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“CES CBMES ANDRES GARCIA SOLER PRIMARY SCHOOL (LORCA) YEAR 6 ENGLISH & SCIENCE REINFORCEMENT & EXTENSION WORKSHEETS PIECES OF WRITING SCHOOL YEAR 2015-16 NAME: Write an advert where you offer an English town/city as a holiday destination. Try to make it appealing using a wide range of adjectives. Remember to use connectives and collocations like “on the one hand", “on the other hand", etc. \ : 1 See | ty Coxe ee [2 MX , Aker y We a i wid fat ‘a S has ’ z 4 J as i i] rh 4 HeXen, Abo 4 x S a chao l ko: { = ) L . ~ as H 2 au'$ Shot gues NAME: Magy