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Startup India

Almost a year ago on Aug 15, 2015 Our Prime minister in his trademark
echoing fashion from the Red Fort launched the Startup India campaign.
The objective was to encourage entrepreneurship, foster innovation and
create a conducive environment for startups to flourish. For a country
plagued by License raj, regulations and Red tape for the major part of the
20th century, who helplessly saw the neighbouring nations grow, this was
a necessary transformation. The idea resonated with the PM’s bigger
vision of making in India- becoming a nation of job creators than job
Premonitions, doubts, apprehensions and critique followed.
The Primary grouse being was it is prudent, even reasonable, on the part
of the government to invest taxpayers’ hard earned money in venture
capital funds, which will in turn invest in enterprises that carry a high risk
of failure? Could the definition, eligibility and certification criteria of what
characterises a startup could have been less restrictive? Is the
handholding far too large, far too much? How would the Industry respond?
How would the Academia react towards incubation? Would the
infrastructure support these concepts build on paper? What about the core
skills development? Would this pare the foreign capital backed-replication
of business models, which have been successful in developed nations, in
The questions were many and the answers short. As we reminisce over
the past year, clearly there have been few hits and few misses. So What
do you think was left out?
Public Policy club brings ……\\Event description can follow\\