Pokemon Red Emu Edition.

Imagine playing your awsome origional pokemon games on your emulator... and you
cant catch em all... Literally... you cant do it... Why? BECAUSE YOU CANT TRADE!
So I made a Red optimized for Emulation... its got ALL the pokemon in it ;)
Here is where to find the previously unobtainable pokemon:
All pokemon from Red and Blue, that are catchable, will be catchable in the area
that they were obtained in the regular version of the game... This is a Red hac
k so you will have an easier time finding the pokemon obtainable in Red but the
Blue only pokemon (e.g. Sanshrew, Bellsprout, Meowth, ect.) can be found in the
locations that they are normally in in Blue version. AGAIN this is a Red hack, s
o if its rare in red, it will still be rare, even if its common in Blue.
Kabuto/Omanyte have been inserted into the bottom basement of Seafoam Island at
Lv. 5 ;) right where you would get them if you revived them from fossils.
Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan can be found in the safari zone... in the East and West
respectively... both at Lv. 5 for training purposes.
Starting Pokemon can be caught just outside Pallat Town... on Route 21 ;) all at
Lv. 5
Trade Pokemon (Alakazam, Gengar, ect.) have been inserted into the Basement of t
he Unknown Dungeon at Lv. 20 so you can still train them to your liking.
And lastly you can pick up extra Lv. 5 Eevees by paying 800 coins in the Celedon
Game Corner.
Some of these Pokemon will still be rare (as low as a 1% chance of finding them)
for instance you will find a TON of Tangela in route 21 but very few Squirtle..
I see no reason to do this to Blue Version... If there is a demand I will do it
For to patch this IPS file you only need the contents of this .rar file and your
origional copy of Pokemon Red Version (USA,Europe)(SGB Enhanced).
Unzip this .rar archive (I use WinRAR) to any location on your computer.
Add your Pokemon Red Version rom to that folder.
Double click the "Lunar IPS.exe" application
Once it is opened click "Apply IPS Patch"
Then select the "Pokemon - Red Version (Emu Edition).ips" file
Next you will be prompted to select your clean copy of Pokemon Red Version...
After you select your rom the patch will be applied...
Enjoy it!
Special thanks goes out to the guys at Swampert Tools for making the "PrizeEdit
GB" utility aswell as Harrison for making the "RBY Wild Pokémon Editor" and lastly
RiGaMoRTiS PRoDuCTioNZ for their "HebeGB9x" which cleared up my checksum proble

.... so if anyone knows how to ed it that title screen. I found the tiles to edit the big "Pokemon" and th e logos at the bottom.. I did... I tried everythi ng but could not find them.... since its a mix of red and blue.... I would appreciate the info..origionally I wanted to name it "Violet Version" but I could not find the tiles to edit the "Red Version" on the start up screen.. I think Violet is a much better name. and dont just give me the "read this tutorial" crap. just not the "Red Version" :( ....