Business means PROFIT!!
Brand, Infrastructure, People and Planning are the key elements in ensuring the profit.

Once we establish the brand with infrastructure, planning will ensure the best manpower and
other parameters.
For any organization particularly related to sales industry, if you design proper & suitable
system and ensure the process, it will deliver uninterruptedly. In view of current market
dynamics, increasing competition and high attrition levels, the system will strengthen the
organization to face periodical challenges. The projected growth will be stable in any market
conditions and address the profitability.

The proper allocation of job assignment and accountability on every level and individual will
ensure the effective execution of the designed process. The systems planning should be
reviewed periodically as per the market conditions and address the gaps. So that the designed
firewalls will arrest even unseen and unpredictable challenges.

For effective planning and execution, strong leadership with vision is the foundation.
Manpower plays key role and effective team work will always delivers the set goals.

We need to have clarity and confidence on above aspects and then look in to the planning.

There is no short cut or single formula to see immediate improvement of business volumes or
increasing the profit levels. The real enterpriser who would like to grow steadily should start
addressing in micro and macro levels.
The below points to be addressed in phase wise manner and process of improvement should
go-on towards perfection.

Identifying New Enquiry Generation channels. Midnight Mela. Best Demo with 100% test drive target.Enquiry Generation. Month end all events should be reviewed to understand the location potentiality and fine tune. 4. Every event should carry enquiry generation targets and working to get those. Follow-up status by managers tracking. Best performers only to be attendedwalk-ins to improve the conversion ratio. Activates to be organized with limited budget. Test Drive. Need to be convinced every customer for Test Drive. all events should be as break events only. Every customer need analysis should be done. Medium and Major. The concerned consultant should be the best in Demo. Churches in X-mas. 5. Exchange Mela. Peak hours of the location need to be organized. 3. . To be designed in Small. Next day itself. so that number of events will be more and hit ratio will be high. Krishnashtamidandiya. Except very few. Apartment / Potential colonies. Immediate manager should call all walk-in customers and follow-up (as a service call).  Walk-ins: 1. Sales Head should monitor manager’s tracking.  Events 1. Along with Channel Partners: Monthly twice or thrice joint events to be planned along with Bankers with cost sharing. 2. Should involve service team and used car team without fail. New Year clubs etc. Sunday. comparison skills and best-selling points of each model & variant. Enquiry Target. 2. 8.( Best Test Drive training material ) 6. Target conversion should be 30%.   Strengthening Existing Channels. Most quality enquiries among. Existing Channels. Format to be given 5. Product knowledge.. Churches to be addressed. Break. 3. 4. 7. Within two days every walk-in customer’s residence / office to be visited personally without fail. Seasonal &Customized. Proper homework(groundwork)should be done before one day to canvass for better footfall.

After event he has to submit the photographs along with all bills. Event Calendar. In-house insurance can be addressed from our end by negotiating with the DSAs. workshop bills and in insurance renewal premium. customers are buying through reference only. I am your Neighbor . 3. Leaflets should be stapled but not insert. achievement of enquiries ( cold. Sharing the costing with the Principle towards media advertisement costing non-avoidable.  Advertisements– In current scenario. Effective and seasonal script to be printed. Leaflet distribution 1. 2. DSAs & Leasing Companies 1. He has to submit his report on target Vs. 3.  Identifyingand mapping all existing DSA’s & Free lancers of concerned location. As per the recent survey by the automobile industry. 3.6.  Referrals – ( Referral Scheme ) 1. Every consultant should maintain their customer’s details and should be in touch with them by forwarding greeting for their Birthday’s and wedding anniversaries. Backup plan also to be maintained. Sales Head Surprise Visit. Referral incentive coupon should be redeemed by way of accessories. Claims. Every team manager should prepare their month event calendar and should discuss with sales head in month beginning only. Before event. 20% of our volumes should come from referrals through existing and repeated customer. Particularly post sales service will impact a lot and we can delight the customer. 4. 7. DSA payouts to be given ASAP. for new car sales all media advertisements can be ignored. 8. HBL team. 60% of the 2. Manager should visit all events to inspect and fine tune. Sales head has to visit randomly as surprise visit to alarm. 2. So that we can control the cost of the offered incentive. manager should submit the expected cost and take approval. By offering referral incentive we can generate hot enquiries. warm & hot )with his remarks and recommendations to improve in future on that event.

