APUSH Summer Assignment

Welcome to APUSH! While you’re hopefully enjoying some of
your summer, here are a few US history assignments for you to
enjoy this summer as well. These assignments are to be
completed and ready to use on the first day of class!
1. Read Chapters 1-3 of America’s History pp. 2-111
 Take detailed notes on your own as you read (reading
notes can be used on quizzes in APUSH)
2. Complete the Primary Document Assignment: Settling the
 Follow the instructions and answer all questions in complete sentences (notice
sentences is plural meaning more than one per response)
3. Be ready to discuss the concept questions for Chapters 2 and 3 (below)
 These questions can be found while you are reading in the margins of the text,
as you come across the questions look in the surrounding text for important
TPEs (terms, places, and events) that fit into the answer. Have some bullet
pointed responses on a separate sheet of paper or in your reading notes to
these as they will be the basis of class discussion.
Chapter 2 Concept Questions
1. How did the ecological context of colonization shape interactions between
Europeans and Native Americans?
2. Why did Spain’s economy deteriorate and England’s economy improve in the 16 th
3. How did the proximity of the Powhattan Chiefdom affect developments in early
4. How were the experiences of indentured servants and slaves in the Chesapeake
and the Caribbean similar? In what ways were they different?
5. Why did New France and New Netherland struggle to attract colonists?
6. What made New England different from New France and New Netherland?
7. How did New Englanders’ religious ideas influence their relations with neighboring
Native American peoples?
8. In what ways was Bacon’s Rebellion symptomatic of social tensions in the colony of
Chapter 3 Concept Questions

How did the ambitions of Charles II and James II remake English North America?
How did the Glorious Revolution affect relations between England and its colonies?
What did Native Americans have to gain by participating in imperial wars?
How did the South Atlantic System affect the British economy?
How did the experiences of slaves in the Chesapeake differ from their experiences
in South Carolina?
6. How much autonomy could slaves attain, and what did slave owners do to control
7. How did the plater elite maintain alliances with their smallholder neighbors?
8. How did the rise of the South Atlantic System impact economic development in the
northern colonies?

9. What explains the increasing political autonomy of the colonies in the 18th century? .