The first KFC restaurant was opened in 1973 on Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman.

there are more than 500 KFC Restaurants nationwide and still counting. Great
tasting chicken has become synonymous with KFC and has been enjoyed by
Malaysians ever since. In fact, KFC Malaysia has developed a distinctive Malaysian
personality of its own.

Especially for Malaysians

We are an establishment that is run by Malaysians and managed by Malaysians; we
took it upon ourselves to create a selection of food that would make Malaysia proud
on the international scene. Kentucky Nuggets, for example, was conceived in
Malaysia and then found its way to KFC worldwide. Today, Kentucky Nuggets is one
of KFC's successes.

"Meals on Wheels" was also developed in Malaysia. It was created for the purpose of
bringing great tasting chicken to places where a KFC Restaurant might not be
available. So, any offices or companies can hold functions at any place and

All our achievements add to our Malaysian identity. But it has only been possible
because you invited us to share your lives.

Something for Malaysians

At KFC, we recognize that improving the quality of life and economic vitality of the
communities in which we conduct business is in the best interest of our company,
our patrons, our employees and our industry.

And to show our appreciation for Malaysian support for making us a market leader;
all of us here at KFC Malaysia wanted to give something back to the community. So,
Projek Penyayang KFC was developed to provide food to 150++ homes every
quarter. Projek Penyayang KFC was founded in 1995 in an effort to enable
thousands of orphans and underprivileged children to enjoy KFC meals. Over 6,500

. Tabung Penyayang was founded in 1997. Tabung Penyayang KFC is a unique fund as it represents a percentage of revenue generated from the sale of KFC's Kids' Fun Meals. 4 of KFC Restaurants are run by speech and hearing-impaired staffs that was designed to serve physically challenged individuals. the third is at Tanjung Aru. was followed by Tabung Penyayang KFC. First is at Sentul Raya. In August 1999. whose sole purpose was to help orphanages in Malaysia. KFC introduced its 'Tabung Penyayang' KFC Collection Box as an extension to the Tabung Penyayang KFC Programme. we are still conducting other programmes for Malaysian charities. They serve to dispel the myth that a disability impede a person from leading a normal life and gives them a sense of confidence and self-esteem. in Kuala Lumpur. Today. to help children and the needy through various CSR programme. This in turn.children are treated to a finger lickin' good food every year. in Sarawak. This year marks the 10th Anniversary of Projek Penyayang. second is at Saujana. Sabah and 4th Johor. a charitable fund. And we will continue to extend a corporate helping hand whenever and wherever we can. Collection boxes are placed at all KFC restaurants enabling customers to contribute and be apart of this charitable effort. Currently. These 4 restaurants are located in Peninsular and East Malaysia.

KFC prides itself as a fast-food restaurant that give customers great tasting chicken with a selection of home-styled side dishes and desserts to make a wholesome. With the chicken's natural juices sealed-in. The flavourful blends of 11 herbs and spices give KFC's delicious aroma. leaving a special mouth watering taste that cannot be replaced. succulent pieces of chicken. when he decided to franchise his famous Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe blends of 11 herbs and spices to the rest of America. He reached celebrity status in 1952. Through the years he grew up to become a personage the world knows as Colonel Sanders. founder of KFC. Apart from serving finger-licking good food. Our Products We cook our products well above the minimum temperature recommended by WHO. He discovered his penchant for cooking when he was only 9 years old. By the early 70's. Today.FC began with Colonel Harland Sanders. that special recipe reached Malaysia. complete and satisfying meal. We have developed standard procedure that would minimize risk of cross contamination between raw and ready-to-eat products. . serving world famous Original Recipe fried chicken which contains secret blend of 11 herbs and spices. we continuously aim for high quality and are committed to ensure food safety by stringent control to maintain our standards. KFC is the largest fast-food chain in Malaysia and Brunei. KFC Malaysia continues to serve finger lickin' good.