.4. By this exercise we can also control private & personal calls. Quality data ( car profile customers only) to be collected and maintained. 2. In current scenario web portals are most effective channels and generates quality and hot enquiries. Data vendors. Immediate follow-up and visit to the customers place after enquiry 5. should subscribe all available web portals. 4. SMS Campaign – 1. Early mornings consultant should be monitored the circulation of leaflets New Channels. To be involved in all sales meetings. Email Data of State. Will give better focus and accountability. Hence. Proper training should be given in regular intervals on product knowledge. Reviewing the progress by taking feedback E-flyers – 1. 6. 3. Need not invest on high slab contracts. Should call all existing customers. Central and PUC banks.Effective Text 3.schemes promotion. Will give better focus and accountability. ( Gold & Platinum ) 1. Exclusive team / consultant should be attended with the targets of these enquiries. Weekly review with Web portal managers on conversion status and improvement action plan JDS or Similar Channel as per the location. 5. 2. Private and Public sector companies of concerned location.  Need to be considered as sales team only. pending enquiries and highlight about the current scheme with referral schemes. Exclusive team / consultant should be attended with the targets of these enquiries. soft skills and cross sales. Recording of tele-calling to understand their skills and improve. Monthly twice to different segment and profile customers 4. 3. SMS and E-flyer to be forwarded by them to generate quality enquiries for calling. 1. lost cases. 2. new products. Web portals.  Tele-calling 1. Through Consultants and Tele-callers by doing top-up to their connections. comparison skills. 2.

Collect their data and forwarding E-flyers / SMS / Mailing ( Joint Promotion activities. Manager should talk to all lost cases gone to the competitors 3. Collect their customer’s data and follow-up for new car sale Classifieds 1. Training them the  Banks & Finance Companies: 1. Need to be maintained excellent relationship by the seniors as well as juniors. Newspaper classified data is perfect target segment customers. 1. Special focus with exclusive team and targets 2. Lost enquiries to be transferred to other team 4. Periodically with month schemes. Getting business visa-versa 3. 4. 2. Multiple JD possibilities. 2. Govt. Monthly twice lost cases data should be followed by tele-callers and submit the feedback to the manager for his analysis. 3. Should be effective and customized.2. Posters. Should map every UCD & DLS in your location.  Used Car Dealers&Driving License Schools. Regular visits to them by managers to improve relationship. 3. Lost cases data to be maintained for future sales promotion  Govt&Corporate 1. 4. Negotiating with them for enquiry sourcing. Attending and organizing events on their association meetings ( NGO’s. Offering attractive incentive schemes and monthly once get-together. Existing manpower review of all depts. 2. . Daily 100 by all tele-callers and consultants at their leisure. 2. Employees / Public Sector banks. Teachers and all depts. Distributing newspapers to exclusive consultants and monitor 3.) Lost cases 1. Banners & Leaflets highlighting special schemes to them in their premises / canteens 3.) Manpower:   It is always better to train non-performers of existing manpower than recruiting new.

Variant & color ) liquidation. To assess the productivity and take necessary steps periodically. Induction with training Modules for fresher’s Focus on newly recruited manpower by giving on job training and retain them Influential Factors in Profitability:  Volumes: Irrespective of targets we should have very ambitious volume targets. which will give pressure on sales team and try to clear backlogs by stretching themselves. web portals. Phase wise order against the demand and to achieve early bird benefits. Each car age should not exceed 45 days. More focus from all angles and areas on profitable variants and models. quarterly. Special incentive to sales team for very old stocks. Campus interviews. Cost to the consultant.       Market Size and potentiality to recruit additional manpower and allocate the locations. paper advertisements. To increase manpower accordingly Recruiting Manpower. . spread and reach in the market and exploring all sales channels effectively will give very good results in terms of volumes and revenue. Strong and healthy arrangement with codealers for sharing non-available cars )  Inventory Interest Cost: Should not cross 10% cost on total expenditure of the month business. Anticipating market trends and seasons along with the market competition. referral schemes to existing employees. Calculate product wise regular and special discounts in month beginning itself. Quarterly review with the existing banker and other banks. This should be ongoing process on every month without fail. Reach– Mapping entire location and targeting competitor’s area. Per Car Profitability including Supporting Sales. Stocks status to be shared in morning meetings and instruct sales team focus on old cars (modle.  Stocks: Stocks should not exceed above than 30 days( average aged stocks). Peak seasons should be the highest than the market growth and lean period should retain average volumes. Should analyse car wise cost to avoid penal charges. If needed ready to lose 10% of existing volumes. half-yearly and yearly Retail Achievement without fail.  Monthly.  Discount control: Understanding with co-dealers and effective implement to continue for long term. Encourage Billingpractice. Upcountry Market Hubs need to be identified with event calendar regularly and repeatedly.  Wholesale Order: As per the existing stocks need to discuss with the manufacturer and prepare the Orders. Bigger trained team size.

