Centro cultural Elfo

(Year 3)
Natural Science
Unit 1: Living organisms



Living organisms: living organisms, aquatic organism, ocean, seas,
river, pond, land organism, forest, city, algae, fungi, bacteria, and
Recognising living organism: nutrition, interaction, reproduction, and
Animal characteristics: feed, breath, oxygen, hear, smell, taste,
touch, locomotor system, climb, walk, swim and fly.
Where do animals live? : anywhere, liquid water, food, oxygen,
species, fauna.
Animal varieties: herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, oviparous,
viviparous, vertebrate and invertebrate.
Vertebrates: internal skeleton, spine, skull, brain, head, trunk, limbs,
tail, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals.
o Fish: fins and scales
o Reptiles: scales, shell
o Amphibians: skin
o Birds: feathers, wings, fly, lay eggs.
o Mammals: fur, breasts.
Invertebrates: shell, armour plate, cnidarians, worm, echinoderm,
mollusc, arthropod.

Receptive language:

Where do aquatic organisms live? They live in oceans, seas, rivers
and ponds.
Where do land organisms live? They live on dry land like forest or
What can living organisms be? They can be animals, plant, algae,
fungi, bacteria and microbes.

salmon… And a viviparous animal? Pig. food and oxygen. they breathe oxygen. What do fish have on their skin? They have scales in their skin. drink water and breath air. interaction and reproduction. What do mammals have on their skin? Mammals have hair or fur. they do. Do all animals need liquid water? Yes. What do vertebrates animals have inside their bodies? Vertebrate animals have got a skeleton inside their bodies Can you tell me an example pf a vertebrate? And invertebrate animal? What do you call an animal with no internal skeleton and no backbone? It is called invertebrate. How many types of vertebrates are there? 5 Can you tell me the name of the vertebrates groups? Reptiles. What do herbivores eat? Herbivores eat plants. Can you give me an example of reproduction? Rabbits can have baby rabbits. Do animals need sunlight to make food? No. Which group of vertebrates only live in water? Fish only live in water. birds. What three things does a living organisms need to live and grow? Nutrition. What do carnivores eat? Carnivores eat animals. interaction and reproduction. In which two different ways are baby animals born? Animals can be oviparous or viviparous. mammals. Can you tell me an oviparous animal? Eagle. they feel sensations and they move. Which ones? Liquid water. elephant… Which lay eggs? Oviparous animals lay eggs Which develop inside theirs mother’s belly? Viviparous animas develop inside theirs mother’s belly. they don’t. Can you give me an example of nutrition? A rabbit eats grass. amphibians. Do animals make their own food? No. carnivores and omnivores. they have got sense organs. . fish.- - What do all living organisms have in common? Nutrition. they don’t Animals can survive in almost anywhere on Earth if they have got three things. What are the five characteristics of animals? They don’t make their own food. How can we name animals depending on what they eat? Herbivores. What do omnivores eat? Omnivores eat Plants and animals.

lizard. .- - Are mammals vertebrates or invertebrates? What do they have inside their bodies? Mammals are vertebrates. Are reptiles vertebrates or invertebrates? Reptiles are vertebrates. Where do amphibians live? Amphibians live on land but close to water. arthropod. What do some reptiles have on the back of their bodies? Some reptiles have got a shell on the back of their bodies. tortoise. Are birds vertebrates or invertebrates? Birds are vertebrates. snake. Can you tell me the name of an amphibian? Frog. They have got a skeleton. Can you tell me the name of a reptile? Crocodile. salamander. What do reptiles have on their skin? Reptiles have got scales on their skin. What can birds do? Birds can fly. Are birds oviparous or viviparous? Birds are oviparous. What do birds have in their skin? Birds have feathers in their skin. chameleon. tadpole. turtle. toad. Are amphibians vertebrates or invertebrates? Amphibians are vertebrates. Can you tell me the types of invertebrates? Cnidarians. Are amphibians oviparous or viviparous? They are oviparous. because they have bones inside their bodies. mollusc. echinoderm. worm.