ITEC 7410 SWOT Analysis Template for Technology Planning Needs Assessment

What is the current reality in our school?
Name: Adam Rich

Semester: Summer 2016

ESSENTIAL CONDITION ONE: Effective Instructional Uses of Technology Embedded in Standards-Based,
Student-Centered Learning
ISTE Definition: Use of information and communication technology (ICT) to facilitate engaging approaches to learning.
Guiding Questions:
 How is technology being used in our school? How frequently is it being used? By whom? For what purposes?
 To what extent is student technology use targeted toward student achievement of the Georgia Learning Standards (GPSs,
 To what extent is student technology use aligned to research-based, best practices that are most likely to support student
engagement, deep understanding of content, and transfer of knowledge? Is day-to-day instruction aligned to research-based
best practices?
Many of the teachers are using Many of the lessons are review Technology Tuesday trainings
Some teachers avoid
technology in their classroom
based and don’t provide a
as well as school Ed Camp
technology or learning ways to
to build upon their current
Student-Centered approach to
sessions and outside technology enhance their current
learning opportunities provide
educational practices with
more resources for teachers to
There are many resources in the
enhance their lessons.
classrooms and library for
Many students don’t have
teachers to have access for
School is adding Chromebooks access at home and still don’t
technology for their lessons.
to the classrooms to provide
have every day access to
more technology resources for
technology for all teachers.
the teachers.
Summary/Gap Analysis:
All of the teachers at Chestatee do an excellent job teaching the Georgia Learning Standards on the content of their
classroom. However many of the teachers lessons are teacher based and structured towards the teacher providing all of the important
information and devoid of student centered learning or rigorous higher level thinking by the students. Especially in regards to
technology where the teachers use more for rehearsal and research rather than to create their own learning experience proving their
knowledge of the topic.
However the administration has made a conscience effort to enhance the technology learning in the school. “Technology
should be used in accordance with the best teaching practices” Principal, Suzanne Jarrard. They have done this by providing Ed Camp
professional learning opportunities and Technology Tuesdays monthly workshops both of which promote higher level learning while
using technology. They have also provided more technology resources which have now given teachers the ability to plan more

ITEC 7410 SWOT Analysis Template for Technology Planning Needs Assessment
What is the current reality in our school?
technology lessons knowing they have the technology on a more consistent basis.
Data Sources:
Responses from the survey instrument created by Adam Rich
Responses from administration interviews by Adam Rich

ISTE Definition: Proactive leadership in developing a shared vision for educational technology among school personnel, students,
parents, and the community.
Guiding Questions:
 Is there an official vision for technology use in the district/school? Is it aligned to research-best practices? Is it aligned to
state and national visions? Are teachers, administrators, parents, students, and other community members aware of the vision?
 To what extent do teachers, administrators, parents, students, and other community members have a vision for how technology
can be used to enhance student learning? What do they believe about technology and what types of technology uses we should
encourage in the future? Are their visions similar or different? To what extent are their beliefs about these ideal, preferred
technology uses in the future aligned to research and best practice?
 To what extent do educators view technology as critical for improving student achievement of the GPS/CCSs? To preparing
tomorrow’s workforce? For motivating digital-age learners?
 What strategies have been deployed to date to create a research-based shared vision?
 What needs to be done to achieve broad-scale adoption of a research-based vision for technology use that is likely to lead to
improved student achievement? Explain how will you advocate for a solution.
Hall County Schools has
There is not a school wide
With more technology
With no clear leadership or
produced a technology vision
vision plan toward technology
resources pouring into schools, school vision many teachers
and is based upon the best
though administration does
using this time to create a
don’t embrace the technology
push for more diverse
strategies based vision and
use in their classrooms.
technology use.
utilize examples from other
Chestatee High School
promotes the use of higher
The Hall County Vision isn’t
level rigorous student led
known amongst students or
education through their SIP
Summary/Gap Analysis:

ITEC 7410 SWOT Analysis Template for Technology Planning Needs Assessment
What is the current reality in our school?
Hall County Schools vision plan is very thorough and research based and provides a solid guideline for schools and teachers to
base their practices. However this vision is not common knowledge amongst faculty members the school district and therefore not a
practiced upon their design. When polling teachers at Chestatee High School, none of the teachers were familiar with the Hall County
Technology vision. Also many schools in the area don’t have their own vision plan toward technology and the strategies used to
implement technology are scattered and lack a cohesive plan of use. Though many schools are purchasing new technology and
resources for their students to use, many of their teachers lack the knowledge to challenge students with the use of the new resources.
Though the plan isn’t clear now, schools can still create a vision and begin to steer their school toward best educational practices to
promote rigorous technology plans for their students. Using examples from successful schools, national, state, and ISTE guidelines
Chestatee can create a vision that can be endorsed by the faculty and put into action. Once the vision is in place, putting together a
technology team and support programs for teachers will allow the school to embrace the new technology and use the resources they
currently have to their full extent. They can also guide their future technology purchases toward the shared vision to enhance the
impact of those purchases.
Data Sources:
Responses from the survey instrument created by Adam Rich
Responses from administration interviews by Adam Rich

ESSENTIAL CONDITION THREE: Planning for Technology
ISTE Definition: A systematic plan aligned with a shared vision for school effectiveness and student learning through the infusion of
ICT and digital learning resources.
Guiding Questions:
 Is there an adequate plan to guide technology use in your school? (either at the district or school level? Integrated into SIP?)
 What should be done to strengthen planning?
 In what ways does your school address the needs of diverse populations in the school or district to include how race, gender,
socio-economic, and geographic diversity giving consideration to how these factors commonly affect K-12 students’ access to
school and beyond-school access to high-speed Internet, modern computing devices, software, knowledgeable technology
mentors, culturally-relevant digital content, and other affordances critical to technology literacy acquisition.
Our administration focuses on
There is no designed plan to
With the counties vision and
Lack of funding or community
providing the best plan of
incorporate technology at
well trained school personal to donations to provide
action to ensure the best
Chestatee High School.
assist with creating a vision and technology to those with
educational practices.

ITEC 7410 SWOT Analysis Template for Technology Planning Needs Assessment
What is the current reality in our school?
Chestatee has a plan to use
technology to increase
communication between
parents and stakeholders.

There isn’t currently an avenue
for low socio economic
students to have access to
technology or Wi-Fi.

More technology in the
classrooms give the
economically disadvantaged
students more access to

Lack of a strong plan at the
county level makes it difficult
to create a School level plan.

There are strategies to assist
those without technology
through extended library hours.
Summary/Gap Analysis:
The Chestatee High School Administration SIP creates a plan to promote rigorous learning which bridges the gap between
educational knowledge and knowledge needed to be used to be successful in the business community. The SIP also creates a plan to
level the playing field for students of all levels and promote classroom differentiation. They believe they can do this by using the best
teaching practices and the use of technology can enhance this as well as communication with their parents. Chestatee has also
increased technology to meet the demands of teachers and students in the classroom and created student friendly hours before and
after the start of the normal school day to assist with the needs of those socio economic disadvantaged students.
Through the best efforts of Chestatee High School, neither the school nor Hall County School district has a technology plan.
Without this plan there is no guidance for schools to create their own technology plan. The lack of funding creates difficulties for
administrations to provide the resources for all students and classrooms and the inability to provide Wi-Fi to those who can’t afford it.
However using the current library committee, technology advanced teachers and administration, I believe a strong plan can be put into
place to meet the needs of all students and promote rigorous student led instruction.
Data Sources:
Responses from the survey instrument created by Adam Rich
Responses from administration interviews by Adam Rich
ESSENTIAL CONDITION FOUR: Equitable Access (Specifically address low SES and gender groups – ie.
ISTE Definition: Robust and reliable access to current and emerging technologies and digital resources.
Guiding Questions:
 To what extent do students, teachers, administrators, and parents have access to computers and digital resources necessary to
support engaging, standards-based, student-centered learning?
 To what extent is technology arrange/distributed to maximize access for engaging, standards-based, student-centered

ITEC 7410 SWOT Analysis Template for Technology Planning Needs Assessment
What is the current reality in our school?

