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Alicia Caraballo

Managing Director, Development
(212) 555-5000
Mr. Henry Little
9 West 19th Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10022
16 September 2016
Dr. Mr. Little:
This past fiscal year, thanks to you and our over 500 supporters, Selfhelp Community Services,
Inc. (Selfhelp) made great progress in two of our beloved programs: The Virtual Senior Center
and the Nazi Victims Services Program. Your commitment to our mission to provide New York
City seniors with the services they need most in order to live with dignity and independence has
helped us to accomplish the following:

Two recently hired Russian-speaking social workers that provide case management to
clients from the Former Soviet Union (FSU).

A new Chinese and Russian Virtual Senior Center platform that homebound seniors with
limited knowledge of the English language may utilize to communicate with others like

Expansion of the Virtual Senior Center to four new cities: Baltimore, Philadelphia,
Chicago, and Seattle.

With all the progress that you have helped us make, it is no wonder that our wait list for services
in both programs remains high, with over 200 clients excitedly waiting to hear back form their
social workers. Our primary goal this year is to shorten that list and provide these lifechanging services to even more clients, most particularly our Russian-Speaking Nazi
Victim Services Program.
We know that you are dedicated to this particular population, as you expressed much interest in
the program during our recent 80th Anniversary Gala. This is why we know that you will be
excited to hear how your generous contribution can help so many Russian-speaking Jews acquire
the services that rid them of their sense of isolation in a world they can hardly connect with.
As survivors of the Holocaust, these frail clients share a sense of fear and mistrust. We know that
a generous gift of $500, $750, or $1,000 can help us to make them much more comfortable, as
we seek to hire three new Russian-speaking social workers.

As you learned at the Gala, survivors from the FSU make up the largest population of our Nazi
Victim clients (43%). As they age, their needs become greater and more significant. While we
were able to employ two new Russian-speaking social workers, we do not currently have the
capacity to hire any new professionals. This leaves many survivors to either skeptically receive
case management from our English-speaking social workers or to place themselves on our wait
list without receiving services at all.
Your contribution will allow Selfhelp to secure the salaries of the new social workers, which in
turn will ensure that these clients find the benefits and entitlements they so urgently need and
deserve as they near the last years of their lives.
Our next monthly Coffee House event will take place on September 25th. We would be delighted
if you could attend and see just how much these Russian-speaking survivors enjoy being able to
leave the confines of their loneliness and partake in social programming that brings them a sense
of connectedness. Please consider joining us serve as “the last surviving relative to victims of
Nazi persecution.”
Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding the program. I am always happy to provide
any information and discuss your contribution. Once again, thank you for being part of the
largest survivor program in North America and for your continued belief in our efforts.
Warmest regards,
Alicia Caraballo