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Taylor Williams

Grade 10

The 25th day in January 2001 I was born at Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa,
California. I was 20 inches long and weighed 10 pounds 11 ounces. My older sister was 2 at the
time. She was spending the day with my grandma and grandpa. My grandparents heard my mom
was going into labor. They purchased balloons and flowers for mom and I. That day my sister
was wearing a pair of purple leggings and a pink T-shirt that said “I'm a big sister”. I went home
January 28, 2001, Super Bowl Sunday. I took my first steps August 2001. I was watching
everything my big sister did and had to do it. Shortly after in 2004 my mom took a new job
working in Atlanta, Ga - 2500 miles away.
I was enrolled into school at Austin Elementary in Dunwoody, GA. I studied at Austin
until 3rd grade. In 2009 the decision was made to return to California. I started classes at
Fletcher Elementary in San Diego, CA graduating from 5th grade. I attended Magnolia Science
Academy for 6th grade only, enrolling at Julian Charter School, San Diego Creative and
Performing Arts. The fall of 2014 I was enrolled at e3 Civic High School and graduated in 2019
with full scholarship to Princeton University in Princeton New Jersey. The summer of 2021 my
fashion design business is growing. I have a growing group of customers. 2023 I was awarded
a bachelor's degree in science and open my first local fashion design boutique in Beverly Hills on
Rodeo Drive.
2025 I have earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and launch the opening
of my second boutique in New York City. I purchase a home in the suburbs of New York. My
dream is to own a home where I can have as many animals as I want. I have monkey’s, koalas,
zebras, giraffes and a panda. I open my home to sick children so they can enjoy the animals.