26 June 2015

Shahnawaz Soomro
House No: 267, Moosa Nagar
Jatia Goth, Shahdadpur, Sanghar
Shahdadpur and 68040
Student ID :
Application No : 00686935
Date of Birth : 16 May 1992

Dear Mr Soomro,
Postgraduate Letter of Offer: Semester 1 2016
Congratulations from UNSW Australia! I am very pleased to offer you a place to study at our University proudly ranked in the top 50 in the QS World University Rankings 2014/15.
Following are your program details, conditions of offer, a list of outstanding documents (if applicable),
instructions for accepting this offer, deadlines and important information about visa and government
Please read this letter carefully and contact us immediately if you have any questions.
Program Details
Program Code:
Academic Plan:
Program Type:
Attendance Pattern:
Start Date:
Expected Duration*:

Engineering Science
Petroleum Engineering
Masters Degree (Coursework)
Semester 1 2016 (commences 29 February 2016)
24 months

* The Expected Program Duration is expressed in full time load, and has taken into account any given transfer credit.
Study Period



Indicative Tuition Fees

Semester 1

up to 18 weeks*

Compulsory study period

Please refer to:

Semester 2

up to 18 weeks*

Compulsory study period

− Tuition Fee Schedule


up to 9 weeks*

Enrolment in courses during this
period is optional

− Full Program Indicative Fees

*Please note that the weeks included mid-semester break, study week and examination period.
The above table is applicable to most UNSW students but there are exceptions.
For AGSM students please refer to student.unsw.edu.au/calendar-agsm
For Undergraduate Medicine students please refer to student.unsw.edu.au/calendar-medicine


A B N 57 195 873 179
CRICOS Provider No 00098G

defer or decline this offer online by visiting my.edu.au quoting your student number which is located at the top of this letter. If you did not apply through an agent please contact the Admissions via enquiry.html More Information If you have any questions regarding this letter. Visa and Government Requirements If you are applying for a student visa. please read about our Streamlined Visa Process (SVP) which aims to fast-track the application process.au/study/sponsored Please refer to unsw. Defer or Decline Offer Most students can accept.edu. we will contact you to discuss your study options. Visit international.edu.au/study/sponsored IntlSponsor Stu Agreement Form Please complete and email the agreement form to sponsoredstudents@unsw. Accept.au so your acceptance can be processed without delay.unsw. Deadline I encourage you to accept this offer by no later than 24 July 2015 as places are limited and demand is high.edu.au/living-sydney/visas/ to find out how this can work for you. Students who are paying their deposit fees by bank draft or International Money Transfer.edu.au However.unsw.au. Please submit this confirmation to an Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) office to support your student visa application.html: Confirmation of Enrolment Once you have accepted your offer you will receive an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE).unsw. Please note that you are required to advise us of any changes to your address or residency status within seven days. Students aged under 18 when the program commences.unsw. visit my.edu.unsw. Applications to defer must be lodged by the Friday before the start of semester.edu.edu. If one or more of the above apply to you.au/student/resources/AcademicCalendar. Please also note the following: • • • This offer will be withdrawn on the Friday before the start of semester unless the program fills earlier.unsw.unsw. please complete the attached Acceptance and Reply Form and submit via myUNSW Application tracking at apply. 5087303 . To find out more about UNSW key dates.au/apply/onlineAppTrackInfo. For information visit http://international.edu.edu.au/document-certification for information on UNSW's document certification and translation requirements. For information visit : international. the following students cannot accept their offer online and must reply in writing: • • • Students who are sponsored by a recognised UNSW sponsor. please speak to your agent urgently. Late acceptances will only be considered if vacancies exist. We may be required to provide information about your application to appropriate Australian government departments.Outstanding Documents Sponsorship Letter Please email your official letter outlining sponsorship details to sponsoredstudents@unsw. If the program fills or your offer is withdrawn for other reasons.

I look forward to seeing you on campus! Yours sincerely. Professor Wai Fong Chua Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Students) and Registrar CRICOS Provider: 00098G 5087303 .You're only a few steps away from joining one of the most exciting universities in Australia.

edu.html Student Name: Shahnawaz Soomro Date of Birth: 16 May 1992 Student ID: 5087303 Acceptance of Offer I accept the offer of a place as an International fee-paying student in the following program.com/PRR/Info/SelfEnrol. [ ] Yes Complete the following: Country of Birth ________________ DIAC Office Location ________________ (Country and city where you will apply for Student Visa) Passport Number ________________ (Required for Student Visa application within Australia) 5087303 Country of Citizenship _________________ .unsw.unsw.edu.aspx?paramset=UNSW Your customer reference number: 50873031 Bank Draft should be made payable to "The University of New South Wales" [ ] Sponsored Students Return sponsorship documents to sponsoredstudents@unsw.au/study/sponsored/ Required Information for Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) Will you require a Student Visa to Undertake this study? [ ] No Provide a copy of your existing Australian Visa. Payment Method [ ] International Money Transfer Please click the following link: [ ] Bank Draft Attach Bank Draft.edu. commencing Semester 1 2016: 8338 Masters Degree (Coursework) in Engineering Science (CRICOS Code: 084282A) Payments Tuition Fee Deposit OSHC AUD$6000 Non-sponsored students please purchase direct from Medibank (UNSW's preferred provider) or your preferred approved OSHC provider. geoforeducation.UNSW Acceptance and Reply Form Return your Reply Form to the Admissions Office via myUNSW Application tracking at apply.au/apply/onlineAppTrackInfo.au See details at international.

