Premium Servers

With F2P looming on May 10 and with the announcement of the exclusiveness of
the Telsai server, I think this is the perfect time to propose the idea of premium servers.
The demographics of iToS is certainly different from the demographics of kToS, that is
why it would just be proper to adapt to the global market. The CS:GO model an
example of a very successful monetization system. It uses a one-time pay-to-play model
and is further monetized in the form of skins. I believe this type of system would be
compatible with Tree of Savior; one-time payment to access and create a team on a
premium which would be backed up by the current cash shop. I am advocating for
premium servers alongside F2P servers, not premium only.
DLC Method – IMC already has the technology to restrict team creation of
players to specific servers as evidenced by the founder’s only Telsai server. What they
did with the tiered founders pack was smart. It allowed people a choice of supporting
ToS with the $50 and $30 packs or an option to just try it out early with the $10 pack. A
base $10 price point is a good choice for premium access but, IMC could always adjust
it however they would like. IMC could give us DLC packs that would allow us to create
teams on premium servers. Regional pricing could also be an option similar to how they
are going to do TP transactions. This could also be applied to making separate DLC
options for the different regions.
Transfers – IMC has already done server transfers. I suggest giving current
players 1-time server transfers if ever this is implemented. This gives way players are

Whatever you experience in the beginning of early access is what you will experience on F2P release but only 10 times worse. (It’s still horrible on low level maps. I believe that the current problems that we are facing are due to overpopulation of the servers. I don’t. Benefits Better gameplay experience – Premiums servers would provide a premium experience to players. Whatever you’re experiencing right now is what premium servers would be like. Incentive to enforce rules – This would add another secondary stream of income for IMC: banning of bots and RMT spammers. I suggest putting in a TP fee and certain restrictions to regulate transfers and only allow accounts with the appropriate DLC to transfer. I took a week-long break when the whole Bolento/refund pandemic because of the rampant bots I was competing grinding spots with. But I do know that they can minimize it due to the next 2 reasons. (I also bought new Founder Pack 1 because of this) I only see a bot once every 5 minutes now instead of 5 every 1 minute before. it’s like a whole new game. After IMC solved the problem by implementing restrictions I came back and I just have to tell you wow.) Also RMT spammers are now only spamming 1-3 channels of towns instead of all 20 channels. With future transfers. If you would give me GM tools I . Do I believe IMC could eradicate botters and gold sellers? No. The bots were outnumbering actual human players in maps.not stranded on their current server and be given a choice if they want to play on premium servers or the F2P servers.

In the premium model if a bot gets banned they have to shell out again for premium access and they’re back to square one.guarantee you that I can ban over 100 bots in less than an hour. If it’s unprofitable for gold sellers to operate then they will either stop operating or increase their price. They could just hire people at a low wage to patrol the server and answer bot reports and they would benefit both themselves and the players. IMC would be incentivized to add more servers for their customers. except in fixed form) On top of that there is also constant server lag throughout the day. It’s not hard to identify bots. IMC can always just merge the servers if it proves a failure or keep it if it’s . In the F2P model if a bot gets banned then they can just make a new account. [instance pic] (I suspect this is what CommanderLoadFail really is. Barrier to entry for malicious players – One of the most effective ways to combat malicious players is to make unprofitable for them both in terms of time and money. Gold sellers will incur additional costs for paying for their farming accounts and their spamming accounts. Low Risk – This is the perfect time to experiment with this because F2P hasn’t launched yet. RMT spammers more so. if you were to price premium DLC at $10 that would be $1000 in an hour. This is where the token system that is implemented goes to work. Since happy customers are paying customers. I didn’t intend this to be a rant thread. Why would people patronize gold sellers if they can get it for cheaper and easier the legit way of just buying and selling tokens? Incentive to satisfy players – This is what greets me every time I run dungeons for the first 8 hours after reset.

[merc pic] Notice how almost all channels are red. (I honestly wouldn’t want to fight against bot haven servers) No one would buy tokens on the premium servers – There would always be a demand for tokens. Concerns Population and community fragmentation – If you were to tell me that the premium servers would be a ghost town. you won’t be able to do missions. There would always be a high demand for tokens on the F2P servers. I will not believe you.a success. There have even been speculations about cross server PVP and such. A high supply of tokens would make buying tokens from the marketplace attractive due to low prices and a low supply of tokens would make buying tokens to sell be attractive. This is a screenshot of the mercenary post 3hours after reset taken on May 5. daily quests and party quests because you can’t get in the mercenary post. The laws of supply and demand would govern the marketplace for this. Just imagine if you were to add in F2P players to the mix. People would be more inclined to sell tokens because of this. Players would always have the choice of playing on the premium server or the F2P server. . No one would sell tokens on the F2P servers – Tokens on the F2P server would sell for a hefty penny. IMC could always just merge the servers if the population gets too low.

IMC would let F2P servers rot – There’s little incentive to fight a never-ending battle. adding a subscription to an arguably pay-to-win cash shop is a very alienating experience. a review of IP accesses to prevent selling of botted accounts and other countermeasures are needed to ensure the legitimacy of accounts. Additional restrictions such as untradeable items or limited silver transfer are also options. We already have the token system in place for a constant stream of revenue. A review of suspicious activity of the account. I want to play with my friends but they don’t want to pay for premium access – Nothing stops you from playing on the F2P servers. If you can’t shell out a few dollars to support a game that you would spend hundreds of hours on then I don’t know what to say. Most people would be against it and would not even think of touching the game. Also. Just imagine policing the F2P server of endless waves of bots with nothing stopping them from making new accounts and you gaining nothing from banning them. Adding another recurring payment would just turn away current and potential customers. It’s a waste of time and resources on IMC’s part unless they deploy a solid anti-cheat and even then bot creators would be one step ahead. Alternatives Why not apply a subscription-based model? I do not think a subscriptionbased model would be successful because of the current monetization model right now. . Botted accounts would just transfer to premium servers when they hit max level – I think a review of transferring accounts is a must for this.

suggestions and criticisms are welcome. After the bans and restrictions the price came down to a steady 700k to 800k.Why not just add token-user only channels? The same problems would still exist.dr: giff premium servers @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_John @STAFF_Ethan @STAFF_J rip:Staff_Julie . Token users would just crowd in the limited token channels and bots would rule the normal channels. tl. Premium servers are the perfect middle ground of the subscription-based model and token-user only channels. Having both options of premium servers and F2P servers would give players a choice of a better experience and a way of players to experience the game. Conclusion Having premium servers would solve plenty of the problems that F2P games have. The economy would still get ruined because of the influx of silver into the economy. Please send your insults and racial slurs through PM instead. Any comments. The price of arde dagger before was always above 1M due to the bots buying them out.