• High pressure reactor letdown • Pump recirculation • High pressure letdown ... gas treater letdown • Unibon demineralizer process fluid letdown • Charge pump recirculation • Pump recirculation (dirty services) • Manual bypass valves for automated letdown services • Hydrotreating sampling valves • Cold separator. • Injection well pressure control • Water injection pump recirculation • Amine letdown services • High pressure separator letdown • High pressure NGL injection into pipeline • Pump recirculation • Compressor R. H.E.. • Glycol dehydrator letdown • M..A... and sour water letdown IN THE OIL & GAS INDUSTRY.. • Boiler feedwater pump recirculation valve • Boiler feedwater start-up/fill valve • Superheater and reheat spray water control • Manual high pressure sampling valves • Main Steam drain valves IN THE REFINING INDUSTRY. drum letdown IN THE PETROCHEMICAL & CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES.LONG-TERM RELIABILITY UNDER EXTREME CONDITIONS TYPICAL APPLICATIONS IN THE POWER INDUSTRY..C.O.

Advantages include few parts to replace. Minimum flow calculations takes into account clearance flow and a minimum plug stroke of 15%. QUICK CV FIELD MODIFICATION INCREASES SYSTEM FLEXIBILITY To meet new requirements on valves. LINCOLNLOG travels 15-20% of its full stroke prior to control flow. LINCOLNLOG® actually prevents cavitation through axial flow principles and staging techniques. and 48-hour trim availability. resulting in poor shut-off. AXIAL FLOW ASSURES EXCEPTIONAL VELOCITY CONTROL High velocity contributes to wear and failure. thus eliminating cavitation through unmatched velocity and pressure letdown control. LINCOLNLOG delivers the flexibility to meet changing conditions with up to 50:1 turn-down. the flow-to-open design eliminates stability problems found with flow-to-close designs. A series of equal area high impedance stages is followed by one or two stages with expanded area. Moderate amounts of flashing can be handled in the LINCOLNLOG trim using appropriate materials of construction. The plug and valve seat surfaces are used strictly to provide shut-off and never as control elements. its useful life is decreased. CONTINUOUS GUIDING ELIMINATES VIBRATION-INDUCED DAMAGE Vibration is a leading cause of stem failure. Therefore seat hammer cannot occur and seat life is greatly extended. LINCOLNLOG’s axial flow design requires all stages to work in unison. simple on-site emergency repairs with no special tools or training. eliminating the dead bands and stair step characteristics found in radial flow and disc stack valves. the plug is well removed from the seat. a reusable bridgeman seal on larger size valves. PROTECTED SEAT DESIGN PROVIDES LONG LIFE When a seat experiences high velocity or takes a pressure drop. . LINCOLNLOG provides smooth linear control. THE BALANCE SEAL IS A SPRING ENERGIZED FILLED TEFLON SEAL The seal is packaged in an easy to install split gland surrounded by high alloy trim pieces eliminating seal failure due to corrosion pitting.AXIAL FLOW STAGING PREVENTS CAVITATION HIGH TURN-DOWN ENHANCES SYSTEM PERFORMANCE Cavitation is the leading cause of valve failure. LINEAR CHARACTERISTIC GIVES OPTIMUM CONTROL AND SYSTEM PERFORMANCE Today’s highly efficient plants demand precise control. A 1/2” particle can pass through a 6” valve. LINCOLNLOG’s rugged plug design is guided at each stage to assure vibration-free operation. An oversized stem with a unique female stem joint and male plug thread positively aligns and eliminates fatigue failure. LINCOLNLOG stages are never exposed to full pressure drop or excessive velocities. LINCOLNLOG’s reliable design features a high mass-toarea ratio and trim machined from bar stock. At low flow conditions. TRIM OVERLAP ELIMINATES SEAT HAMMER AND ENHANCES SEAT LIFE Low flow requirements can cause the plug to hammer on the seat. Instead of merely using cavitation containment trim. LINCOLNLOG’s hardfaced or patented soft seat with sliding collar are upstream of the pressure reducing stages in an area where velocities are minimized. LINCOLNLOG’s CV can be changed as much as 150% by simply replacing the inexpensive plug. No other components are affected. Thanks to its large flow passages. and a 1/8” particle can pass through a 2” valve. LARGE FLOW PASSAGES PREVENT CLOGGING Most fluids contain some amount of solid contaminants. EASY MAINTAINABILITY CUTS COSTS It’s a fact of life that valves need to be repaired. LINCOLNLOG dramatically reduces plugging and galling. thereby preventing short circuiting and control edge wear so common in radial flow drilled cage and disk stack designs. In addition. This is done in order to assure controllability at low flow and maintain seat integrity.