Academic Declaration I confirm that the Academic Transcripts. facilities and services. Graduation Certificate or Completion Certificate of my studies that I have submitted are genuine and that I have met the English Language entry standards of the University. living expenses and other University fees payable for the duration of my studies at UNSW. I understand that if the program is fully subscribed when you receive my payment. If any information supplied by me is considered to be untrue. Student's Signature 5087303 _____________________________________ Date _______ / _______ / ______ . I accept that my program fee will depend upon the courses taken. I understand the University may take such action as it believes necessary including the disclosure of the information to any person or body the University considers has a legitimate interest in receiving it and I consent to such disclosure. OSHC. I authorise the University to obtain information from any educational institution previously or currently attended by me. Financial Declaration I confirm that I will have access to sufficient funds for tuition. incomplete or misleading information. I understand that the University reserves the right to ask for further documentation related to my ability to access sufficient funds and if the University is not satisfied with my ability to access sufficient funds. courses.Student Name: Shahnawaz Soomro Date of Birth: 16 May 1992 Student ID: 5087303 Declaration of Consent for International Students I have read and understood the Permanent Resident Status Advice and the UNSW Fee and Refund policy. fees. and confirm that I (and my dependants) will have sufficient funds to return to my country of citizenship or country of residence at the end of my studies if required. I may be contacted about deferral. I understand the University reserves the right to vary or reverse any decision made on the basis of untrue. I understand the University reserves the right to make alterations to any matter offered in this publication without notice and that this agreement. does not remove my right to take further action under the Australian consumer protection laws. I have made this application having had access to sufficient information regarding UNSW programs. I have read and understood the UNSW guidelines regarding estimated cost of living in Sydney. costs. and the availability of complaints and appeals processes. incomplete or misleading in any respect. Declaration for International Student Visa Holders Genuine Temporary Entrant and Genuine Student Declaration I confirm that I am a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) and Genuine Student (GS) for the purpose of studying in Australia. I declare that the information declared on this form is complete and correct. the University will withdraw my Offer of Admission and notify DIAC. I will notify the University immediately and I understand that the University cannot guarantee financial assistance. I also understand that if I encounter difficulties with accessing funds to cover my study. I also understand that if I have been awarded transfer credit that this may affect my program duration and my eligibility for accreditation with Australian professional bodies.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) All students must purchase OSHC for the length of their student visa. less an administrative fee of AUD$3000. Depending on when your residency status changes.com.au/ You are not obligated to purchase cover with Medibank and can obtain OSHC from any approved healthcare provider. Students are not allowed to arrive or commence their studies after semester has started.unsw.edu. OSHC Fee Single OSHC Couple OSHC Fee Family OSHC Fee AUD$516 (12 months) / AUD$585 (12 months)* AUD$1200 (12 months) / AUD$2034. documented illness or misadventure.nsf/Content/Overseas+Student+Health+Cover+FAQ-1 Cost of Living For useful information about the cost of living in Sydney please visit international.html 5087303 .au/feespolicy-international-students.au/internet/main/Publishing. You are required to notify the University of any change to residency status within seven (7) days of receiving formal confirmation from the Australian Government. you should defer your commencement to the next available semester.gov. If you obtain Australian permanent residency or New Zealand citizenship before the start of your nominated semester of study at UNSW. This policy.Important Information Refund Policy Applicants who notify the University in writing that they wish to withdraw before they enrol in the program for the first time will receive a full refund of all tuition fees and unspent non-tuition fees paid. Following is the current fee schedule.au/livingsydney/cost-living/ Commencement Date Information International students who require a student visa are advised to check with your local Australian Embassy/Consulate to ensure visa application processing times will allow you to arrive in Australia before the start of semester. and the availability of complaints and appeals processes. both before and after the commencement of the study period.edu. program cancelled Withdrawal prior to enrolment or by census date Withdrawal after census date Full refund AUD$3000 No refund For more information about the UNSW Fee Policy for International Students visit student. Non-sponsored international students should arrange their OSHC directly with an approved healthcare provider. Medibank is the UNSW preferred provider of OSHC.au/student/atoz/ResidencyStatusChange. Charges are reviewed annually and the following fees may change. your offer of a place (or your enrolment) as an international student may lapse.unsw.unsw. If in doubt. and your admission to UNSW will be reassessed. a new application may be required. Permanent Residency Status Advice This offer of admission is made to you as an international fee-paying student. For a list of providers visit health. does not remove your right to take action under Australia's consumer protection laws. Refunds will apply as per the following table: Administrative Fees Visa refusal. For more information visit my.60 (12 months)* AUD$1752 (12 months) / AUD$2865 (12 months)* *New rates effective from 1 December 2014. You can arrange your OSHC online at medibank.edu.

edu. except as authorised by law.au/gotoschool/intnl_students/index.php to learn more about policy and application procedures. To enable UNSW to consider other courses that may be relevant to you if this application is not accepted. but if the consent is not given your application may not be processed. Please note that UNSW may disclose your information to internal and external stakeholders. admission and enrolment. including related entities such as UNSW Global Pty Ltd for the reasons outlined above. Privacy Statement The information you provide in this application is "personal information" as defined by the Privacy and Personal Information Act 1998 (NSW) [the Act]. and alteration of. It is collected and held by UNSW for the following purposes: • • • • To process your application. You have the right to refuse this consent. To enable UNSW to send information about UNSW or third party courses or other University matters of potential interest to you. please visit schools. You have the right of access to. the information concerning yourself in accordance with the Act and UNSW Privacy Management Plan.nsw. For administrative and statistical purposes. 5087303 . UNSW will not disclose your personal information without your consent and without due cause.Advice for International Students with Dependants If you will be arriving in Australia with school aged dependants who will be enrolling in a government or nongovernment school.