MasterClaw Multi-Dimensional Assurance

Real-Time Customer Experience Analytics

Integrated solutions deliver the right information at the right time and enable superior customer quality of experience while helping reduce costs. Figure 1: Anritsu Multi-Dimensional Assurance Solutions global Customer base . MSO).Real-Time Customer Experience Analytics . MNO. enriching the experience of over 1 billion subscribers across the world. MasterClaw Multi-Dimensional Solution: • Provides real-time customer experience KPIs via a powerful. MasterClaw Multi-Dimensional Assurance Solution Overview MasterClaw provides unrivalled visibility of subscribers’ perception of their favorite apps and services by monitoring all key network interfaces and capturing both control and application data for analysis. user friendly dashboard for your NOC and SOC staff. Our solution provides true E2E actionable information for many key organizations within Service Providers (CSP. Anritsu is the trusted partner of over 60 CSPs (Communication Service Providers) rolling out next generation technologies resolving the challenges of fixed/mobile convergence and managing the transition to a consumer-led environment. MasterClaw is a massively scalable and cost effective solution that utilizes latest generation big data architecture and high performance passive probes to provide unrivalled visibility of subscriber experience across multiple technologies. from voice to mobile applications. eoSight Big Data analytics reports and seamless integrated troubleshooting to provide value to multiple groups within the Network Operator environment.over 60 installations 2 | MasterClaw Multi-Dimensional Assurance . MasterClawTM platform is the underlying framework of our Multi-Dimensional Service Assurance solutions. MasterClaw integrates the market leading eoLive real time dashboard.Introduction Anritsu Multi-Dimensional Assurance is a next generation end-to-end (E2E) single solution that gives you unique visibility of customer experience and valuable insights that are critical to the success of your business. MVNO.

Engineering. resulting into excellent customer satisfaction and reduced churn due to quality and true understanding of customer experience. • These actionable insights deliver knowledge on every aspect of customer experience to C-level. This valuable knowledge is what enables CSPs to better manage and optimize network performance.• Correlates this data and creates easy to understand session detail records (XDRs). Figure 2: MasterClaw Solution architecture • Collects data on the experience of EVERY subscriber on your network . Anritsu’s Multi-Dimensional Assurance www. • Provides actionable insights via dashboards. and Customer Experience teams. subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE) and business matrices. next generation customer experience analytics and reports. troubleshooting. Marketing.anritsu. NOC/SOC Operations. The Future of Next Generation Multi-Dimensional Assurance and Actionable Analytics for your network is here | 3 . using this correlated detailed records.right down to the Apps they use.

operational efficiency and customer experience. KPIs and detailed order for you to maximize your existing investments while getting benefits from eoLive. CSPs have invested in multiple solutions and platforms to manage their OSS/BSS/NMS throughout the years. • Proactively manage churn of impacting events. application and session visibility. Today.Real-Time Customer Experience Analytics . a significant amount of that data produced by these solutions is either being under-utilized by a very small portion of the overall business or not being utilized at all. from next generation big data analytics to real time dashboards. • Reduce calls to customer care team.such as probes and Active test solutions among many . • Enhance network performance. MasterClaw provides true insight into your customers experience across all services in a seamless package.solution delivers proactive and automated real-time E2E subscriber. network. eoLive can also integrate with 3rd party data sources . 4 | MasterClaw Multi-Dimensional Assurance . • Increase field service efficiency and reduce MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) • Leverage existing OSS/BSS tools/platforms with MasterClaw for complete and better utilization of your current investment(s). Anritsu MasterClaw and eoLive solutions support northbound integration with existing OSS/BSS solutions in order to maximize value withing your existing ecosystem. with actionable insights enabling service providers to: • Make the right decision in the shortest time with right information.

The integrated dashboards and alarm framework give higher operational efficiency The intuitive personalized dashboards deliver a high degree of visibility targeted towards multiple departments (Engineering. VoLTE. location. WHERE (geographic footprint. as faster resolution of customer service issues lowers MTTR. RTP. Conclusion MasterClaw Customer Experience Analytics platform delivers enhanced Service Quality management and customer experience. and high-speed devices for design into communication products and systems. Operations. and maintenance. Anritsu sells in over 90 countries worldwide with approximately 4. VoWiFi). please contact us at info@anritsu. modular and scalable non-intrusive vendor agnostic COTS platform solution with native support for virtualization and Big Data.) and for all networks (3G. MasterClaw supports both northbound and eoLive southbound integration of OSS/BSS and 3rd party data. enabling pin point understanding of degradation of user experience and services. IMS.000 employees. revenue protection. NOC. has been a provider of innovative communications solutions for more than 120 and long term targeted CAPEX and OPEX investments. The troubleshooting applications deliver E2E correlation across a multitude of interfaces. Figure 3: Anritsu Multi-Dimensional Assurance Solutions enhanced & enriched visualizations MasterClaw Solution provides an extremely cost effective.anritsu. leveraging existing investments to deliver a significant value proposition. VoIP. IT. and HOW (quality of these services are being provided and utilized). LTE. About Anritsu Anritsu Corporation (www. Anritsu also provides precision microwave/RF components. optical. WHEN (as in what time of day and which days of the month). analytics and easy-to-use drill-down trouble-shooting applications for all protocols (SS7. and CEM and combines it with comprehensive real-time E2E visibility and analytics creating the industry’s first fully integratable E2E Software as a Service (SAaaS) solution: MasterClaw Multi-Dimensional Assurance. Anritsu now brings the best of OSS/NMS. With the addition of OSS monitoring solutions it has expanded its offering to provide complete solutions for existing and next-generation wireline and wireless communication systems and service providers. Sales and Marketing) to assist in making more prudent and informed day-to. The platform offers intuitive Dashboards. KPIs. Sigtran. www. Customer Care. The business and operational intelligence from the MasterClaw platform is in real-time and includes comprehensive drill-down capabilities and built-in issue prioritization for rapid understanding of your customers’ E2E QoE. the Service Providers and Enterprise customers communications platform need to know about WHO (as in who is using which services) WHAT (as in what services are being used by what consumer and/or M2M/ IOT device). microwave/RF and digital instruments. The company’s test and measurement solutions include wireless.. In order to provide the best service to subscribers. cell site).anritsu. manufacturing. operations support systems and solutions that can be used during R&D. installation. Service Assurance. optical devices. For more | 5 . Finance.

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