Third Grade Newsletter

October 10, 2016- October 14, 2016

Third Grade | St. Benedict’s Episcopal School

Language Arts

Happy October!

Novel Studies and
Reading Detective
•Book: Mr. Popper’s
Penguins Chapters 9-11
•Reading Detective:

Shurley English and
• Chapter 5: Pronouns,
Subject Pronouns, Possessive
Pronoun Adjectives,
Understood Pronouns,
Conjunctions, Simple
sentences with compound
parts, Compound sentences

Spelling & Handwriting
• Spelling Test on Friday,


Here you will find important information about
academics, announcements, assessments, projects, and
Spelling Rule for the Week

Spelling Rule 8
Suffix endings added to unchanging
basewords: -able, -ish, -y, -ly, -ty
Ex: dependable, childish, lucky, lately, sixty
Sight Words to Memorize:
be, of, could, many, door

• Topic 2 Adding MultiDigit Numbers

Social Studies
•A New Nation: American


Third Grade Newsletter

October 10, 2016- October 14, 2016

• The October Book Report and the October Reading Log are due on October
31st. For the Reading Log, each of the 20 days will be worth 5 points of the
grade. Please make sure that your child answers one of the questions on the
back of the Reading Log.
• Fall Break is right around the corner. There will be NO SCHOOL on Monday,
October 17th and Tuesday, October 18th.
• If you would like to donate any items to our treasure box, please send them in
with your child! We would love a soccer ball, basketball, or football to use as our
larger treasure box options (These will be worth a lot of behavior money and
require months of saving).

• Please check your child’s take-home binder and agenda daily. The agenda contains
important information regarding assessments, daily assignments, and projects. It also
contains classwork that may need to be completed as homework.
• Please try to remind your student to bring two snacks each day. We are letting them
know it is their responsibility to make sure it is packed.
• If your child brings home their Not Finished Yet section of their daily spiral, that work
needs to be finished as homework. This work should be turned in the next day.
• Chapel is every Tuesday morning. Please have your child wear the chapel uniform and
proper accessories (ties and cross-ties).