Phonetics and Greetings
The greeting sequence
Morning greetings
Midday greetings
Greetings to a lady
2.Personal pronouns
+infinitive verbs and their conjugations
+verb components
3.Verb conjugations
+ all basic tenses
-present simple
-present continuous
+Basic negatives
4.Introduction to noun classes
5 the STROVE formula
+noun classes: singular and plural
6.Demonstratives and direct commands
7.Counting and time the time
+specification of time relationship
+large numbers

MO +negatives of /iko/ .Adjectives.simple modifiers.+ordinal and cardinal numbers 8. +Commands +subjunctives and infinitives + the /already/ infix /sha/ +Indefinite present tense .Locatives +locative stems KO.PO.adverbs basic syntax.Relatives +tenses +pronouns +infixes +prefixes +the /amba/ relative +object relative 13.possessives.prefix ha in /haiku/ +the negation marker from /pana/ in /hapana/ +prespositions 12. strong adjectives 11.Associatives. advanced modifiers 10.Negations +all basic tenses +forming compound verb constructions 9.

The use of words +/kati/ +/karibu/ 17.14.The use of the word +mbali+na 18.The compass points and concodial agreements 16.Comparisons of equality and inequality 20.Interrogatives and noun class concordials + the stem /pi/ +the prefix /u/ with noun class 3 +wapi +gani +lini +nini +nani + the /je/ as standing alone interrogative marker + the /je/ as suffix interrogative marker 19.Word order +the position of /pia/ +the position of /tu/ 15.The /ku/ infinitive form as a gerund .

The enclitic locative /ni/ 27.21.The stem -/enye/ 26.The applicative extension .Conditionality /nge/ nga/ 25.The /ki/ tense 23 The /wa/ passive 24. The possessive stems 22.