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This slide is presented by Lee
Kian Seng. He is talking about
Health Effects of Microwave
Radiation - Microwave Ovens by
Lita Lee, Ph. D. (1991).

C. She shared about Microwave Ovens Reconsidered written by James M. Haig. (1994).N. .This slide is presented by Lye Siew San.

Roy A.This slide is presented by Kong Yien Yi. Horn (2005). . She is talking about Microwave by Dr.

.This slide is presented by Kelvin Ting Wee. (2005. C. December 9). He shared with us about "Microwave" Cooking by Allen.

. He showed us the Microwaving Your Food Isn't Safe by Larry Cook (2004. October 13).This slide is presented by Kong Kai Vern.

We were thinking about how to do methodology. We discussed about results and data collected. . We were checking the errors of the finalist research pieces.We were doing discussion about introduction.