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Product Name: Dettol Liquid-Antiseptic Disinfectant
Effective Concentrated antiseptic Disinfectant
Product Introduction
Dettol Liquid-Antiseptic Disinfectant, a first aid liquid antiseptic disinfectant which proven
safe and effective concentrated antiseptic Disinfectant.
Choloxylenol BP 4.8 % serves as an active ingredient in the fight against germs which
can cause infections and illness. Apart from chloroxylenol, this product also incorporated with
Isopropyl alcohol to enchance the effectiveness of this product against germs or infections. By
applying the used of this product in our daily basis, undoubtedly we can improve our body
hygiene and protections.
Product ingredients:
1. Chloroxylenol BP 4.8% w/v: a chemical compound with the formula C8H9ClO and CAS
number 88-04-0. It is commonly used in antibacterial soaps such as Dettol; in agar patch
studies, it has been found to kill a wide variety of microbes, including bacteria, fungi, and
the superbug MRSA, within 15 seconds. Its antibacterial action is due to disruption of cell
membrane potentials, blocking production of adenosine triphosphate (effectively starving
the cells).
2. Pine Oil: an essential oil obtained by the steam distillation of needles, twigs and cones
from a variety of species of pine, particularly Pinus sylvestris. It is used in aromatherapy,
as a scent in bath oils, as a cleaning product, and as a lubricant in small and expensive
clockwork instruments. It is naturally deodorizing, and antibacterial. It may also be used
varyingly as a disinfectant, massage oil and an antiseptic.
3. Isopropyl alcohol (also 2-propanol, iso, isopro, rubbing alcohol, or the abbreviation IPA):
is a common name for isopropanol, a colorless, flammable chemical compound with a
strong odor. It has the molecular formula C3H8O and is the simplest example of a
secondary alcohol, where the alcohol carbon is attached to two other carbons. It is an
isomer of propanol.

2 . Generally. Dettol Liquid contains Chloroxylenol BP. Apply to affected area and cover with gauze or bandage. 6. Castor Oil Soap: dissolve proteins or fats which form the coatings or walls of some microorganisms and will disrupt some insect coatings. Can used as first aid and medical. water refers only to its liquid form or state. Dettol Liquid must always be used diluted with water. 6. 2. Bhd. ice. of water. 7. In typical usage. floors). 3. 4. 5. DETTOL Liquid is a licensed medicine and is available in pharmacies and retail stores. but the substance also has a solid state. Available in a wide range of sizes from 125 ml to 1 litre. Caramel: a dark unsweetened liquid. DETTOL Antiseptic Disinfectant Liquid is a proven safe and effective concentrated antiseptic disinfectant. Product indication: 1. 5. laundry. abrasions. and personal hygiene (bathing. Available in a wide range of sizes from 125 ml to 1 litre. insect stings. DETTOL Antiseptic Disinfectant Liquid can be used safely for gentle antiseptic wound cleansing and disinfecting. Water: a common chemical substance that is essential for the survival of all known forms of life. First aid to help prevent infection in minor cuts. dandruff. For first aid and personal care uses. the phenol compound is. household (nurseries. Dettol Liquid can be used for gentle antiseptic wound cleansing and disinfection. antiseptic skin cleansing and as a disinfectant in and around the home. that kills bacteria and provides expert protection against the germs which can cause infection and illness. and a gaseous state water vapour or steam. bites.Reckitt Benckiser (Malaysia) Sdn. the highly concentrated product of near total caramelization that is bottled for commercial and industrial use. bathrooms. Dettol Liquid must always be used diluted with water. The soap may aid in maintaining the antiseptic cresol or phenol in solution. spots and pimples). Dilute one tablespoon in 10 oz. 8.the soap not the germicide. It can also be used on skin cleansing (like in the bath) and as a disinfectant in the home. 4.

Keep out of reach of children. 2. Personal hygiene 1. consult your doctor and take this bottle with you. bites and stings 2.Undiluted dettol liquid antiseptic can be used in urgent cases but not onto sensitive and eczematous skins. wash thoroughly with cold water. 3. wash out mouth and drink plenty of water or milk. 3 .Pour 3 cupful of dettol liquid disinfectant into 2. dilute ½ .1 cupful of dettol liquid-antiseptic disinfectant to bath water.5 L of water for disinfecting floor and other hard surfaces around the house. 6. Do not apply to newly born babies Antiseptic 1. 2.4 L of water for external antiseptic.Use undiluted dettol liquid antiseptic disinfectant sparingly for lavatories. bites and stings. Bhd. Do not use diluted product. sinks and drains.For midwifery. If contact is made with eyes.Use 3 cupful of dettol liquid antiseptic disinfectant in 2. 7. grazes. 2. 4. 3. If swallowed. Do not use after expiry date printed on the bottle. grazes.For bathing. Other purposes 1. In both cases. Use diluted for antiseptic wound clensing for cuts. Product recommended consumption: 1. 2. dilute 1 cupful of dettol liquid-antiseptic disinfectant to 2.Dilute 1 cupful of dettol liquid-antiseptic to 420 mL of water and apply onto cuts. 5. For external used only cannot be drink 3. Caution: 1.5 L of water for laundry.Reckitt Benckiser (Malaysia) Sdn. For external use only.

