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PPSC Headmaster / Dy. Headmaster test Solved ( First Time)

The Main Duty Of Classroom Management Is Of
Head Teacher. Teacher . Student . Deo
2: Ddo Means
Deputy Divisional Officer
3: To Maintain All School Records Is The Duty Of
Teacher. Principal . Clerk. Deo
4: All Funds And Grants Are Noted Down In
Stock Register. Biudget Register.
5: Information Transfered From Sub Ordinate To Superior Is A Type Of Communication
Upward . Downward
6: Islamic Teaching System Is
7: What Is The Meaning Of 3 R’S
Reading Writing Eating
Reading Writing Understanding
8: Study Of Inclass And Outerclass Activities Is
Behaviourism . Realism
9: How Many Components Of Teaching
10: The Part Which Is Ignored Inteaching Institutes Is
Research And Development
11: Most Common Method Of Teaching In All Educational Institutes Is
Project Methid . Lecture Method. Demonstration Method
12: The Method Of Teaching In Which Teacher Practically Do Things Is
Demonstration Method . Project Method. Lecture Method
13: The Teaching Technique In Which Students Are More Active Is
Lecture Technique. Question Answer Technique
14: Cai Stands For
Computer Assisted Informations. Computer Assisted Institutions Etc
15: Teach Reteach.Feedback Re Feed Back Is Type Of Teaching
Question Answer Microteaching. Project Method
16: When Scientific Society Made…Ans: 1863/1884
17: Unesco On Which Date Said To Apply 4 Percent Gnp On Education
18: Students Are……… In Lecture Method……Ans: Passive
19: Best Teaching Method
20: Best Way To Increase Interest Of Student
21: .Govt Undetake Which Level Education
22: Education Makes Learning To Become A Good Citizen .Said By Who
23: Which Nethod Dont Give Feedback At Spot
24: .Which Method Gives Feedback And Refeedback
25: .Essianlism Indicate What?

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52: What Is P In Postcard 53: Approved Socity Is Called 54: Culture Communication Is Duty Of. It Was Said In Which Educational Policy 42: First Person To Give Idea Of Free Education 43: What Is The Philosophy Of Shah Wali Ullah 44: Who Gives Curriculum’S Final Approval 45: Research Study Starts From 46: Method Rejected By Ibn E Khaldoon 47: Aristotle’S Method Of Teaching 48: I. Lesrning Out Comes 30: Porthfolio Means Teachers Performance Record. T. 6-12. Children .. Secendary.Q Stands For 49: Basic Meaninv If Curiculum 50: Who Said . 1 Job Website Hired. Score Result 39: How Many Education Levels In Pakistan 40: Good Or Bad Axiology Or Ontology 41: No System Is Better Than Teacher .Who Is Responsible Cirriculum Implementation ? 27: Range Of Classes In Higher Secondary Schoolls 1-12. Teacher Outcomes .Join our Facebook Page for Latest Jobs >>> 26: . Controlling 35: The Ability To Start New Things And Readiness For New Activity Is Initiative 36: The One Who Motivates Is Called Leader.. 55: Articles Purchased By School Would Be Written On Which Register 56: What’S The Purpose Of Acquaintance Roll 57: Rough Behavior Of Heaf Under Which Theory 2 Pakistan No. Students Outcomes . 38: Final Outcome Of Measurement Is Evaluation.Child Study Is Natural Environment 51: Who Said. Scientific Method Is Based On Experiment. Controlling 34: Delegation Of Powers In School Is For Planning. Controller 37: The Word Cognitive Means Mind. 9-12 11-12…Ans:1-12 28: Diversification Of Subjects Starts From Which Level Elementary. Students Performance 31: Androgogy Means Teaching . Manager . Toodlers 32: Ontology Means 33: Division Of Groups Is Called Taxonomy. Higher Secondary From Middle School 29: Aims Are Called Head Teacher Outcomes. Solo.

Join our Facebook Page for Latest Jobs >>> FB. Objective. Head. 83: Motivation For The Sake Of Itself 84: Norm Reference Test Compares 85: Level Of General Education 86: More Subject Can Be Studied From Which Technique 87: During The Class Identification Of Learning Problems 88: Ddo Means 89: Charter Act Year 90: Purpose Of Portfolio 91: Sedler Commission Year.Q Test Made By …..9 75: Highest Level Of Cognitive 76: Professional Means… Job .com/PakistanCareerCounselOfficial 58: Personal Qualities Are Measured In Which Type Of Research 59: Protective Techniques Are Useful Fir Aptitude Or Personality 60: Which Language Was Recommended For Charter Act 61: Which Institute Resisted Against English Anc Governemnt .5.. Management. 99: Eaning Of Cognition ? 100: Ontology Deals With ? 3 Pakistan No.7. Time Table 78: Year Of Wood Dispatch Report 79: 1St Time Inspection Was Started In Country… 80: Which Graph Shows Change In Numbers. Targets. 92: 1959 Policy Presided By 93: Which Method Is Suitable For All Level 94: Supervisor Of Lesson Plan 95: Govt Grants And Expenditure Are Written In Which Register 96: What Is Better Than Training Y 97: Scientific Society Starting Year. Pie 81: Pec Stands For 82: Guidance Provider Is.. 65: Meaning Of Work Cognition 66: 1St I. Moralist. 64: Who Said Curiculum Is Sum Of All Activites Offered By School. Service 77: Effective Working Of School Depends On.... Helper. Urdu 63: What Can Be Achieved From Class Room Aims.. Judge. Curiculm. 98: Kindergarten’S Founder Is. Bar. 1 Job Website Hired. Line. Work . Binet 67: Why Education Department Is Made On Uni Level 68: Ghazali Started Learning What Is Search Of Truth 69: What Is Practical Form Of Pgilosophy 70: Due To Which Method Education Is Called Science 71: Modern Theory Of Management Belongs To… 72: What Is Heart Of Management 73: Level Of Control Of Deo 74: Levels Of Solo Taxonomy…Option 3. Duty..Deoband 62: Jamia Milia Dehli Books Language ..

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