The drugs

Nowadays most people search relax and forget your problems using drugs, but why is
using drugs dangerous? How many drugs do you know?
The drugs are those substances whose use can lead to dependence, stimulation or central
nervous system depression, or that result in a disorder in the function of judgment,
behavior or mood of the person.
Any substance capable of altering the body and psychic action is exerted on behavior,
perception and consciousness. Drug dependence is excessive consumption of all
persistent toxic substance newspaper.
Heroin is made from opium poppies. It gives a felling of power and contentment. But
when this wears off, users become anxious and depressed. So they take more heroin to
feel better. Soon they feel they cannot live without it and they become heroin addicts.
Cocaine is a white powder made from the leaves of the coca bush. Cocaine is a rapidacting, powerful stimulant. At first it gives a feeling of energy, confidence and strength.
But after about twenty minutes users feel confused and anxious. They are unable to
sleep. Repeated cocaine use can cause tissue damage in the nose and even holes in the
nasal septum.
LSD gets from a fungus. Users may see things around them changing in colour, shape
and size. Or they may see things which are not there (hallucinations). Sometimes the
hallucinations are very unpleasant, and are called ‘bad trips’. They can cause fear,
depression and mental illness.
Solvents and glue sniffers breathe in fumes from things like glue, paint and cleaning
fluid. They get a floating feeling and hallucinations. But the fumes get into the blood
and damage the heart. They also cause sickness, depression, and bad facial acne. People
begin by breathing this drug to feel good but they end up feeling very bad.
Alcohol also considered as a drug because it can cause dependence. The intake of
alcohol can affects the circulatory system, as drinking can lead to an alteration in the
heartbeat, or increased blood pressure.
In conclusion every drug is harmful to health, sense of well being is momentary but
when the effect wears off come the harmful consequences that hurt us part also affects
us emotionally both those who consume and your family. Therefore we must say no to
drugs and live happily without any addiction.