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dislikes etc. WSW ZONE should be free from anti colors like blue. NE ( Clarity of Mind ZONE) and WSW ( Skill ZONE). we have suggested the above vastu remedies. which can only be determined with additional information and details from you about you. TO ACHIEVE A GREATER SENSE OF OVERALL WELL-BEING. yellow etc. FOR A PERSONAL CONSULTATION If you would like a personal consultation from a MahaVastuTM Experts that takes into consideration your specific situation. call our MahaVastuTM Experts on +91 120 xxx xxxx and ask for a Clarification Consultation. So for getting growth. NE ZONE sho uld be free from clutter. ● Place a Green Slab of stone under the Gas Stove. North ZONE should be clear from anti elements like kitchen. there may be some other solutions to address your specific issue. YOU MAY WISH TO CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING VASTU APPROACHES: ● Growth in career is g overned by three ZONEs North ( Opporunity ZONE) . ● Shift the Earthen Pot to West +91 120 xxx xxxx and ask for a Personal Consultation. red. Based on this. gr een and anti elements like kitchen. your profession. . Clear the clutter from NE ZONE. However.likes. ● Hang a lush green scene on a wall in N ZONE. FOR CLARIFICATION If you are interested in further clarifications regarding the above suggested remedies. toilet or colors like pink. All the solutions provided above for your Career Problems issue is applicable in all circumstances. toilet.Get MahaVastuTM Report Not getting promotion: YOU CAN ADDRESS THIS ISSUE OR SEEK APPROPRIATE SOLUTIONS TO THIS PROBLEM BY ADHERING TO THE FOLLOWING MEASURES: ● Paint 4 inch wide Red Paint Strip around the Toilet in SSE Zone.