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palazzetto Sforza familia (tuin/wijngaard)


site gekocht door Maffeo Barberini (Paus Urbanus VIII)


Maderno begint bouw Palazzo Barberini (assistent: zijn neef Borromini)


Maderno sterft -> Bernini krijgt leiding, samen met Borromini


einde werken


in handen van Paus Innocentius X (na oorlogen van Castro)


terug in handen van familia Barberini


in handen van Italië

Ten tijde van Madernos dood: rondbogen al in ontwikkeling (klassiek patroon zoals
Achtergevel ontworpen door Maderno
Borromini: kleine raampjes op tweede verdiep + wapenschild (verschilt met
verschillende Barberinis die in het kasteel woonden)
+ kleinere trap in ellips vorm
Bernini: interesse in optische illusies te zien in loggia’s op eerste en tweede
verdieping (the latter in particular shows the use of a fake perspective in the design
of the windows, a feature which characterized many future works by Bernini)
+ niches voor kunstwerken
+ decoratieve elementen gevel en interieur
+ Oval Hall
+ Sala Del Trionfo, main hall
+grote rechthoekige trap
+ reliefs op achtergevel (ontworpen door Maderno)
The basic idea for this palace, with two separate wings in an H-plan, was conceived by its owner,
Taddeo Barberini, nephew of Pope Urban VIII. Although many others contributed to the design,
Maderno was in charge of design development.
his characteristic planning of eminently functional suites, closed axes (most notably in the deep,
apsed entrance portico, the passage through which was cut only in the 1670s), the complex, threedimensional arrangement of rooms on the several levels of the palace and the linking stairs.
The great three-storey, seven-bay loggia of the west façade is surprising in the context of Maderno's
oeuvre (or that of any other Roman architect in the 1620s), but the whole exterior is rendered in his
distinctive style with such details as columns set within channels in the walls, splayed jambs

(resembling those at the stair entrance in the Palazzo Mattei) in the third storey of the loggia, and the
superimposed frames of the north portal.