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Grade 3 Monthly Newsletter

October 2016
Important Dates

Dear Parents,

Please check out all that’s

• Tue. 11:

happening in Grade 3 this

Student-led Goal
Setting Conferences


• Fall Break:
Mon 17 - Fri 21

• Fri. 28: 8:45
Halloween Parade
• Fri. 28: 2:45

• Mon. 31:
No School

In Module 2 we will use place value to unify measurement, learn
rounding skills, and use various methods to solve problems. The
module begins with plenty of hands-on experience using a variety of
tools to build practical skills and conceptual understanding of metric
measurements and time units to the nearest minute.

• Tue. 1: All Saint’s
Day, No school

• Thurs./Fri. 24-25:
Thanksgiving, No

This new unit is all about understanding the structure of non-fiction
texts, which will help students to develop related skills such as
determining relevance, identifying the main idea and locating
supporting detail. Third graders will be encouraged to research
using a range of print and digital materials. Students will also
produce their own expository texts and present these to an

Unit of Study
Our next unit of study deals with structures of life and how
organisms adapt and function in their environment. Through the
inquiry process students will research, question, explore, discover
and demonstrate in a variety of ways how the structures of
organisms adapt, function and survive in their habitat.