Performance Management at Network Solutions, Inc,
Traci Hegarty
HRM520 – Managing Performance for Results
Colorado State University – Global Campus
Dr. Isabel Wan
July 17, 2016


Doing so helps to get employees on the same page as management. According to Armstrong and Barron (1998). Performance Management (PM) comprises activities companies utilize to help guarantee that actions performed by individuals within the company are consistently meeting their goals. The PM plan has the functionality to allow implementation to the entire organization all the way down to an individual employee or team. PM is a “strategic and integrated approach to increase the effectiveness of companies by improving the performance of the people who work in them and by developing the capabilities of teams and individual contributors.PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT AT NETWORK SOLUTIONS INC 2 Performance Management at Network Solutions. Inc. and helps to ensure the employees are devoted to the cause of making the workplace more efficient and functional. PM also provides a method of concentration on how the performance of a company down to an individual employee affect the company. Continuously identifying and measuring the performance and development of skills with the performance in mind allows the organization to align employee performance with the . These goals being consistently met in an efficient manner provides a company the ability to ensure that employee actions are aligned with company values and needs. PM is primarily used in companies who have a large amount of interaction between people and is designed to help how those interactions affect the work environment.” A good PM plan creates a sense of employee buy-in and ensures that both the employees and the employer are working harmoniously towards the same goal. and allows organizations to align variables to provide a guideline for employees to ensure goals are met.

there are frequently a multitude of characteristics which ensure the plan is implemented in a method which is the most beneficial to the company. Their employee performance was subpar and not adequately addressed.PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT AT NETWORK SOLUTIONS INC 3 strategic goals of the business (Aguinis. many indicators are available to determine the utility of the plan in relation to the overall goals of the company. Inc. with a well-functioning PM plan. 2013). The performance cycle utilized by Network Solutions regarding the performance management plan include:  Planning  Continuing negotiations among supervisors and personnel  Goal development and team building  Annual review of performance including a comprehensive summary  Growth forecasting (Aguinis. Overview of an Ideal System In an ideal system. There was also a need to improve the facility of the company to increase employee engagement leading to a higher level of employee achievement in alignment with company standards. Network Solutions Network Solutions. discovered a functional issue with their performance plan. Implementation of such a plan ensures that there is a high level of performance and works in collaboration with cost management plans. which created an opening for competitor companies to attempt to take over the market and led to increased costs of performance management. These indicators include:  Availability and Ease of Use  Clear and Concise expectations  Reliability . 2013). In such a system.

Additional focus was placed on the standards of the 4 . and provided encouragement and motivation for the leaders to assist the workforce. 2014).PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT AT NETWORK SOLUTIONS INC  Frequent and Open Communication o Impacting both employer and employee in 2-way discourse  Ability to Remedy Errors o Appeals process o Acknowledgement of human fallacy  Ethical o Respect of employee privacy o Supervisory team minimizes and acknowledges self-regard o Reviews occur when adequate information is provided  Standardized o Ongoing education provided to ensure consistent results  Thorough evaluations o Job responsibilities reviewed and updated o All employees receive review and feedback in timely manner An ideal system provides a valuable overview of what a fully functional PM system looks like and helps to implement the system into action (Madden. The organization’s advantages were that the primary focus was aimed towards the upper management team. Advantages Network Solutions created a plan to provide a guideline to follow for the intended implementation of a new PM plan.

Disadvantages While there are many advantages. Employees who struggle to meet standards needs reeducation or coaching rather than the threat of termination. Performance management needs to ensure that several issues are . is vital to ensure the organization has a consistent method for educating employees in a method that is reflective of the company’s goals. including the option for employee ranking.PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT AT NETWORK SOLUTIONS INC 5 organization after providing senior management the opportunity to develop a plan to ensure consistent and focused attentions was provided to the employees below them. there are also disadvantages to the implementation of a new PM plan. when implemented in a functional method. Finally. 2009). imposing a severance package on employees who are failing to perform to company standards does not provide a benefit to the company. resulting in hard work and dedication on the employee’s part. Conclusion Performance Management. Possibly moving the employee into another position would be more advantageous for both the employer and the employee. the creation of a detailed program designed to ensure that all employees received training to learn how to assess the need of the company. Additionally. These advantages provide the company a well-educated. and motivated team. dedicated. where employees are asked to rank their abilities and skills using a numerical indicator of their belief of the strength of their work. Employees who receive feedback about their weaknesses and a guide for the improvement of their deficiencies tend to work better and respond better to the feedback (Zaffron & Logan.

and providing clarity and accountability of expectations. Ensuring that all employees receive the same training allows the company to truly understand how the employees are functioning and as a result the PM plan will be more effective. . an increase in focus on the skill development of employees. including the documentation of employee performance to determine compensation and career paths.PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT AT NETWORK SOLUTIONS INC 6 addressed.

(2013). B. CA: Jossey-Bass. & Logan. (2009). . Armstrong. Performance management. M. Boston: Pearson. D. A. The three laws of performance. London: Institute of Personnel and Development. San Francisco. Zaffron. Madden.PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT AT NETWORK SOLUTIONS INC 7 References Aguinis. H. S. (1998). & Baron. Performance management. Reconstructing your worldview. (2014).