I Term Exam 2016


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Marks (15)

Note:section A is compulsory, All parts are to b answered on question paper .Overwriting is not
allowed.Donot use lead pencil.
Q no1:circle the correct option i. e a/b/c
(i)The synonym of equitable is :
(a) Fair
(c) Equal
(ii)The synonym of glorious is:
(a) Lustrous
(c) Splendid
(iii) Hanging up posters and signs on windows means :
(a) Love and sincerity (b) Care and effection (c) Luck and happiness
(iv) The new teacher was as sweet as apple pie. This simile means
(a) The new teacher was nice (b)the new teacher eat too much pie
(c) the new teacher was rude
(v) the leadee was as wise as owl. This dimile means
(a) the leader could fly (b) the leader could talk to owls (c) the leader knew alot of things
(vi)Cleaning reduces the risk of :
(a) Infection
(b) Allergy
(c) Rash
(vii) Band aids or sticky plasters are good for dressing small
(a) wounds
(b) burns
(c) fractures
(viii) prior to the first day of new year it is customary for families to thoroughly clean their
houses.The underlined word means
(a) preceding
(b) following
(ix) the antonym of "mighty" is :
(a) Weak
(b) grand
(c) strong
(x) The accident was due to the ruthlessness .the underlined word is a/an
(a) collective
(b) concrete
(c) abstract
(xi) our job is to keep tje audience happy.The underlined word is a/an
(a) collective
(c) abstract
(xii) All students
For prizes.
(a) competes
(b) compete
(c) competing
(xiii) Didn't you see the sign ? You
drive at more than 30 miles an hour.
(a) must not
(b) should not
(c) may not
(xiv) choose the correct spelling
(a) intersede
(b) intercede
(c) entercede
(xv) someone ate my cookies.the underlined word is a/an
(a) personal pronoun (b)relativle pronoun
(c) indefinite pronoun

(i) what is the name of the poet of poem"try again"? (ii) How many times should we try ? (iii) How is failure not a disgrace? Q4:Read the following passage and answers the questions given at the end. (i) Write down the meaning of underlined words? (ii) What is the reason of loss in agricultural productivity? (iii) write the precis of given passage in about one third of its original length and give the suitable title.ST. PAUL HIGH SCHOOL I Term Exam 2016 Class:x Paper:English Marks:60 Note:Answer all the questions from section B ans C on seperate sheet.This reduces their ability to work efficiently.write your answers neatly.W) give to Hazrat Ali (R. Sectin-C (Marks -26) Q5 (a) change any four of the following sentences into indirect sentences.So. they have no reserves of physical strength.A. Once or twice though you fail If you would at last prevail. they cannot work efficiently. Section:B (Marks:34) Q2:Answer any five of the following questions in about 30 to 40 words. The whole thing is vicious circle because the people are unfed or ill-fed .A)? (ii) what made non-muslims bring their suits to Holy Prophet (S. tis no disgrace Though we did not win the race What should you do in that case Try again. If we strive . Inedequate production completes the circle for the people must then go hungry.W)? (iii)what are the traditions that are associated with Chinese new yeqr? (iv) what is the importance of Chinese new year for Chinese families? (v) what are the guidelines which should b followed in critical situations? (vi) What should be your first aid kit consist of? Q:3(a)write down the central idea of the poem "The rain" (b) Read the following stanza carefully and answer the questions given at the end. (i) What advice did the Holy Prophet (S. (i)They will say"we play cricket daily" (ii)He said to me "I am writing a letter" (iii)He said to him"you are at fault" . In some parts of the world malnutrition is due to rather unbalanced diets and badly prepared food than to actual shortages because the value of proteins is not understood by some people .A. their diet is often grossly unbalanced. in this way agricultural productivity suffers. Try again.Thus. they are easily weakened by disease and lack of energy.As a result they suffer from deficiency diseases.

i Q7:write an essay in any one of the following topics (i) co-curricular activities (ii) The happiest day of my life (iii) women's education . OR Write an application to the pricipal of high school for admission in 10th class. (i) Take out (ii) stand by (iv) Take around (iii)Back out (v) Get on (Vi)Aware of Q6:Write a letter to the a newspaper appealing for victims of flood.(iv)He said to them"may you win the match" (v)He said to her"may you live long" (vi)He said to her"may God bless you with son" (b) Use any four of the following phrasal verbs into sentence.