What tools are needed and why?
How will you advocate in regard to digital equity issues among low SES and gender groups (ie. females)?
Do students/parents/community need/have beyond school access to support the shared vision for learning?
Chestatee Has over 120
Due to our large amount of low Chestatee has the ability to
The lack of funding toward
computers for teachers to use in income students, many students purchase more Chromebooks
education makes it hard to
the library and computer labs.
in our population don’t have
for additional teacher lessons
purchase items needed for their
access at home to technology or and student use.
schools. Without the funding
Chestatee also has 300
any advances in technology
Chromebooks divided between
In the future Hall County looks would falter.
20 teachers in their classrooms
to purchase more technology to
help advance their technology
Chestatee has laptops for every
teacher as well as smart
projectors in each class.
Summary/Gap Analysis:
Chestatee High School and Hall County Schools have invested in technology in their schools through various purchases meant
to assist the growth of their classrooms. One big purchase was providing every teacher with a personal laptop to enable them to work
from home or work together as groups in the schools using their laptops. Chestatee has also purchased Smart Projectors for teachers
to use in place of smart boards and to create lessons that encourage student and teacher interaction. Finally Chestatee already has 3
computer labs in the school as well as 2 laptop carts with 30 computers each for teachers and students to use to continue classroom
instruction. But due to the log jam of teachers wanting to use these resources they purchased 300 more Chromebook’s to share
between 2 teachers and to increase the amount of use of technologies in the classroom. However now 80% of teachers now say they
have access to computers weekly rather than 25% just the year before, however in my shared vision we are pushing for 100%.
Chestatee still has its areas of weakness in this area predominately would be the fact that half the population is on free or
reduced lunch and many of those students don’t have access to technology or Wi-Fi once they get home. This disrupts their ability to
continue learning on their own or to continue with lessons in class that are using technology. In order to combat this Chestatee has
opened the computer labs and library early every day and stay open later to allow these students to work on these assignments at
school. Also many teachers use their Chromebook’s in the mornings to allow their students to work on their assignments. In order to
combat these issues I believe Hall County should focus on purchasing enough computers to become a 1:1 school and allow for every
student to have one. I also believe through working with the business community in the area to work on getting free or reduced priced
Wi-Fi for all students.
Data Sources:
Responses from the survey instrument created by Adam Rich
Responses from administration interviews by Adam Rich

ITEC 7410 SWOT Analysis Template for Technology Planning Needs Assessment
What is the current reality in our school?
ISTE Definition: Educators and support staff skilled in the use of ICT appropriate for their job responsibilities.
Guiding Questions:
 To what extent are educators and support staff skilled in the use of technology appropriate for their job responsibilities?
 What do they currently know and are able to do?
 What are knowledge and skills do they need to acquire?
(Note: No need to discuss professional learning here. Discuss knowledge and skills. This is your needs assessment for professional
learning. The essential conditions focus on “personnel,” which includes administrators, staff, technology specialists, and teachers.
However, in this limited project, you may be wise to focus primarily or even solely on teachers; although you may choose to address
the proficiency of other educators/staff IF the need is critical. You must include an assessment of teacher proficiencies.)
3 Teachers have or are
A group of teachers who don’t
The ability to appoint a
Funding to hire a technology
currently acquiring their
have any interest in using
technology coordinator to help coordinator or funds for
educational technology masters technology in the classroom
guide the school to more
productive technology use in
2 highly qualified librarians
No set Technology
accordance with the current
Motivation but some staff to
with excellent technology
Coordinator with the role to
use technology or learn new
guide the school in technology
methods to increase technology
Continued training of the IT
1 IT person with the knowledge
person on maintenance and
of how to repair some of the
IT person who needs much of
trouble shooting.
the counties assistance on how
to fix the technologies being
Technology training on how to
An abundance of teachers who used.
use higher order lessons which
currently use and want to learn
are student centered.
how to use technology in the
Lack of higher order lessons
while using technology by the
current Teachers.
Administration who believes in
the use of technology to
promote rigor and

ITEC 7410 SWOT Analysis Template for Technology Planning Needs Assessment
What is the current reality in our school?
differentiation in the classroom.
Summary/Gap Analysis:
Chestatee High School has many qualified personal to help promote technology use in the classroom. First an administration who
believes in good teaching techniques and that many of these teaching techniques today will involve technology. We also have two
librarians who promote the purchasing and using of technology to help bridge the educational gap in learning. We have and IT person
whose job is to help trouble shoot technology problems in the school and works closely with the Hall County IT support. We also
have 3 teachers who have or are currently pursuing their educational technology degrees. These teachers all have taken active roles in
the school to promote educational lessons for teachers on how to use technology in the classroom and to help the administration
decide what technologies would benefit the school the most. Through polling 78% of teachers claimed they had the knowledge
necessary to use technology in their current lessons, however only 40% of them claimed to use the technology to promote higher level
student led learning.
One of the major weakness we have in the area of educational technology is the reluctance of some of the teachers to use
technology in the classroom or to challenge themselves by creating student centered learning assignments. However with a shared
vision and a focus on project based student centered learning assignments many of these teachers would see the benefits in their
classrooms. Another major difficult is a lack of a clear vision by the school and an Instructional Technology Coach to help guide
teachers toward their technology goals in their classrooms. Funding can be difficult as well in regards to hiring the Instructional
Technology Coach, as well as acquiring enough technology for the school to promote teachers use.
Data Sources:
Responses from the survey instrument created by Adam Rich
Responses from administration interviews by Adam Rich

