Evolution D’ Entrepreneurs

Event Highlights:
Registration Start Date: 15 October 2016
Registration End Date: 22 October 2016
Minimum Number of People: 3 (from the same college)
Maximum Number of People: 4 (from the same college)
Prizes (as mentioned in proposal, will finalise it after discussion): 1st prize - Rs 30000 and
certificate, 2nd prize - Rs 20000 and certificate, 3rd prize - Rs 15000 and certificate
Point of Contact:
1) Mr. Amit Hanspal, Email Id: amit.hanspal.2015@iimu.ac.in, Mob No: +919654348797
2) Mr. Sajal Gupta, Email Id: sajal.gupta.2016@iimu.ac.in, Mob No: +917042148608
3) Mr. Vishal Karuparthi, Email Id: vishal.karuparthi.2016@iimu.ac.in, Mob No:
Event Description
Evolution D` Entrepreneur is a startup quiz & simulation game organized by Saksham, the ECell of IIM Udaipur in collaboration with TOPSIM (by TATA Interactive Systems). Quiz would
test your entrepreneurial concepts from strategy, resource optimization, marketing,
organizational behavior and financial management. The event will be conducted in two phases.
The first phase of the event i.e. the elimination round will be conducted remotely, which will be a
preliminary quiz testing your analytical skills, startup insights and mini startup cases and the
final round will be conducted with six top teams from elimination round at IIM Udaipur.
Round 1: A Preliminary Quiz (Elimination Round)
Round 1 Detail:
 Remote Session (Can be taken from participant’s place)
 3-4 participants in a team are allowed
 The quiz would test the decision making acumen and management skills.
 It is an elimination round and top 6 teams would be selected.
 The participation form will be floated online and the registration will end on 22 October
 The quiz will be online and will be of 30 min.
 The quiz will be held on 23 October 2016.
 Extra points will be awarded for team submitting first.

Teams once formed cannot be changed. Late Registration will not be entertained. 2 & 3) 28th Oct 2016: Teams to be finalized (6 teams of 3-4 members each) 29th Oct 2016: Pre-read simulation manuals will be shared with participating teams 05th Nov 2016: Scenarios & reports will be rolled out for Phase 0 along with decision template for Phase 1 10th Nov 2016: Each Teams has to submit decisions for Phase 1 12th/13th Nov 2016: In-class competition (Phase 2 & 3) The schedule for the in-class competition will be conveyed to the in-class participating teams. 2.Round 2: Simulation Game (Final Round) Round 2 Details:        The Simulation game consists of four phases (Phase 0. 1. 3. The participating team can have 3-4 Members from the same institutes/organizations Disclaimers: 1. The competition is open to undergraduate and post-graduate students. Panel’s decision will be final. Rules: 1. 2. .