Overwriting is not allowed. e a/b/c/e (i) My mother becomes if I get home late. (a) in (b) of (c) with (d) into (ix) Vindictive means (a) delicate (b) revengeful (c) experiment (d) text (x) Their eloquence and memory found expression in their poetry. The underlined word is a/an (a) possessive pronoun (b) indefinite pronoun (c) reflexive pronoun (d) personal pronoun (xiii) Saqib is leaving Friday at noon. (a)Assertive (b) interogative (c) exclamatory (d) imperative (xv) I you to ride my bike if you like . PAUL HIGH SCHOOL I Term Exam 2016 class:-VIII Roll no Paper:English Marks(15) Section:A Note:section A is compulsory.The underlined word means (a) patient (b) firm and resolute (c) ready to face (d) prepared for the worst (vii) she has resolute faith In Allah almighty (a) of (b) in (c) at (d) to (viii) Her life would always be a bacon light for all of us. (a) on (b) at (c)by (d)from (xiv) How cold the night is! This is an Sentence. (a) has been (b) have been (c) was (d) will be (v)Abu Jahel began to knocking at the door violently. (a) had given (b) give (c) will give (d) gives .Donot use lead pencil. Q no1:circle the correct option i. All parts are to b answered on question paper . The underlined word means (a) politely (b) slowly (c) forcefully (d) angrily (vi) She remained steadfast and didnot reveal the secret. (a) will come (b) come (3) have come (d)came (iv)I living in this house since 1970.ST. (a) anxiety (b) anxious (c) anxieties (d) anxiously (ii)who is for this chaos? (a) responding (b) responsible (c) responsive (d) responded (iii) If you I sahall b available. Underlined word means (a) waek (b) strong (c) healthy (d) fluency (xi)Valour is a/an (a) material noun (b)countable noun (c) abstract noun (d) uncountable noun (xii) some are born great .

They flash upon that inward eye Which is the bliss of solitude. (b) Read the following stanza carefully and answer the question given at the end. (i) What was the mission of Holy Prophet (S.Each part carries 3 marks. PAUL HIGH SCHOOL I Term Exam 2016 Class:VIII Paper:English Marks:60 (Subjective) Q. but they Out -did the sparkling waves in glee. when on my couch I lie In vacant and pensive mood.A.ST. For oft . In such a jocund company! I gazed and gazed but little thought What wealth the show to me had brought. And dances with the daffodils. And then my heart with pleasure fills. A poet could not be gay . They stretched in never-ending line Along the margin of a bay: Ten thousand saw I at a glance .A) console her grandfather? (vii) what message do you get from the life of Hazrat Asma (R.A)? Q3 (a) Paraphrase any one of the following stanza.W)? (ii)what was the first revelation? (iii) what are the qualities of patriot? (iv) what type of information does media provide? (v) what are two major means of communication? (vi)How did Hazrat Asma (R.2 Answer any six of the following parts in about 30 to 40 words each. Questions: (i) What is the name of the poet of poem daffodils? (ii) what is meant by pensive mood? (iii) what is the bliss of soitude for the poet ? .No. Tossing their heads in sprightly dance (ii)The waves beside them danced. (i)continous as the star that shine And twinkle on the milky way.

the holy prophet (s. (i)She learns the poem. (ii) Mother doesnot prepare tea.Q4:Change the voice of any four. (Send) (viii) she Since morning . (Work) (iii) The earth around the sun.(vi) The clock has struck five.a. (Go) (v) They are to dinner on sunday. (b) Provide correct form of verb of any five of following (i) The sun In the west. (set) (ii) They hard all day. (v) He is reciting the Holy Quran. (come) (vi)They have In this house. (vii) They have done their duty. (iii)They are not taking tea (iv) A song is sung by her. OR Write a letter to the news paper editor to take steps in eliminating the illiteracy through his columns. .w) and his close companion hazrat abu bakar siddique migrated from makkah to madina in the year 622ad Section-C (Marks-21) Q No:5 Write a letter to your sister congratulating on her success in the exams. (Live) (vii) she has him back. Q No 6:Write a paragraph of about 60 to 70 words on the following topic "A visit to a hospital" Q No :7 Translate into English (Any eight) OR Write a dialogue on importance of Sports and game. (Revolve) (iv) They to sleep at ten. (Sleep) (c) punctuate and capitalise the following lines.