In addition. similar in many ways to the ISO approach. Kerry Ingredients.We provide information on the nutritional values of KFC products to assist our customers in planning a wholesome and balanced meal. . McCain and Jomalina. namely the STAR Audit. UBF. KFC Bakery and KFC Commissary. choices and healthy options for our customers. We use top quality raw materials from reputable suppliers such as Nestle. Supplier Quality The results are reported to and reviewed by our regional franchisor for continuous improvement. Simplot. Apart from introducing international products into our market. which is a YUM proprietary programme. The STAR Audit is either conducted by a third party international auditing company appointed by YUM or our very own team of professional food technologists from the KFC Quality Assurance Department. LambWeston. we have also developed some popular local flavors designed to enable our customers to enjoy an exciting dining experience. as well as from our in-house suppliers such as Ayamas. All Ayamas chickens are slaughtered by personnel certified by Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor to ensure Halal procedures are met. We have a team of food technologists constantly experimenting with new flavors and creative concepts to provide more value. the Food Safety and the Quality Systems Audits. The STAR Audit comprises two versions. we use non-hydrogenated palm oil that contains insignificant amount of trans fat and it is 100% cholesterol free. Suppliers’ performances are constantly monitored through regular submission of quality reports. Region Food. For frying all of our products. We conduct an annual supplier audit. our food technologists also conduct quarterly QA evaluations on our in-house suppliers. Quality control begins from the supply of all the raw materials. It is also an ISO 9001 certified company. Our chicken supplier Ayamas is monitored closely by Department of Veterinary Service and has obtained the VHM (Veterinary Health Mark) Logo.

accuracy in the serving order. KFC HACCP Programme . The evaluation covers all aspects of CHAMPS including the cleanliness and sanitation of the premises and equipment. we follow strict temperature control and shelf life to ensure the food served to our customers is fresh and safe. personal hygiene.Cleanliness H . KFC sets a minimum standard of 90% as passing score for this evaluation. C . Above all. product quality standards and speed of service. Every restaurant is subjected to a visit by a Mystery Customer and the dine-in / take-away experience is evaluated and scored.Maintenance P . We have appointed a reputable surveillance company to check against the CHAMPS concept.Restaurant Quality The main attributes for KFC restaurant excellence are CHAMPS. hospitality/friendliness in service.Hospitality A .Product Quality S . good maintenance.Accuracy M . Feedbacks taken from this evaluation is used and studied for continuous improvement in our restaurants. We have a Mystery Customer Program known as CHAMPSCHECK which evaluates customers experience in our KFC restaurants.Speed of Service We have a field service team of QA personnel (also known as CHAMPS Recognition Specialist) to conduct regular evaluations in every KFC restaurants throughout the country.

No bare hands are allowed to touch any finished products. we relentlessly continue to maintain our standards and have engaged reputable pest control companies to assist us in this matter.We have also established a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Programme for KFC restaurants. The process includes identifying. pest control is indeed a challenge. fingers between fingers. Then the hands are rinsed with clean water under the hands-free tap. we constantly stress on the importance of using disposable gloves. The procedures include wetting hands first. then rubbing the hands together. biological and chemical to ensure food safety. All our restaurant teams including managers are immunized against Typhoid upon employment. It is applied from receiving of raw materials at our restaurant until serving to our customers. around the wrist and up to the elbow with liquid antibacterial handsoap. However. for 30 seconds. evaluating and controlling hazards i. We have implemented a handwashing procedure to ensure each staff washes his/her hands at least once every hour and whenever necessary. HACCP is a management system for the assurance of food safety. physical. sanitized scoops or tongs. Pest Control Due to the encouraging conditions in the tropical climate. Instead. Sanitation / Personal Hygiene Our daily operations manual clearly highlights each step of the sanitation procedure to ensure strict compliance to the KFC requirement. Each staff has to undergo the Food Handler’s Course conducted internally by KFC which is recognized by the Ministry of Health. KFC KLCC has been audited and certified by a reputable certification body since 2005. .e. All the established Critical Control Points (CCPs) are now included in our Daily Operations Checklist which is used by all the KFC restaurants in the country. and dried with single-use paper towels.

