Time Conservation. In conducting lesson, teachers prepare first a lesson plan to make
his/her lesson effective and organize, within that lesson plan there is already an indicated time on
when and how to finish the lesson. There are lessons that is complex that require students to have
computation to come up with solution. In order for the teacher to achieve the lesson plan, teacher
allow the students to use calculator to make their computation easy and convenient. With this,
the teacher and students can benefit for the reason that they can conserve time and make the task
easy and fast. “if we will not allow them to use of calculator, specifically sa mga dagko nga
computations it will delay their answers or it delays in providing correct answers in every
questions” one informant said, sharing his view points during the interview. (Key Informant 8,
Question 1.1). Teachers consider the time conservation as one of the advantages that calculator
can provide to students and with this, it affects students behavior. In fact, one of the informant
said “it develops students behavior or characteristic in the sense of speed, accuracy and
correctness of the computation” (Key Informant 8, Question 2.4).
Accuracy. Teachers believed that there are some students have difficulty in getting
accurate answers, especially if the given problem involves signs. There are problems that
requires tedious computation, which students fail to observed the signs and symbols of the
answers. Unlike, when the teacher allows his/her students to use calculator in answering the
given problem, students can immediately provide accurate answer. “with the help of calculator
mas ma accurate nila ilahang answer” one of the informant said, sharing his view points during
the interview” (Key Informant 1, Question 1.5). Teacher who allow students to use calculator in
answering problems help students to improve his/her performance because it helps students to
provide accurate answer, one of the informant said that “kailangan jud nila mogamit ug
calculator kay maka increase jud ug performance” (Key Informant 6, Question 1.1).
Active Participation. One of the strategies in making student to become motivated is
through conducting activity with the integration of manipulative materials. Teachers used
manipulative materials to make students active in the class. Students will not engage their selves
in learning if they just sitting inside the classroom and become spectator if they the class is not
engaging for students. Teachers let their students to use calculator if the given problem is
complicated and requires tedious computation, in allowing students to use calculator provides an

opportunity for the students to have an active participation. they are very attentive and participative” (Key Informant 4. . Question 1.2). It is also a way to make students eager in leaning mathematics. “if the students have calculator.