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Spelling Contract - Unit


Animal Park




bue bate and Test bate: Friday ^


Directions: Please use your best handwriting and complete 2 of the itfems listed below.
Highlight or circle the items you choose. Staple all of your work to this sheet and turn
it in on Friday. "Spelling list is at the bottom of this page.
ABC Order
Write your words in abc order
using crayons, marker, or
colored pencils. Circle your
neatest word for each.
Rainbow Words
Use markers, colored pencils, or
crayons to write all of your
spelling words using three
different colors at once.
Say and Write
As you write each spelling word,
say each letter of the word
softly. Then say the word.
Ex: student -> s-t-u-d-e-n-t

Spcllinq Sentences
Write a sentence for each

Spellinq Flashcards
Make flashcards of your
words to help you study.
Have your parents, brother, sister,
or a friend quiz you.
Sporty Spellina
Spell your words out loud while
shooting hoops, jumping rope,
or playing catch with a family
Pyramid Words
Pyramid Write your words. You
must write neatly!
Syllable Spellinq
Write each spelling word as many
times as there are syllables.

List A Spelling Words

1. run
2. cut
3. must
4. sun
5. up
6. bump
7. jump
8. bus
9. nut
10. rug
11. many
12. into
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Practice Test
Take a practice spelling test
and have a family member
check your work.
Hidden Picture
Draw a picture. Hide your
spelling words inside the picture.
Remember to color your picture
Chalk Spellinq
Practice spelling your words by
writing them outside with chalk.
Show a family member your

Red and Blue Spellinq
Write each word. Use red
for vowels and blue for