There is a detailed checklist to ensure that no steps are missed. The QSR Brands’ Guarantee QSR Brands guarantees that all the products it manufactures and sells in Malaysia are Halal. .The trained service teams conduct regular inspections which include night treatment after operation hours and also provide follow-up checks during operation hours whenever needed. in every restaurant. meat products must be derived from animals that are permissable and slaughtered according to Islamic Law. Each pest control company will present periodic trend reports of pest activity to the management for corrective actions and remedy. All pesticides are approved by Pesticide Board and have Material Safety Data Sheet on file for staff reference. Halal stipulates that food consumed to be: Hygienic Not harmful to health Free from any forbidden parts of animal origin Free from anything regarded as filth (najis) under Islamic law In addition. The total cost for all the services nationwide is approximately half a million ringgit annually. What Is Halal Food? Halal food is food that complies with Islamic Law or Shariah.

storage. restaurants.The QSR Brands Shariah Advisory Council stringently oversees the whole chain of its halal food manufacturing processes to ensure Halal compliance with JAKIM's Halal Certification requirements. We are extremely careful to prevent cross-contamination with filth (najis) or dangerous contaminants. transportation and utensils. JAKIM's Halal logo are displayed on all of our product packaging certifying that it has passed the tests of Halal compliance. External Certification The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) inspects our factory.Locally-Manufactured Products . ingredients and processes before permitting us to use their logo. We also adhere to industry best practices to maintain the highest standards of quality and hygiene in food production. we operate stringent internal controls over raw materials procurement. packaging. The Halal Certification Process . manufacturing. Locally-Manufactured Products Internal Controls To ensure that all our products conform to Halal requirements. apart from obtaining Halal Certificate for its operational premises.

please email to ejarah KFC .com.Imported Products All imported products are certified Halal by the source country local Islamic food and nutrition certification body recognised by JAKIM. For enquires. storage and transportation of product supplied. Validition Process for Imported Products Raw Materials All raw materials supplier are required to submit a statutory declaration to confirm that they comply with Halal requirements in relation to the manufacturing process. officials from QSR Brands Shariah Advisory Council. To further verify the Halal status of our imported products. inspect the facilities of all our suppliers abroad.

Saat ini Kolonel telah menyebarkan industrinya untuk lebih dari delapan puluh negara dan teritori di seluruh dunia Kisah Colonel Sanders Pada umur 6 tahun. pertama sebagai tukang parkir pada usia 15 tahun di New Albany. praktik dalam pengadilan.Setiap tahun. dan kemudian sebagai pada usia 16 tahun menjadi tentara yang dikirim selama 6 bulan di Kuba. belajar ilmu hukum melalui korespondensi. Pada umur 7 tahun ia sudah pandai memasak di beberapa tempat memasak.Kentucky Fried Chicken ® ini didirikan oleh Colonel Harland Sanders (lahir pada 9 September 1890) pada usia enam puluh lima. penjual ban. Ketika berumur 12 tahun ibunya kembali menikah dan ia meninggal di rumah tempat tinggalnya dekat Henryville. asuransi. . Ind. dan operator bengkel. Setelah itu ia menjadi petugas pemadam kebakaran. lebih dari satu miliar chicken dinner KFC ® dilayani menampilkan Colonel’s “finger lickin’ good” special recipe.. KFC ® merupakan salah satu bisnis terbesar global industri pelayanan makanan dan secara luas dikenal di seluruh dunia sebagai wajah Colonel Sanders. dan Harland muda sudah harus menjaga adik laki-lakinya yang baru berumur 3 tahun. Harland berganti-ganti pekerjaan selama beberapa tahun. Pada usia 10 tahun ia mendapatkan pekerjaan pertamanya didekat pertanian dengan gaji 2 dolar sebulan. operator kapal feri. ayahnya meninggal dunia. Dengan kondisi ini ia harus memasak untuk keluarganya. Ind. Ibunya sudah tidak bisa bekerja lagi.

