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Notes from Early Kindergarten


October 6, 2016

Hello from Mrs. Wenzel!
Our Alphafriend was Pippa Pig this
week. The children had fun again
thinking of all kinds of words that
start with the Pp sound. We’ve been
working on concepts of print with the
letter books: cover page, title, what is
a word, sentence and using fingers to
point to words.
In math, the children learned about
the attributes of squares by singing
some fun songs. They also learned how
to describe a square. They found
squares in the classroom and
practiced tracing and drawing them.
We have been working on how to
play/work during our center times.
The children have been showing they
can stay in their center, play/work
quietly and work together to clean up.

The children started learning about the
five senses this week. We played I Spy,
played an animal sound guessing game, they
used their sense of touch for feeling
mystery objects in paper bags, used their
sense of smell to identify food items and
tasted some foods to guess what they

It was a fun week seeing the kids dress up
for the IM/Kingsford football game. I
posted pics from the week on our
classroom webpage. (Go to the Woodland
Home page, click on teacher websites)


Dates to Remember----October 12—No School
October 26—Early Release at 11:55
October 31-School Wide Halloween Parade