day. that is just fine..(Sure there are exceptions like talking about death or painful topics. When you come along and ask for directions. when you say something like. sexual. and the other 50% is sex.) After you've been chatting-up a babe. There's no need to go beyond that initially because it has already been subcommunicated on the subtle. and speak to her across the sexual frequency: 1. it doesn't come across as abrupt or strange because even though you haven't verbally expressed interest. here are some techniques you can lace into the conversation to make it more fun. talking about seemingly mundane topics. 50% of what most beautiful women talk about is relationships. but I'll trust you to use your best judgment there. sexual frequency. start by moving to relationship/sexual topics. which is a good thing. the both of you are aware of that intangible sexual vibe that was happening so it makes perfect sense to exchange info so you can get together. The fact that you've started this conversation with her is already conveying sufficient interest at this point. “How do most guys typically hit on you?” or “Is it hard to find a good guy these days?” . Before you start communicating on this channel.And that's totally okay! Even if she knows and you know what you're doing.

These kind of questions convey subtle interest on that hidden frequency because you're basically asking if she's a good fit for you. or wherever and take advantage of that proximity to say. Like many guys. in the grocery store. Once you meetup with a girl for coffee for the first time and get to know each other. standing in line. you're that guy who brings out the sexy side of her mind.These are great topics to keep the conversation exciting and fun. Ask her the type of questions she would ask you. ** Talking about her relationship with her boyfriend. These are all symptoms of being in the dreaded friend zone. drop the topic immediately and switch to something sexier and fun. without directly asking that. Staying on these kind of sexual attraction topics with girls is what subtly conveys that you're not just the friend.” That's total crap! What I've experienced since then is that it's possible to say hi to women anywhere and for no reason whatsoever and this subcommunicates major confidence! The best opportunities for this are when you're walking along the sidewalk. listening to her tell you how she wishes her boyfriend was more like you or acting as her therapist is NOT the way to do this. on the bus. “Hi there! How's it going?” . somewhere along the line I picked up that belief that. Say hi for no reason. I've got to have some kind of reason or cool line to say. the kind of questions she asks will be: “Do you have a good relationship with your family?” “How long was your longest relationship?” etc. that's what her therapist is for! 2. “I can't just talk to a girl. These questions convey the right amount of interest without being sleezy or desperate about it. If you find yourself in this situation. Don't be her therapist. 3.

express interest and be friendly as you do these things. What I typically say is. You both know it's there. that's subcommunicating interest. setting up a second meeting or moving to another location. Build that sexual tension and communicate your intent by asking her the type of questions she should be asking you like “How's your relationship with your parents?” 4. How about we go for a walk?” (I'll cover this in-depth in the next section Testing And Leading By Proposing) All these techniques escalate the interaction and escalate to the next the level. 4. .That's all it takes to get things started and subcommunicate the interest instead of killing that tension by verbalizing it. Escalate further by exchanging contact info. You can start off by saying hi for no reason and just starting a casual conversation while simultaneously conveying sexual interest on a subtle level. When you exchange contact info. I'd say. then you can roll from there. 3. subcommunicating and building the sexual tension. Take these steps casually. as if it's no big deal. setup a second meeting or move to another location or bridge the interaction in any way. A Quick Summary: 1. “I'm feeling like a walk. Not at all. “So. I guess we exchange info then” as if it was going to happen anyways. Sure. Keep the conversation exciting by sticking to relationship topics. 2. You don't need to look at her with a bedroom eyes and speak in a deep voice when you do this stuff. but you don't need to be verbally clear that you're sexually interested. If we're going to change location and leave the coffee shop.

Keep up the flirting and fun and it won't matter! . just agree and move on to the next topic.Remember that it's meant to be subtle. Delicate. Friendly and casual. There's no point in arguing because it doesn't help you getting to know each other. Remember: it's not a big deal unless you make it a big deal. Don't get into an argument about it or try to backpedal. just agree. that's perfect! She's flirting back with you! How you handle this is a key point in the escalation and can make or break the interaction. You're not trying to hide from her that you're picking her up. say “Duh!”. In any case. “Yeah you caught me”. agree and say. whatever. In any case. you're just picking her up without ever verbally having to hit on her. When you're out there practicing this and a girl asks you. Laugh and smile bashfully. “Are you hitting on me?” or “Why do you want to know?”.

“We're going to our place to party.. The whole sexual ritual with a hot girl can span over hours. and where you will have sex. By relying on others to make these decisions for you. and constantly be escalating that interaction in some way.But not every interaction works out that way. you will not likely get another chance to start over. without you even once having to use a technique or force it to happen. but the reality is that once you break that flow of the sexual escalation. and even though you don't know how to get her back home. Maybe you meet a girl at a bar.. and all kinds of bad. but don't rely on it because that leaves your dating life up to chance. if. or weeks. Without being able to take the lead when a block comes up while you've got a great flow going on with a girl.The Art of Proposing It's a beautiful thing to meet a sexy woman and ignite that sexual vibe that flows smoothly from first moment you speak to her and leads all the way up to the bedroom. days. Sometimes you might be lucky enough that everything magically seems to work out. so it's important to learn how to take the lead when you can't escalate just by simple dumb luck. That's why it's so important to always be flowing in your escalation with a woman without interruption. go home by yourself. negative things will happen. Come with us!” It's great when that happens. you could get rejected. Every step along the way just seems to happen like a movie. every else will decide when. you get lucky and her friends all say. . Is that what you want? Of course not! .