membuat Kentucky Fried Chicken ® sebuah anak perusahaan dari Reynolds. Sanders’ station menjadi terkenal dan ia diakui untuk masakan yang luar biasa oleh Gubernur pada waktu itu. Brown Jr. Gubernur Kentucky dari tahun 1980 sampai 1984. perusahaan berkembang menjadi memiliki 3. ia membentang negara di mobilnya dari usaha kecil di Kentucky untuk memasak dengan ayam untuk pemilik restoran dan karyawannya. ia diangkat menjadi kedua di dunia selebriti paling diidentifikasi oleh survei independen. Colonel Sanders terus menjadi juru bicara publik KFC ® dan pada tahun 1976. Colonel Sanders mulai memasak untuk turis di bengkelnya yg terletak di Corbin.Taco Bell dan Pizza Hut . Saat memasak di sini.menjadi perusahaan . IncNamun." Setelah start-up luar biasa pada tahun 1952. Pada tahun 1939. Kolonel telah lebih dari enam ratus outlet waralaba di Amerika Serikat dan Kanada untuk ayam.Dengan kelompok baru ini investor melaksanakan Corporation. KY. Inc melakukan pembelian sebesar $ 840 juta dari RJR Nabisco. Colonel Sanders 'restoran memenangkan teratas di Duncan Hines "Adventures in Good Eating. Begitu banyak restoran setuju bahwa dengan tahun 1964. Namun. maka nama Colonel Sanders. KFC ® diperluas dan matang dengan cepat. Colonel Sanders memutuskan untuk menjual bunga di Amerika Serikat perusahaan untuk perubahan kecil (hanya US $ 2 juta) untuk faksi kecil investor. Namun. Inc (sekarang RJR Nabisco. pada bulan Oktober tahun 1986. Setelah itu. Juga pada tahun 1964. Kolonel membuat kesepakatan dengan pembentukan. pada Januari 1997. Jika mencintai rakyatnya seperti pelanggan yang lain itu. mengatakan bahwa mereka akan membayar satu sen untuk setiap ayam mereka dijual di restoran mereka. Kemudian. PepsiCo. Inc) pada tahun 1982. Heublein Inc. bukan datang untuk layanan mobil mereka. ratusan orang mulai datang ke stasiun Kolonel khusus untuk makanan. Colonel Sanders menyempurnakan rahasia sebelas campuran bumbu dan rempah-rempah untuk resep khusus yang masih digunakan sekarang. Corporation terdaftar pada New York Stock Exchange pada 16 Januari 1969. Kolonel meyakinkan dirinya selama sisa hidupnya kepada usaha waralaba ayam.Dengan teknik memasak khusus. PepsiCo.500 waralaba dan restoran di seluruh dunia. Ruby Laffoon pada tahun 1935 ketika ia membuat Kentucky Kolonel. Untuk menyebarkan resepnya yang terkenal. seperti John Y. Inc mengungkapkan bahwa itu akan membuat KFC ® dan kecil lainnya restoran cepat . hanya tiga tahun setelah itu pergi publik pada 17 Maret 1966.Selanjutnya. yang berikutnya diakuisisi oleh RJ Reynolds Industries. Jadi ia memperluas baru-dan-bisnis datang dengan bergerak di seberang jalan ke hotel dan restoran yang kapasitasnya 142 orang.Pada usia empat puluh tahun. setelah perusahaan KFC ® diakuisisi oleh Heublein Inc pada 8 Juli 1971 untuk $ 285 million.