ESSENTIAL CONDITION SIX: Ongoing Professional Learning
ISTE Definition: Technology-related professional learning plans and opportunities with dedicated time to practice and share ideas.
Guiding Questions:
 What professional learning opportunities are available to educators? Are they well-attended? Why or why not?
 Are the current professional learning opportunities matched to the knowledge and skills educators need to acquire? (see
Skilled Personnel)
 Do professional learning opportunities reflect the national standards for professional learning (NSDC/Learning Forward)?
 Do educators have both formal and informal opportunities to learn?
 Is technology-related professional learning integrated into all professional learning opportunities or isolated as a separate

ITEC 7410 SWOT Analysis Template for Technology Planning Needs Assessment
What is the current reality in our school?

How must professional learning improve/change in order to achieve the shared vision?
Professional learning is based
Attendance at the “Technology Hall County has purchased
Decreased motivation by
upon engaging student learning Tuesdays” consist of mainly 10 many new technologies for
veteran teachers, whom are at
and differentiation in the
teachers out of 100.
teachers to use and with these
times teacher leaders.
require more teacher training
Many teachers only perform
and therefore more
Frustration by teachers to learn
“Technology Tuesdays” are
the tasks needed to be
opportunities to enhance their
new tools to enhance their
professional learning which are performed and don’t use the
training for various reasons.
once a month to teach new
lessons to enhance their
technology and lessons to use
With the purchase of
them effectively and are
Chromebooks, teachers now
aligned with national standards. The main professional learning have a purpose to learn new
in the school doesn’t emphasize lessons to incorporate these
Teachers have the ability to
create their own educational
technology learning through
our Ed Camp as well as outside
professional learning.
Summary/Gap Analysis:
Administration supports professional learning and helping teachers find the best educational practices to enhance their classroom.
This to them includes using the current technology resources available to teachers and providing professional learning to support this
learning. One emphasis this year was the “Technology Tuesdays” in which two teachers have focused on using educational
technology and promoting rigorous lessons which are student centered. The goal in those professional learning is to not only
introduce them to the technology but make sure they know how to use it and valuable lessons they can use in their classroom. The
administration also supports teachers going outside to learn in various professional learning opportunities as well as our annual Ed
Camp in which teachers create their own project to present to all of the teachers. The current SIP incorporates continued use of the
ED Camp to promote more teacher learning as well as continued use of “Technology Tuesdays” to promote technology learning.
The strongest opposition to building this knowledge in our school would be the skepticism by many veteran teachers to embrace
technology to enhance their lessons. Also many teachers feel that professional learning is an inadequate use of their time and only
perform the duties mandated by the administration. However I believe the current investment in technology by the County and
Chestatee opportunities will emerge that will increase teacher motivation to learn technology based student centered lessons. The
increase of availability of technology will also increase motivation of teachers to learn as they can now have more opportunities to use
these technologies in the classroom.
Data Sources:

ITEC 7410 SWOT Analysis Template for Technology Planning Needs Assessment
What is the current reality in our school?
Responses from the survey instrument created by Adam Rich
Responses from administration interviews by Adam Rich

ISTE Definition: Consistent and reliable assistance for maintaining, renewing, and using ICT and digital resources.
Guiding Questions:
 /To what extent is available equipment operable and reliable for instruction?
 Is there tech assistance available for technical issues when they arise? How responsive is tech support? Are current “down
time” averages acceptable?
 Is tech support knowledgeable? What training might they need?
 In addition to break/fix issues, are support staff available to help with instructional issues when teachers try to use technology
in the classroom?
The emergence of
Our computer labs computers
Hall County offers multiple
The lack of formal knowledge
Chromebooks have strengthen
are out of date and are slowly
training sessions to support our by the IT person and ability to
the technology at Chestatee
breaking down.
current IT person.
pick up information.
The county Tech Support is
extremely knowledgeable and
constantly updating computers.
Multiple teachers with
computer knowledge to support
the teachers whom need more

Our IT support has general
knowledge but has to use the
county for an abundance of
Without an Instructional
Technology Coach, there is no
vision or support aside from
teacher assistance toward
classroom lessons.