start-up assistance and training. factory trained field service team is on call worldwide for on-site repair. ACTUATORS AND ACCESSORIES A comprehensive selection of pneumatic and electro-hydraulic actuators assures an exact match with your requirements and simplifies control system interface. custom engineered valves. operation dedicated to the design and production of special service.PUTTING INDUSTRY IN COMPLETE CONTROL FOR OVER 100 YEARS Why settle for an ordinary valve when you can have a long-term solution? Masoneilan has over a century of experience in solving the most difficult control valve problems. along with the quality and performance of a worldwide corporation. No other major valve manufacturer has a full service. We guarantee the rapid response and quick turnaround of a speciality shop. A wide choice of accessories further assures that all your system needs and preferences can be accommodated with LINCOLNLOG® style trim. SERVICE. Our engineers will thoroughly analyze your application and promptly recommend the most technically appropriate and cost effective solution. Block Valve with Domotor Actuator 77000 Series with Force Multiplication Actuation Cage-Guided Globe Valve with Spring Diaphragm Actuator Innovative Globe Valve with Cylinder Actuator . Our seasoned. Take advantage of this unmatched expertise. We’re known for quick response to virtually any problem you may encounter.. we offer control valve expertise second to none. As a member of Dresser Inc. SUPPORT AND SPARES CUSTOM-ENGINEERED VALVES Masoneilan valves are customengineered at America’s largest specialty control valve facility.MASONEILAN ® CONTROL VALVE SOLUTIONS .

As the plug throttles. Short circuiting at the leading edge of the plug causes excessively high pressure drops across the individual elements. In radial flow designs. SEAT IS PROTECTED Trim overlap when valve is in the closed position. PRESSURE DROP DISTRIBUTION To modulate flow rate changes in radial flow designs. maintaining staging ratios at all lift points. the last stage is almost fully blocked and most of the pressure drop occurs between the plug and disc. there is a far greater flow area through the valve seat. CONVENTIONAL CAGE GUIDED-RADIAL FLOW DISADVANTAGES TRIM WEAR AND CLOGGING Outdated radial flow designs use a tortuous path generally created by a series of concentric cages or by stacked plate designs. There is little change in the valves overall capacity as the last stage becomes partially blocked. . Velocities and pressure drops are controlled thus eliminating trim damage. All pressure drop and high velocities occur in the trim. The pressure drop across the tortuous path continues to drop as the last stage takes almost full pressure drop (C). the fully exposed flow passage operates as designed for multistep letdown (A).LINCOLNLOG® TRIM ADVANTAGES LINCOLNLOG TRIM: PRESSURE DROP IS DISTRIBUTED EVENLY TRIM COMPARISON 4 & 6 STAGE LINCOLNLOG Axial flow LINCOLNLOG designs use a tortuous path to distribute pressure drop along the axis of the plug. the seat and plug are used for throttling at low flow leading to high velocities and trim damage. The notch style trim of the LINCOLNLOG provides a smooth linear characteristic for tight throttling control even at low flow conditions. The plug leading edge and cage or disc edges are exposed to extreme wear. The trim is subject to clogging because of the narrow passage between discs or because of small drilled holes. not in the seat area. Cv vs TRAVEL As the valve just begins to expose the flow notches in the plug. At this point. the pressure drop on the last stage is increased (B). The axial stages throttle in unison as the plug strokes.

Retrofit: Masoneilan 78000 and 79000 Series can be retrofitted with LINCOLNLOG trim. in order to eliminate cavitation which can occur at the control edge and due to short circuiting. as well as valves provided from other manufacturers (custom engineering required). Seat damage can occur at low flow conditions. All Rights Reserved www.07” 0. therefore. therefore. the vendor shall submit their turn down calculations with quotations. SE-30 and VARIPAK Series. Sizes subject to change Pressure Ratings: 600-4500 ANSI B. In addition. 3” and 4” sizes. in order to reduce plugging tendency. In addition. Dresser Inc. as well as LINCOLNLOG cast and forged body globe valves in 2”. therefore. 21000.50” Trim & CV: LINCOLNLOG trim covers a range from 0. the valve shall stroke a minimum of 15% with clearance flow only. The calculations shall include identification of the clearance flow and shall conform to section C above. therefore. D. Tight shut-off is critical to system performance.25” 0. the trim shall be designed to pass the following minimum particle sizes depending on valve size: Valve Size Minimum Particle Size 1” 1-1/2” 2” 4” 6” 0.masoneilan.09” 0. The fluid may contain entrained solids. 2004. LINCOLNLOG trim can be installed in Masoneilan 2600. therefore.12” 0. flow diagram must be submitted with quotation. All Rights Reserved .Guide Specifications For Critical And Severe Duty Liquid Control Valves Key LINCOLNLOG® Specifications TRIM Materials: Because of LINCOLNLOG’s rugged design and extensive use of bar stock. therefore. Please consult the factory for other ratings and configurations.04 to 150 CV and from three to eight trim stages.com #BP6020 (10-00) . or a Class VI protected soft seat shall be used. A. The system conditions may change. a separate price must be provided for a new set of trim parts required to increase and/or decrease the flow rate beyond the current trim capabilities. a radial design is not acceptable. 41000. it provides a wide range of valve trim and bodies in exotic alloys and end connections. C. SE-30 bottom entry configuration with LINCOLNLOG trim. the plug/valve seat shall not be used as a control edge and shall be located upstream at the lowest velocity point. Body Configuration: Trim is available in LINCOLNLOG forged body angle valves in all sizes. Dresser Inc.. a Class V metal-to-metal. an axial flow design shall be used. Contact Your Local Sales Representative At: E. F. a certified stroke vs. Turn down is critical. Excessive velocity can cause unacceptable wear. Copyright 2004.