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Special Services & Programs

Points of Pride
• State of the art new building in 2007

Research Based
Best Practices

• Innovative Technology including: each classroom
has Light speed audio enhancements, a digital
presenter, and a SMART Board (interactive

• LOOPING- HIGH POINT has 8 teachers looping
with their students to the next grade level.
“Students may benefit from a looping structure
that enables them to build trust and take more
academic risks than they might with a teacher
who disappears after one semester or even one
school year”.
(Copland and Boatright, 2004, p.276)

• Community Involvement - Parent Workshops
and Activities: IStation training, Trunk of Treat,
Math Card Night, Reading With The Elves,
Writing Something, Heart of FSA, Tribute to
Dr. Suess, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
(Movie and Science Night), Spring Carnival,
Transition to Kindergarten, Transition to Middle
School, Talent show.

ROUTINE- “Focused
assessments and
targeted lessons for
helping every
student become a
better reader.
(Richardson, 2009)
• ISTATION READING- provides independent,
computer-assisted instruction that promotes
student engagement.
(Patarapickayatham and Roden, 2014.)

• Students Targeted for Achievement Success (STARS)
• Exceptional Student
Education (ESE,
Autism Spectrum
• English as a Second
Language (ESOL)
• Guidance Counselor
• Gifted education
• Speech
• Full-time social worker and full-time school nurse
• Title I ($400,000 budgeted for 2015-16 school year)
• Extended Learning Program (ELP)
• Big Brothers/Big Sisters
• Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and School
Advisory Council (SAC)
• Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist on
• Guidance Counselor
• Character Education
• Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
Program (STEM)
• Promise Program (after school tutoring)
• Gifted & Talented Program
• 100% of Students receive free breakfast
and free lunch

At High Point Elementary School, teachers and staff are passionate that it is our
number one responsibility as Pinellas County School Board employees to prepare our
students for college, career and life.

Dr. Susan Taylor, principal The School Board of Pinellas County. staff and families SCHOOL BOARD OF PINELLAS COUNTY Janet R.150th State. Feather Sound.m. Clark Carol . beige or navy long pants. Rotary Club of Clearwater. High Point Community Center. Domino’s Pizza and Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department District Vision: 100% Student Success HIGH POINT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 5921 150th Ave. YMCA. STEM. religion.m. Taylor • Grade levels: Pre-K-5 • Enrollment: 690 • School uniforms consist of khaki. O’Shea Dr. Susan J. sexual orientation or disability in any of its programs. Home Depot. polo shirts with no logo (exception is High Point’s logo) in yellow. prohibits any and all forms of discrimination and harassment based on race. N Clearwater. Country Skillet Restaurant. navy blue or white. marital status. • School hours: 8:35 a. PAL. Zip N 5921 PhoneFL# 33760 Clearwater.High Point_SchoolBro2015-16 9/15/2015 8:27 AM Page 2 About High Point Elementary School PINELLAS COUNTY SCHOOLS • Principal: Dr. Michael A. age. Tutoring Programs • Teaching staff: Approximately 40 percent of faculty members have advanced degrees.Ave. Fax #538-7440 Phone: (727) Web Address FAX: (727) 538-7442 www. services or activities. Ken Peluso High Point Elementary School SUPERINTENDENT Dr. www. national District Mission: Educate and prepare each student for college. career and life Address City. FL 33760 Phone: (727) 538-7440 FAX: (727) 538-7442 www.-3:05 p. Cook Rene Flowers Terry Krassner Linda S. High Point YMCA. High Point spirit shirts can be worn daily.pcsb. • Community Partnerships: Tech Data. Florida. sex. color. Lerner Peggy L. shorts and skirts. GE Aviation. Grego • Mascot: Eagle • Before and after school care: R’Club.pcsb. • Attractor/focus: Lifelong learning for students.