Workshop valuations. Market sourcing. Claims Process In-house Finance:  Identifying best payouts and focusing on slabs. Should create them separate verticals and independent profit centers.  Supporting Sales: Used Car.  Savings – Sharing with the team. 50% salary only will be given if executive reach 50% target. For all fresher’s we can implement this.  EARN YOUR SALARY. Manager should call to the customer personally and understand the concerns behind the delay in delivery. . Major fire walls. If not delivery. Every costing head should have slabs and should have accountability by the concerned manager / departmental head. Need to be arrested above 10 days pending bookings. Weekly review meeting by sales head Daily report. Supporting Sales: Used Car            Setting ambitious targets based on the market potentiality and unorganized players volumes.  Cost Control ( Employer – Employee ) – Slabs on costs. regular local advertisement by giving direct message of WE BUY & SELL ALL MAKES AND MODLES) Lost sales effective analysis. Bookings. Should be monitored closely and every manager should have accountability on above one week age pending bookings. we can aim for the total disbursement. Every channel should have minimum target Exploring all channels to sell at better price. Whatever discounts saved by the consultant 50% of the amount should be shared to him as special incentive. Tele-calling. Events. Need to be reviewed by the management on monthly basis. Insurance and Accessories. Incentives on profitability After sales – Calling and cross check. To be sourced through all channels ( Identifying number of channels like. Independent Profitability Vertical. Should co-ordinate with in-house finance dept and push for the early disbursement.. Classifieds follow-up.

Close monitoring of outhouse cases ( lost cases analysis ) Discounts. Effective and regular training. inventory interest discounts ) Insurance ( AMC )     Product training with effective selling points by insurance in-charge regularly. Involving team in role play Product knowledge ( Every Model & Variant ) Best-selling points Comparison Skills Best Demo & Test Drive Skills Weekly test – Training on Weak Areas / Poor performers External – Training       Personality development Soft Skills Latest Market trends Productivity Team Building Senior Executives including Management should undergo training for fixed hours per year New Policies: .    Product and convincing skills training to sales and in-house finance team. Attending morning meetings and highlight yesterday’s lost cases. Calling all pending bookings customers by in-house finance team Targeting cash sales Additional income ( per car incentive.In-house( calendar )        Improving productivity of existing manpower than looking in to replacement. Addressing the competition by offering possible discounts. Accessories      Per car Target Product range Model & variant wise products with chart Selling skills by sales and accessories team Procuring Service Marketing including AMC Training .

Team wise presentation by the managers with their month action plan. So that everyone will be on same track. insurance and career growth prospects. Photograph should be displayed in showroom.. Proper agenda should be prepared and followed. It is similar to Zero Depreciation policy offering by all insurance companies. entertainment and friendly working environment Monthly meeting.  Identifying new revenue sources through selling value added services. FORMAT. Mail trials to keep all in loop and share the information. nonattending morning meetings. Morning meetings are most effective and instrumental in motivating and guiding the team. For which we should have clear and perfect MIS for easy and effective review. It motivates them as well as others. Pending Home visits. Penalties can be imposed on repeated mistakes only but not human errors. Apart from awards & rewards. Should incentivize to service advisors to motivate and promote. 24 hours helpline number Service:  Insurance Annual Maintenance Contract by the dealership... Teflon. FORMAT..                Vigilance cell New ideas encouragement with rewards Loyalty Factor – Apart from incentives. FORMAT. yearly bonus. Awards for best performers ( around10 categories ). This policy should be promoted by new car sales team while selling the car and workshop service advisors for renewals and other co-dealer cars.. Daily report by concerned manager ( day action plan )FORMAT Every walk-in customer to be called by ASM Paper less. Star performer of the month. Weekly review by sales head with proper fixed agenda and timings. punctuality. Tyres etc. dress code. recognition counts a lot. . With this policy we can retain the customer to our workshop and increase workshop revenue. Monthly business review by the management. Meaningful and effective morning meetings. 3 rd day calling. Highlighting non-performers Penalties towards wrong commitments to the customers. FORMAT. Antirust. These meetings should not become routine by taking expected bookings and retails from the team. CR complaints. need to be focused on employees refreshment. Award winner will share their best practices. Supporting sales and CR presentations with expected support from sales team and last month mistakes and learning..

channels and areas we can definitely executive the System & Process. agents and surveyors Optimum utilization of existing BASE Strong tele-calling team for service reminders. periodical reviews. Few formats have been enclosed for immediate reference. product and dealership limitations and comforts. stage & department. If we follow those strictly in all departments. We can include or exclude as per the location. On each subject. monthly review meetings with all seniors and other effective points.       Own towing facility and promoting through all channels – Tie-up with local towing services. AMC with new cars Discount coupons for data collection. Call to the customer and promote. 100 against 160 towards labourVs spares. FCC in all major industries. 250 can be reviewed. Need to be focused exclusively on this service vertical and source aggressively. Service advisors should be trained in selling these products and incentivized accordingly. Special focus on competitor’s and codealer’s customer base. Major profitability area is Body shop. month business plan in advance. Accessories sales to be focused exclusively. The real challenge is effective implementation part. Accessories executive should verify the car and prepare the list of required accessories for every car. daily reports. Referral coupons for service Relationship with insurance executives . For which I mentioned about the morning meetings. Exclusive team for service marketing only for body shop. .  Targeting and achieving Manufacturer incentive schemes without fail ( Key performance index ).  As per the industry standards the current ratio is Rs. Identifying cars with dents. report formats to be prepared for better understanding and clarity between the team and managers. Above mentioned points are few of the best practices which were tried and tested.