) What are your views on the advantages and disadvantages on using calculator in mathematics
Significant Statements
Makaconserve ug time
It will not take much
time in solving
Mapabilis ang pag hatag
ug answer
Positively affect in terms
of time
Mas paspas ang solving
Positive in a way na
mapadali sa pag kuha ug
Madali lng sa bata yung
pag- compute
And can provide directly
the answer
More convenient to use

Audit Trail
KI 1
KI 2

Significant Statements
Makaperform ug maayu
ug ma accurate
Makaincrease ug
Acccuracy on

Audit Trail
KII 1, Q 1.1,
Q 1.5

KI 3
KI 4
KI 6
KI 7
KI 8

KI 9


Formulated Meaning
Teaching Math was never
easy, teachers usually get into
students. Some teachers give
more time on solving
problems and sometimes lead
them to discuss one topic per
problematic for they have to
take some topic in just one
day that cause the learners to
have a low performance and
with the aid of calculators,
teachers got a partner on
dealing the problems in math
that makes the student solve it
in a second or a minute. The
class will have a fast
discussion as the learner can
easily provide the answer on
their discussion.
Formulated Meaning
One of the major concern of
some teachers was the low
performance of their students
especially in math. Learners
solve problem inaccurately,
tends to compute and get
wrong with the signs only and
have wrong answers and it
was very common. The
tendency if they have this
calculator they can perform
well because of this tool that
gives them accurate answer
and if learners got the correct
answer, performance in class
will improved.




Themes Increased Confidence . Before learners were so hesitant to raise their hands give their answer as to they are afraid to be wrong and reprimanded by their teacher but here comes calculator that makes them feel that they have the chance to get perfect in math as it becomes easy with the calculator. With the introduction of calculator at some point change really came up. learners before are not so fun in learning math for they expect that math was not an easy subject that they might got low grades in math.Significant Statements Dili sila maglisod Easy for the students Mas easier ang approach sa bata and makes problem in math easy to deal Only for those highly complicated problems Let them feel sayun ra ang math Audit Trail KI 1 KI 4 KI 6 KI 5 KI 7 Formulated Meaning One of the common issue before was this anxiety in math.

their hands gets active and their knees will stop shaking or bending and ready to sleep. active and participative. good discussion will cover the classroom with a teacher having a discussion and a students who were motivated. When they have this they got involve with the class. participative Engaging kaayu. In math class students get bored and get sleepy or noisy when they don’t understand and get the topic if the teacher relies only to the book and give a quiz with a head breaking equation. Formulated Meaning KII 4 KII 6 KII 9 KII 8 KII 8 Themes Active participation Themes . participative and motivated They are interested and that keeps them quite in class. there is eagerness to learn KII 2 Significant Statements Mas appreciated Maappreciate nila nga dali ra diay ang math Mas maappreciate nila Audit Trail KII 2 KII 4 Teaching doesn’t only depend on a book then have an activity with pen and paper. But when they are with their calculators their eyes gets wide. active ang mga bata ug participative Students are active.Significant Statements Audit Trail Formulated Meaning Interesting mao to sya mas dali Very active.

by doing this student become forgetful and lazy.Significant statements Makalimot pag solve manually Malimtan nila how to multiply or how to do the basic operations Weak na ang knowledge pag mag istorya ug basics Masking kanang easy na gyud ecalculate dayun Makalimot sila manually Mangita ug calculator bisan one plus one Audit Trail KII 1 Significant Statement Tend to become forgetful and lazy Audit Trail KII 1 Dili na mag explore sa Formulated Meaning Theme KII 3 KII 4 KII 6 KII 7 KII9 KII 6 Formulated Meaning Theme Learning without an active participation makes the learning easy to forget. Students cannot learn fully because they just rely their answer base on the answers given by the calculators. Teacher who allow students to use calculator even the student does not learn the concepts of the topic fully will make students become oblivious. The steps taught by the teacher in solving problems will .

problem More forgetful and lazy Significant Statements Madependent sa calculator Rely.depend and seek for calculators Depend on calculator even for the basics Magsalig sa calculator Dili ka answer ug walay calculator Madependent sa calculator Magsalig ug dependent na KII 7 Audit Trail KII 1 KII 8 KII 4 KII 6 KIIV 5 KII 7 KII 9 Formulated Meaning Theme .