caramel. Dettol has become the most known health product brand over the years. castor oil soap.8% of Dettol's total mixture. This is due to the fact that some of its ingredients are insoluble in water. It is an aromatic chemical structure which gives Dettol an unique antiseptic property. Figure above shows the chemical structure of chloroxylenol. Chloroxylenol (C8H9ClO) makes up 4. isopropanol. and water. Its key ingredient is known as chloroxylenol (C8H9ClO). it is also relatively cheap compared to other disinfectants. Bhd. Dettol also known as parachlorometaxylenol.Reckitt Benckiser (Malaysia) Sdn. Consumer goods major Reckitt and Colman India Ltd is the company which introduce dettol brand to the world. with the rest composed of pine oil. 4 . or PCMX is the name of the commercial liquid antiseptic in the product line of household products. Product Packaging Brand Introduction: Manufactured and launched by Rickett Benckiser in year 1932. Apart from its low toxicity and low metal corrosivity. Dettol produces a white emulsion of oil droplets when diluted during use.

The company has centred its trust on the existing mega brands-Dispirin. and antibacterial wipes. Year 2007 : Dettol brand was awarded as the gold winner in Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand 2007 100% voted by consumers. 5 . becomes renowned for starch. all purpose cleaners. The brand remains up to date through the launch of new products relevant to changing lifestyles such as hand sanitizer. shower gel. Reckitt began expanding and opening business around the world. Dettol is the gold standard of effective germ kill recommended by medical experts and healthcare professionals for its proven ability to protect families from germs. He then diversifies into other household products. Company’s Introductions: Established in the year 1800. Johann A. Corporate Achivement: November 08 : acquires Tiga Roda. washing blue and black lead for polishing. currently ranked seventh among fast moving consumer goods companies in terms of salles into the big league. As s result of this brave and brilliant srategy the company has achieve 30% increased in sales growth in 1999 until 2000. They also introduce 20 new brands in the year 1999-2000. Dettol and Harpic. Their strategy also involved repositioning its existing products and consolidating its sub-brands under its main sub umbrella brands-Dispirin. Isaac Reckitt own a starch mill in Hull. Dettol and Indonesian pest control bussiness April 2002 : Acquires minority interest in Sri Langka and India Year 2006 : Reckitt Beckinser completes acquisitions of Boots Health Care international for A$ 1926 milion gaining new platform for growth in the attractive over the counter health care market. The strategy designed to vault Reckitt and Colman. Dettol is the world's leading brand of Antiseptics and trusted champion of family health. Benckiser founder of Benckiser had his core business from a chemical 1848.Reckitt died at the age of 70. Reckitt and colman expects to double its turnover every 2-3 years. His business was pass on to his three sons.Reckitt Benckiser (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. liquid hand wash.Meanwhile.

Throughout 90’s to the 20’s. becoming The world no. touchably smooth skin. 3 companies merge into one company. In year 1894. Nurofen and Gaviscon are leading Analgesic and Gastro-Intestinal brands in Europe and Australia.1 worldwide in Antiseptics.V.600 employees to operate its company. Suboxone is the global leader in prescription opioid dependency treatment. A Company like reckitt Benckiser that earn billion a year requires a huge amount of employees to operate it. Reckitt Benckiser hires 21. Veet markets a range of modern products that deliver beautiful. Asia Pasific. Dettol is the No. Strepsils is No.Reckitt Benckiser (Malaysia) Sdn. 6 . Calgonit Automatic Dishwashing Detergent and Quanto Fabric Softener. North And South America . Bhd. Just for the year 2006.Africa. Clearasil is the No:1 brand in Europe across all markets it plays in. such as our new improved creams containing twice the moisturisers and our new High Precision Facial Wax which allows for precise and long lasting results at home. Veet is the No.1 depilatory brand worldwide.Clean and Smooth. In year 2005. Basil Benckiser died at the age of 100. Leadership is driven by constant product innovation.India and Sri Lanka and sells its product in over 160 countries.Then in 1999.1 in Sore Throat globally. such as Harpic Lavatory Cleaners. Claerasil. Reckitt Benckiser expanded into over 60 countries including West and Eastern Europe. Sanpic disinfectant. Trusted for its efficacious solutions. making a history in healthcare products. Over 200 years. Reckitt Benckiser owns over 70 brands includiing Dettol. Air Wick. James Reckitt accept Baronetcy and becomes Sir James Reckitt . becoming Reckitt & Colman Ltd(1938). many products had been launched by Reckitt Benckiser. Calgon water softener.1 in household cleaning.2 billion (2007). Reckitt Benckiser(Malaysia) Sdn Bhd was incorporated in Malaysia. merge to become Reckitt Benckiser plc. Their operating income is around £1. Veet. Reckitt & Sons merge in with J&J Colman. Airwick and Colman’s food business. Dettol. Reckitt benckiser has a net income for £938 million (2007). and located in West Malaysia. Harpic and over-the-counter products such as Strepsil.Australasia. Veet has become the world leader in cosmetic depilatory products. Reckitt & Colman plc and Benckiser N.

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