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Doosan Tier4-i Engine

Date : 2012-04-25
EMEA Heavy line Training Team

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1. Development Background
2. Boring Parts & Lubrication
3. FIE system
4. Breather system
5. Cooling system
6. EGR system
7. Regeneration system
8. Forced Regeneration
9. Sensors & Actuators

Doosan Infracore


WL – DL06. in response to Tier4 Interim exhaust requirements applied to the North American and European markets. Doosan Infracore Slide 4 Development Background : Required Technology Unlike the Euro-4 vehicles developed with “SCR”. Urea • Doosan Industrial Diesel Engine • Favored by European companies ( Benz.Regulation were due to begin : DL08 – 2011 Jan. Elements Development Methods Construction Equipment Working Environment SCR Features • It is possible that work is undertaken in countries or regions that do not have a Urea supplying infrastructure in place. the Tier-4 Interim has been developed with “EGR+DPF” in consideration of each environment in which construction equipment is used. DL08 Technology  In order to reduce NOx and PM to correspond to the Tier-4 Interim regulations. & Cons.2012 Jan (These dates have been delayed due to the global economic climate) Needs 2008 2009 2010 2012 2011 2013 2014 < Emission Regulation > DL06 Tier3 Industrial DL08/DV11 Vehicle Tier4 Interim Tier3 Tier4 Interim Euro4 ALL Euro5 Tier4 Final Tier4 Final Euro6 Development  Affected Models & Engines . due to take effect in 2014. DL06 . with consideration to meeting the Tier-4 Final and Euro-6 regulations.Slide 3 Development Background  Doosan has developed 2 types of engine for the Construction Equipment BG.Construction Equipment HEX. . Cummins) • Corresponding to Tier-4 Interim regulations with EGR + DPF in consideration of the limitations with the use of equipment • In the future. correspond to Tier-4 Final regulations with Tier-4-Interim tech + SCR * Tier-4(Stage4) is NOx 90% stronger regulation compared to Tier-3(Stage3A) Doosan Infracore 2 . which precludes infrastructural limitations regarding the use of construction equipment.  For the Tier-4 Final regulations to be introduced in 2014. – SCR type requires regular injection of Urea into the system (Failure to do this may result in deterioration of the fuel efficiency) Future Environmental Regulations • New Tier-4i engines have been developed. Pros. the DL06 and DL08. these regulations can be effectively met by mounting additional SCR on the Tier-4 Interim engines. No need of a device for regular refilling of catalytic agents and no environmental limitation Fuel efficiency-competitiveness weakened (about 5%) In need of regular maintenance and replacement of DPF • Favored by Northern American Companies (CAT. certain post-process technologies have to be used. In this case for Construction equipment Doosan Engine BG will apply EGR+DPF. Applicati on • Required to correspond with selective catalytic restoration tools Advantageous in fuel efficiency Simple in architecture but equipped with catalytic and Urea supplying units Requires an infrastructure (supply network) for supply of the elementary component. IVECO) EGR + DPF • Corresponding to regulations with an exhaust gas recirculation system and diesel particulate filtering unit.

Apply same components (The safety factor proved under EURO-4 regulations) .Material changed (DM104 ◊ DM106) .Top ring: Outer circumference coated with Cr Ceramic.Augmentation of chamfer: corresponding to the tightened standards on pin R . we are applying higher combustion pressures than Tier3 engines.Increase the durability by applying the Fin Damper to reduce the temperature . Inner Cut -.Material changed (M142 ◊ M174) .Reduce the pressure on the Bush side by applying Step-type method to the small end Con Rod Bearing .Head Cast Iron ← ← ← Con-rod Steel Strength increased ← ← Crankshaft Steel Strength increased ← ← Cooling System - - Capacity increased ← EGR I-EGR*** No 20 ~ 25% ← - Yes Yes Yes No Yes DPF SCR - * WGT : Waste Gate Turbocharger ** CGI : Compact Graphite Iron *** I-EGR : Internal Exhaust Gas Recirculation Doosan Infracore Slide 6 Key Changes Components have been changed to meet Euro-4 standards and so are capable of being used for both Tier-4 interim & Tier-4 final Major Parts Piston DL08 .Improve the wear-resistance by improving the profile .Apply same components (The safety factor proved under EURO-4 regulations) Piston Ring Crank Shaft Cam Shaft Damper Doosan Infracore 4 .Remove the I-EGR (Extra Lobe) . 2nd ring: Increased durability and reduce oil consumption with Reverse Inner cut and Cr coating of the outer circumference Con Rod . augmenting the cooling volume.Optimized profile to improve the life of the component .Boosting the safety by material change .Complement the intensity by reinforcing the Pin R part .Reduction of the pressure on the Bush side by applying Steptype method to the small end . System Design Concept With respect to Tier4 Interim solutions.Application of the “Inner Cut Top Ring” .Block Cast Iron ← ← ← Cyl. using EGR+DPF technology.Reduction in oil consumption by use of “2nd Reverse Inner cut Ring” . . changing the charger system.Slide 5 Development Background : Required Technology 2.Prevention of deterioration of oil due to Soot-in-oil .Apply same components (The safety factor proved under EURO-4 regulations) .Reduction of the pressure on the Bush side by increasing the bore of the small end .Prevention of deterioration of oil due to Soot-in-oil . and additionally will add SCR for Tier-4 Final Item Tier3 Euro4 Tier4 Interim Tier4 Final Ignition Pressure (bar) 160 200 ← ← Turbo System TC or WGT* WGT WGT or VGT ← Piston Al-Gallery Al-Gallery Material strength increased ← ← Cyl.Improve the wear-resistance by improving the profile .Remove the I-EGR (Extra Lobe) .Optimized profile to improve the life of the component DL06 .

apply higher-pressure injection. Inlet Throttle Valve. VGT. Charge Air Cooler Throttle Valve EGR Cooler Intake EGR Valve Compressor Turbine Exhaust DPF Doosan Infracore Slide 8 Tier 4 Interim Engine : Exterior (DL08) Doosan Infracore . Cooled EGR.Slide 7 Tier 4 Interim Engine System On the basis of Euro-4 engine model. and DPF with a dosing unit as a post-treatment solution. Hot side EGR Valve.

Engine Installation Plan Doosan Tier 4i engines to be mounted on a total of 13 types of Doosan construction equipment (DL06 – 10 types. DL08 – 3 types) Category Crawler Excavator DL06 Wheel Excavator Wheel Loader DL08 Crawler Excavator Model Power (PS/rpm) Torque (kg.m/rpm) DX140LC-3 106/1850 46/1400 DX180LC-3 127/1950 47/1400 DX225LC-3 167/1800 70/1400 DX235NLC-3 169/1800 77/1350 DX255LC-3 188/1900 82/1400 DX140W-3 139/2000 60/1400 DX170W-3 154/2000 63/1400 DX190W-3 176/1900 77/1400 DL200-3 146/2100 63/1400 DL250-3 167/2100 76/1400 DX300LC-3 216/1800 99/1300 DX340LC-3 285/1800 130/1400 DX380LC-3 290/1800 130/1400 Remark Doosan Infracore 9 .Slide 9 Tier 4 Interim Engine : Exterior (DL06) Doosan Infracore Slide 10 Development Background 3.

EOD - Doosan Infracore .Slide 11 .