dan masing-masing berkewajiban untuk kerahasiaan ketat oleh kontrak. adalah restoran utama dunia perusahaan dalam hal sistem unit. KFC meluncurkan logo mereka saat ini di mana Kolonel melepas jas putih untuk juru masak merah celemek. aku mencampur dengan tangan rempah-rempah seperti pencampuran semen pada lantai beton yg dibersihkan khusus di beranda belakang di Corbin. Perusahaan ini." Evolusi logo KFC Pada April 2007. memiliki menyesakkan 32. Inc Perusahaan ini juga menyatakan bahwa hal itu akan mengubah nama korporasi Yum! Brands.restoran independen yang dikenal sebagai Tricon Global Restaurants. Kentucky. setelah melakukan perjalanan 250 ribu mil setiap tahun mengunjungi restoran di seluruh dunia.Sayangnya. semua dimulai dengan hanya pria berumur enam puluh lima tahun dan seekor ayam. KFC. Inc dalam bulan Mei 2002. Logo baru termasuk warna lebih berani dan lebih baik didefinisikan wajah almarhum pendiri Kentucky Fried Chicken. kacamata . Pizza Hut dan Taco Bell restoran. Sana. resep terkunci jauh di tempat yang aman di Louisville. yang akan menjaga dasi kupu-kupu hitam klasik. Hari ini. perusahaan global yg sangat besar ini. "Aku menggunakan sendok untuk membuat terowongan dalam tepung dan kemudian dicampur dengan hati-hati dalam bumbu dan rempahrempah. yang sekarang ini memiliki A & W All-American Food Restoran. Long John Silvers." kenang Kolonel.500 unit di lebih dari seratus negara dan wilayah. Kolonel Harland Sanders membawa formula rahasia untuk Kentucky Fried Chicken di kepalanya dan campuran rempah-rempah di mobilnya."Pada masa itu. The Secret Recipe Selama bertahun-tahun. Hanya segelintir orang yang tahu. Colonel Sanders meninggal karena leukemia pada 16 Desember 1980 pada usia sembilan puluh tahun.Kolonel mengembangkan rumus kembali di tahun 1930-an ketika ia mengoperasikan Pengadilan Sanders & Cafe restoran dan motel di Corbin. perpaduan dari 11 bumbu dan rempah-rempah yang pertama kali dikembangkan pelanggan setia. Kentucky.Yang cukup menarik.

Perusahaan juga mulai menggunakan sebutan aslinya Kentucky Fried Chicken lagi untuk kemasan. Logo diukur memecahkan rekor 87. dan butuh enam hari di lokasi untuk membangun pada awal November. Perusahaan internasional masih dikenal sebagai KFC. Kolonel yang tersenyum adalah fitur terhadap latar belakang merah yang cocok dengan celemek merahnya.000+ restoran KFC di lebih dari 80 negara selama beberapa tahun mendatang. signage." Logo ini dibangun dari 65.dan jenggot.0 m²).500 kaki persegi (8. KFC mengatakan "Itu menandai debut resmi besar-besaran ulang gambar global kampanye yang akan kontemporasi 14. Logo berubah hanya untuk keempat kalinya dalam 50 tahun. Selain itu. dan ditempatkan di Gurun Mojave di dekat Rachel.Pada tahun 2006. perusahaan terus menggunakan singkatan KFC dengan bebas dalam iklan. .129. KFC mengklaim telah membuat logo pertama yang terlihat dari luar angkasa.000 kotak berukuran satu kaki persegi. Nevada. meskipun Readymix telah memiliki satu sejak tahun 1965. dengan nama merek KFC di huruf tebal hitam di bawah dagu. restoran yang lebih baru dan direnovasi akan memiliki logo baru dan nama sementara toko-toko yang lebih tua akan terus menggunakan signage tahun 1991. dan iklan di Amerika Serikat sebagai bagian dari program branding-ulang perusahaan. dan untuk pertama kalinya dalam hampir satu dekade.