Through the “Technology
Tuesday” platform many
teachers refer to those teachers
for instructional support.

No strong vision of
instructional technology for the
No current technology leader in
the school to help guide
teachers in their instruction.

Summary/Gap Analysis:
Hall County schools strength in technology is the counties IT support and the ability to continue to add technology and fix issues
at an efficient rate. Hall County is constantly working on building their technical support and any time issues arise they are quick to
address the situation. Hall County also hosts multiple professional learning opportunities to help train teacher leaders how to use the
new technologies to share with their colleagues. Chestatee High School has also upgraded its technology with new staff laptops,

ITEC 7410 SWOT Analysis Template for Technology Planning Needs Assessment
What is the current reality in our school?
shared teacher Chromebook’s and teacher’s smart projectors. The use of three teachers with or working on Instructional Technology
masters degrees provides Chestatee with great resources to promote technology and provide teachers with lesson support in using
technology to advance their lessons.
Chestatee offers a hard working IT worker who works to solve all problems she is able to, however has a limited knowledge of the
technology and often has to use the supports offered by the county. The dependence on the county’s support service causes a delay in
the needed assistance as well as frustration using technology to support lesson planning. Without an overall vision of the use of
technology, teachers lose motivation to implement technology and use technology primarily for research and rehearsal rather than
rigorous content and student centered. However Chestatee’s focus on technology instruction through “Technology Tuesdays” have
helped bridge the gaps in current technology instruction. Hall Counties focus on training IT support and teacher leaders in technology
and technology lessons will continue to help strengthen the technology level at Chestatee.
Data Sources:
Responses from the survey instrument created by Adam Rich
Responses from administration interviews by Adam Rich

ISTE Definition: Content standards and related digital curriculum resources.
Guiding Questions:
 To what extent are educators, students, and parents aware of student technology standards? (ISTE Standards for Students)
 Are technology standards aligned to content standards to help teachers integrate technology skills into day-to-day instruction
and not teach technology as a separate subject?
 To what extent are there digital curriculum resources available to teachers so that they can integrate technology into the
GPS/CCS as appropriate?
 How is student technology literacy assessed?
Chestatee has an abundance of Administrators, Teachers and
Currently adding more
No current vision by
quality teachers who use many Students are not guided by
Chromebooks to add more
administration on technology
research based strategies to
ISTE standards.
resources for teachers.
instruction provides less
support their classroom
incentive to build lessons
There is no strategy in place to More teacher resources to
around ISTE standards.

ITEC 7410 SWOT Analysis Template for Technology Planning Needs Assessment
What is the current reality in our school?
assess technology literacy aside introduce ISTE standards for
Multiple resources are available from technology based
the teachers to increase their
Funding available to continue
now for teachers to use to help classrooms.
technology lessons and
to build library of technology
build their curriculum to
supports for teachers to use in
include technology.
Though increase in technology
their classrooms.
no guarantee to have
technology every day for your
Summary/Gap Analysis:
Currently Chestatee High School has an above average teaching staff who focuses on the best teaching practices to promote student
education and differentiation for all types of students. With the increase in technology at the school teachers have increased their use
of technology lessons and used more student projects to help prove student understanding of their topic. Though their isn’t a specific
vision for technology the administration encourages use of all resources to bridge the gap between students and to create the best
teaching practices to help improve student learning.
With the focus on the best practices at times teachers are still not guaranteed to have technology every day and teachers can’t plan
lessons constantly using technology. Due to the inefficient nature of using technology teachers don’t focus their plans on technology
and use more traditional methods of teaching. Another difficulty would be the use of technology today is more research and rehearsal
based since there is a lack of instructional vision by the school administration. However with the new influx of Chromebooks,
Professional Learning based on ISTE instructional standards and administration pushing for the best educational practices these
lessons will be geared toward enhancing their technology lessons and focusing on rigorous student based lessons.
Data Sources:
Responses from the survey instrument created by Adam Rich
Responses from administration interviews by Adam Rich