Nitish Rai

SAPUI5 Consultant

Contact No: +91-8546824966

Professional Summary:
 Have 2.4 years of total experience as SAP consultant in Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.
Bangalore from January 2013 to till date.
 Strong verbal & written communication skills with the ability to understand end to end
business processes.
 Close interactions with Functional consultants, End Users.

Educational Qualification:
 B. Tech. in Electronics and Communications from IEC College of Engineering and
Technology, Greater Noida, India, in 2012.

Knowledge Area:

Programming Languages

Java, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML , JSON, OData ,XML,

SAP Skills

Genil, BOL Programming, SAP Netweaver Gateway





Web Server

Apache Tomcat

Application Server

SAP Netweaver Application Server

SAPUI5/Fiori and OData Skill Set:

 Models – JSON, OData, Resource Model
 Views – XML and JS Views
 Conroller Lifecycle Hooks
 Components
 Fragments

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Chart.App. Form and Layouts. Methods and Events of Routing  Controls. Line. Tile.  OData  SAP Netweaver Gateway Service Builder (SEGW)  Data Model Definition. Model and Data Binding  Number and Date Formatting  Custom Formater Functions  Navigation-Routing. Calendar. Config and Routes. List. Pattern Matching. Table.Bar. Import Data Model via EDMX file or RFC/BOR Interface  Service Registration  Service Maintenance  Service Implementation  Data Provider Class and Model Provider Class  CRUDQ Methods  Gateway Client Page 2 of 6 . Filter. Dialog. IconTabBar. Stacked Vertical Bar.  Custom Controls  Modularization and Resource Handling  Theming  Localization  Extending Application  Consuming OData Services  Fiori  Fiori Launchpad Configuration  Catalogs and Groups  App Launcher Tile and Target Binding. Panel  Chart Control – Micro Area Chart. Pie. Donut. Shell. MessageToast.Bullet. Column. Combination Chart.Creating Declarative Data Model. FlexBox. SplitApp. Search Field. Dual Combination.

Initialization. At selection screen on field. modal dialog)  Module pool screen – Screen designing. At selection screen on field. Screen events( – PBO. Screen types (– normal screen. CHAIN-ENDCHAIN.POH. Projection. At selection screen on value request. Clusters and Text tables  Views – Database. At selection screen output. End-of-selection. Screen element modification and selection screen Events (– At selection screen output. Value table and Conversion routine  SAP R/3 Screens  Selection Screen – Screen Designing. Top-of-page. Buffer synchronization  Table indexing – Primary and Secondary  Search Help – Elementary.POV. complex screen elements (– Tabstrip. on chain request. Constant. Mantenance and Help  DDIC Data structure – Structure type.PAI.SAP ABAP and SAP CRM WebUI Skill Set:  Data Dictionary  Tables – Transparent. Table type  Table maintenance Generator for views and tables  SAP Foreign key – Generic. Start-of-selection.on chain input. Screen modification. Collective and Search Help Exit  Domain – Fixed value. At selection screen on help request. AT-EXIT command). At selection screen. At selection screen on help request). At selection screen. At selection screen on value request. End-of-page  Function Module  Normal  Remote Enabled – Normal.  SAP R/3 Reports  Clasical Report . Composite  Buffering – All buffering types. qRFC Page 3 of 6 .Load-of-program. Synchronous. Pool. Asynchronous. tRFC. table controller and containers).

Use of Class-Based Exception and SY-SUBRC Based Exception  SAP CRM WebUI:  All controllers  Hook methods  Inbound Outbound Plugs. Inheritance  Interface Operation  Exception class – Creation. textid. Persistence class. Use of previous. Global class.  Message Classes  Interface view. function moodules and subroutine. Search Page  Navigational link  Model and Value Node  Pop up Page 4 of 6 . Overview Page.  View.  Search help . Abstract class. Exception class  Access Specifier – Attribute level and Class level  Method Types – Abstract. Viewsets.  Context Binding. Final class. resumable exception. CX_DYNAMIC_CHECK and CX_NO_CHECK. Use of CX_STATIC_CHECK.Custom Controller and Component Controller. Use from methods. Friend class. SAP ABAP Interfaces  RFC  ABAP Dynamic Programming  Field symbol – Partial type and fully type  Data reference – Generic type and static type  ABAP Object Oriented Concept  Class type – Local class. Final and Normal  Object Oriented Event Mechanism  Overriding.  Component Usage.

Technologies: SAP UI5. Finally the updated JSON in the buffer is sent to backend through • • • • Batch Operation on Save. Created Catalogs. Roles Played: Developer. Have persisted the JSON data after first service call. charts. Worked on demo applications and real time applications as well. CSS3. Used Component for Routing and Navigation. OData Binding. Dyanamic table creation. Information was directly read and displayed from OData on the UI. Team Member • • Had Fiori training and worked on several controls and navigation. OData Web services Description: Dashboard is a SAPUI5 based application based for display of Quarter End Closure related information for the upper management. Roles Played: Developer. Project : SAP Fiori Training + CRM Fiori wave 4 transactional App Module: SAPUI5. etc. SAPUI5. CRM WebUI Description: Handling of Tickets and Bug Fixes pertaining to the Ticketing Tool in CRM WebUI. XML Roles Played: Developer.1. calendar. Used OData services to get the data for setting data models along with querying. • • • tables. Used CSS3 to bring out the look and feel of the Dashboard Application. SAP CRM 7. SAP Fiori Description: Worked on cross app navigation between two applications and fixing the code while creating the Lead. OData Binding. Worked on enhancements in My Opportunity Application like adding Follow Up and navigating to Lead Application. Project : Maintenance of a Ticketing Tool of a Leading Product Oriented Firm from Germany Module: SAP-ABAP. Technologies: SAP Fiori. JavaScript. Have implemented the backend OData Services for the application using NetWeaver Gateway Service Builder (SEGW).jQuery. Team Member Page 5 of 6 . Reused this JSON stored in buffer for later updates. SplitApp. in JavaScript and XML views. The dashboard was built using SAP UI5 connected with a backend data service. Creating UI screens. Creating table with list data fetched form 2 JSON models. Team Member • Developed the Dashboard Application using various UI5 controls like tiles. Group and Tiles along with Target Binding for Configuration of Dashboard • Application on Fiori Launchpad.Projects : Project : Dashboard for Leading Product Oriented Firm from Germany Module: SAPUI5. JavaScript. NetWeaver Gateway. XML.

• • • • Have provided bug fixes of issues in the ticketing tool which was based on CRM Web UI. Making sure that no rework is done. value node. model node. Project : CRM on HANA Performance Tuning and Code Optimization for Leading Product Oriented Firm from Germany Module: SAP-ABAP. Used OOPs concept and proper coding standards. Roles Played: Developer. the various standard classes used in WebUI etc. Team Member • • Worked as a Team Member involved in remediating the errors. Have knowledge of debugging. EHP2 FOR SAP CRM 7. various data bindings. Page 6 of 6 . copy configuration. due to change in functionality or due to performance optimization or dumps occurring in the system. Unsecure use of For All Entries and several minor code inspection errors. This project involved the performance tuning of various code inspection errors such as Select in a Loop.0 ON HANA Description: There was an urgent need to performance tune the CRM system that had moved on to the HANA Database. Have knowledge of CRM tables and transactions. Select * Statement.