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Application for Ethical Approval for Research Projects (Students

This is an application form for ethical approval for any research work or independent study
which involves the collection of primary data, undertaken by any Middlesex University student,
or group of students, as part of their undergraduate or postgraduate dissertation, individual or
group coursework. The person who completes this form will be principal investigator or a group
leader of the research project (in the case of group coursework). After completion, this form
should be submitted to the supervisor or module coordinator for approval. The supervisor may
approve the application, reject the application or, when in doubt, refer it to the University Ethics
committee for review.
No primary data collection can be undertaken before the supervisor has approved this
application. If there is a change in the research methodology after approval, then a
change in Ethics Approval form needs to be completed.
This form should be accompanied by any other relevant materials (e.g. questionnaire to be employed,
letters to participants/institutions, advertisements or recruiting materials, risk assessment, information and
debriefing sheet for participants, consent form, including approval by collaborating institutions). All
students need to ensure that before commencing any research work, they should read the University’s
Code of Practice on Research at:







1. Is this the first submission of the proposed study?
(Supervisor: if No, please review and attach copy of original form)
2. Is this an urgent application?
Name of Researcher
Name of Supervisor
Title of Study



Mr. Alok A Tripathi
Dr Rajesh Mohnot
Entrepreneurship- Supermarkets

Result of Application (tick appropriate box)


Referred to Ethics Committee

Signed:................................................................ (Supervisor)
1 NB: Supervisors, please note that a checklist is provided in the appendix to help
you in completing this form.
Ethics approval form, last revised 22/02/2016Page 1

patterns and behaviors of customers in Dubai. last revised 22/02/2016Page 2 .SECTION II: (TO BE COMPLETED BY RESEARCHER/STUDENT) Applicant details Name Mr. Alok A Tripathi MISIS Number M00558947 Program of Study MBA. Dubai (UAE) Details of place where research will be conducted Ethics approval form.Marketing Module Name and code MBA Project MBS 4812 Name of Supervisor/module coordinator Dr Rajesh Mohnot Name and affiliations of other researchers NA Academic year 2015-16 Research Details Title of study Entrepreneurship.Supermarkets Expected start date 11-08-2016 Expected end date 01-09-2016 Details of any funding none Please provide a short abstract or aims and objectives of the study/hypothesis to be tested Understanding various supermarket attitudes. The Objective is to identify important needs and expectations of customers from supermarkets in Dubai.

please explain why not:       6. please explain why not:       3. Will you obtain written informed consent directly from your research participants? YES NO If NO. Will you inform the participants if you are planning to audio and/or video record the participants? YES NO If NO. Will you offer incentives to participants? YES NO If YES . Will you guarantee confidentiality to your participants? YES NO If NO. please explain why not:       4. please explain why not: 8. please explain what they will be: 2. anxiety. stress Ethics approval form. please explain why not:       5. Will you ensure that all data is treated with absolute confidentiality? (see Appendix A) YES NO If NO. please explain why not:       7. Are there any procedures that are likely to cause discomfort. 1. Will you inform participants of their right to withdraw from this research at any time? YES NO If NO. last revised 22/02/2016Page 3 .Research Methodology/Procedures Please provide additional written information as required below. Will you provide a written/oral explanation of the project to your participants? YES NO If NO.

the University will require written evidence from the organization that they have approved the research. Will you provide a full debriefing at the end of the data collection phase? YES NO If NO please explain why not:       11.) N/A YES NO If NO. does that organization have its own ethics procedure relating to the research you intend to carry out? (If YES.or embarrassment to the participants? YES NO If YES. If the research is conducted with another organization. please explain what they are:       10. please explain why:       9. Are there any risks (physical or reputational) to the participants that may result from participating in this study/research? YES NO If YES. last revised 22/02/2016Page 4 . please explain why not:       Ethics approval form.

I/We have discussed this project with the supervisor and I/we agree that there are no issues that need to be considered by the Research Ethics Review Committee. The project will not commence until the advice has been received and any issues of ethics have been dealt with appropriately.. last revised 22/02/2016Page 5 . I/We have read and understood the University’s Research Good Practice and Code of Practice. I/We have assessed the ethics of this research as indicated above and have also read the University guidance on research ethics. tick the appropriate boxes and sign. however if Ethics approval form.SECTION III: (TO BE COMPLETED BY RESEARCHER/STUDENT AND SIGNED JOINTLY BY STUDENT AND SUPERVISOR) Are there any other ethical issues that may arise from this research? If yes. please explain below (in such cases. I/we are seeking/have obtained advice from the Research Ethics Committee. the supervisor is advised to refer to the Ethics Subcommittee): None Please read the following statements. (Student) Date:11-08-2016 I do not consider a Risk Assessment necessary at this stage of the research. Signed . (Student) Signed: .  processed in accordance with data subjects' rights.... 2 http://goo.. make corrections or have it deleted.... (Supervisor) Date:. The University is committed to ensuring that current employees comply with this Act regarding the confidentiality of any personal data held by the University..... people whose data is recorded have the right to view that data (‘right of subject access’)....... Signed:. last revised 22/02/2016Page 6 .  kept for no longer than necessary... To do this Middlesex University complies with the Data Protection Principles which are set out in the 1998 Act....  adequate........ In addition.  obtained for specified and lawful purposes and not further processed in a manner incompatible with that purpose. relevant and not excessive. in whatever medium.....................2 To comply with the law. 1998 (the 1998 Act) 3 https://ico.... I will ask the student/s to complete a Risk Assessment form at a later date....................  accurate and where necessary up to date... information is collected and used fairly.. In summary these state that personal data shall be:3  processed fairly and lawfully and shall not be processed unless certain conditions are met. stored safely and not disclosed to any other person unlawfully........substantial risks arise during the research process.... Middlesex University is required by law to comply with the Data Protection Act...... Appendices Appendix A: Data protection As stated in the privacy policy....  not transferred without adequate­organisations/ Ethics approval form......  protected by appropriate security....

Ethics approval form. last revised 22/02/2016Page 7 .

last revised 22/02/2016Page 8 . is a Risk Assessment form attached? (Please tick N/A if not applicable) 13. has this been specified and the original form enclosed here? 2. Is the information sheet sufficiently informative about the study? 10. 16. Is the consent form attached? 7. Letter(s) of acceptance from external institutions have been requested and will be submitted to the supervisor ASAP. Is an information sheet for participants enclosed? 8. If it is a resubmission. Has the ethics form been fully completed? 12. Is the Undergraduate /Postgraduate module specified? 3. debriefing sheet enclosed – appropriate style? 11.Please tick as appropriate YES NO N/A 1. Are debriefing procedures specified? If appropriate. If any part of the study will be conducted on another institution’s premises a letter of acceptance by the institution must be obtained – Acceptance letters are attached. 15. If any parts of the study are to be conducted outside the university. Does the information sheet contain contact details for the researcher and supervisor? 9. Is the proposal sufficiently informative about the study? 6. Has the student signed the ethics approval form? Appendix B: Supervisor Checklist CHANGES TO ETHICS PERMISSION (to be completed by student for minor changes only) Ethics approval form. Are concerns (if any) sufficiently addressed by the Risk Assessment form? 14. Are the names of student/researcher(s) and supervisor specified? 5.

Please describe the nature of the change and impact on ethics: Please print the name of: I/We grant Ethical Approval student Signed: supervisor (student) (supervisor) Date Date Date Date Ethics approval form. last revised 22/02/2016Page 9 .