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José Ricardo Delgado Franco

Two haikus from the Snow Mountains of Santa Marta

This unedited material was recorded in the Snow Mountains of Santa Marta in
Colombia, a hot spot of biodiversity on the planet. Each Haiku was recorded in a
particular sunrise.
José Ricardo Delgado Franco
José Ricardo Delgado Franco is a Colombian sound artist who graduated from Andes
University, located in Bogota, in 2010. His areas of investigation include recording
soundscapes in the natural ecosystem. He has developed his field work in the natural
parks and reserve of biosphere The Tuparro (Orinoco River) and the fog forest of the
Cueva de los Guacharos in the south of the Colombian west Andes (Huila and
Caquetá) where he was a forest ranger. He has also recorded in the Otun Quimbaya
Sanctuary (Risaralda, in the central Andes Mountain) and in the rainforests of Paujil
Reserve (middle Magdalena). With this phonographic material he has done sound
installations in the Botanic garden of Bogotá and the experimental bar Matik Matik.
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