. she is in control of whether or not you get sex. The reason why proposing Gentle Persuasion works so well is because she doesn't like to be forced into making a decision to escalate with you (and it's also just plain wrong to force her!) She wants to be making the decisions for herself. you simply use the power of proposing to test if she's ready to go to the next level and allow her to make the decision based on the options you've chosen.You can learn to take control of these situations and constantly be escalating to the next level with a woman all the way up until she is in your bedroom. you can lead her to where she wants to be with you by testing each step along the way. Ultimately. This fine balance is called Gentle Persuasion. but at the same time she wants you to be leading her there. However. Although dominant behavior can be attractive. there is a fine balance that is highly effective in sexual escalation. nobody likes being forced into doing something they don't want to do. and that's just the way it is. The way Gentle Persuasion works is rather than escalating with a woman by telling her what to do or asking what to do. She doesn't want to be the decision maker. she wants you to be a man and take the lead! Somewhere between being a domineering control freak and being a limpwristed sissy who looks to his girlfriend to make all the decisions. Being a domineering control freak and telling people what to do all the time is NOT the way to escalate. but generally you want to be the leader. Sometimes it's you can ask her to make a decision.

...) The power in listing is that YOU are the one picking the options.A proposal is a test. On top of that. she's choosing from the options that you've presented her.” (etc. Even though she is choosing what to do. burying. You want to be testing all the time and consistently so you can help her to move along at the speed she's ready...”  “How about. if you were talking on the phone with a girl you met earlier that day and you're now arranging what to do next. Typically I present options by prefixing the sentence with one of the following:  “So I suppose. you can list a few options for her to pick from: “I know a great bakery down the road from my place we could pickup a desert at OR we could go to the zoo OR we could. For example.” . and depending on her response you'll know whether she's ready to escalate or not. Listing is presenting a list of options to choose from. with using Gentle Persuasion you will be able to test if she's ready to go way further than you think! Gentle Persuasion can be divided into three components: listing. and adjusting.. What you are doing is offering some time of suggestion.

if it's at the end of the night and you now want to see how far you can go from here.. OR if you're tired I can take you home.. For example. If she just wants to give you her number and leave. try. we could just hold hands and talk for a while then. OR we could exchange info and catch a cab. you might throw a more sexual option in the middle: “So if you want we can get out of here and hit another bar. that's fine. “Alright. OR we could go to my place and chat some more. By doing this. you can't lose! If you test to see if she wants to go home with you and she does. To crank up the speed of the escalation. Asking a girl to go back to your place is something you throw in there when you have a deep rapport. if you're out for a walk with a gorgeous woman and you list a few options including going back to your place and she just wants to hang out with you more and get to know you.. For example.” (Scale back to hand holding) . too.. Maybe you're a lot further along than you thought! DO NOT throw in very risky options when you have not yet created a comfortable relationship with a girl.”  etc.” etc. you're also going to get an awareness of which level along the way of this whole dance you're at. you will be adjusting your proposals appropriately. With all of these options. In that case. “We could. then you've managed to escalate bigtime without making a big deal out of it. you will want to throw a more sexual option in your list by burying it in the middle. maybe you could scale back a bit because she's not ready. Depending on where you are. OR.

something as minor as hand holding could be a very big step.In any case. . whereas later on hand holding is nothing shocking and you will want to be trying for more sexual stuff. always be trying for the next level of escalation. Early on.

Conclusion .

If at first you don't find results. bring your friends together and start building that social life. Get out there and try this stuff.feedburner. If at first you don't find results. you can take either live coaching or skype coaching by checking out http://socialfromscratch. Start talking with everyone around you. add me! (If you're not. for free articles. Make sure to subscribe to my blog feed http://feeds. stick with it. .com/ and clicking on “Coaching”.com/realp Get social! Get involved in groups for things you're passionate about. all the time and test the techniques in this book. I will also be dropping in on there frequently to get things rolling. If you'd like to boost your progress.socialfromscratch. I would like to say thanks again for purchasing this ebook! Congratulate yourself now for making it all the way through. and interviews that are added daily! Keep in touch with others devoted to building their social circle on the forums at and share your stories with them. stick with it. all the time and test the techniques in this book. Way to go! The next step for you is to get out there and try this stuff. signup now! It's a major asset in building a social circle) http://twitter.First off. Start talking with everyone around you. If you're on Twitter.

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