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Human Resource Management is an integral part of every company that thrives on good
customer service. Without it companies can lag in the area of obtaining quality workers. Davis
(2005) stated, Employee satisfaction is an important concern for organizations. While the

and their families are able to be responsible for their welfare. social work and counseling comprising the professions that impact each client’s treatment”. However because of their violent nature they are unable to attend a normal school setting. The facility has two residential care programs in which children remain on the premises through the night. education. The company was established in the 1970 as a result of a legislative measure in the state of Alabama to provide services to special needs children. Although other mental facilities exist in the state. The paper will address current human resource management and recommendation for improvement in required areas. Each of these programs is dedicated to teaching the children to thrive outside of such institutions. The facility operates five different programs all focused on the well-being of children who suffer a range of psychosis. History BP Children’s Center (BPCC) is a medical facility serving children with a variety of mental disorders and their families. The adolescent program serves older children (middle school and up) that have somewhat normal homes. That is to say that they are able to function within the community with minimal problems. As stated by Thompson (2013) “Treatment is based on an interdisciplinary approach with psychology.FINAL 2 research is mixed with regard to the direction of causality. BPCC offers a unique service because it main focus is serving children with aggressive behaviors. . there is a proven relationship between satisfaction and firm performance. psychiatry. nursing. In fact in the past three years the company has gone through changes to meet state accreditation needs to be able to serve children from the entire state. The Outpatient program is similar but serves the younger children. That being said there is no real competition for the company.

FINAL 3 Significant Management Personnel There are four major management personnel positions. This position requires a background in the treatment of the mentally ill. She also monitors the time clock to determine if all position is being filled around the clock. She also works with the local school to make sure any statewide tests are conducted efficiently and properly. The fact the there are plenty of clients and potential clients left the heads of the company at ease with filling positions with any candidate they felt would show up on time. There are five each heading a department and are the liaison between upper management and all other staff in their department. etc. Lastly there is the Human Resource Manager. operations. and has a specified decision making role as director of finance. One of the key roles of that position is to monitor the amount of hands-on intervention and to offer solution to limit them. Business Strategy Until recently the company has not placed much focus on business strategy. She serves as sort of a facility principal and will advise what course to take when children are misbehaving.d. The facility requires 24 hour staffing and therefore the company has recently hired an on-site manager to ensure this is being done efficiently. Very little is asked in the . Other key personnel are title coordinators.) an Executive Director is “A working director of an organization who is usually also its full-time employee. According to the business dictionary (n. They ensure that clients are being treated with the care and respect they deserve. The first in that of the executive director previously mentioned.. The third position is that of the education liaison. She is responsible for ensuring the children are obtaining the proper education while in the care of the facility. on an on-going basis”. marketing. The second position is that of the clinical director.

Many times this has led to asking loyal employees to work overtime. The first area of concern is low morale amongst . Instead it focused on the availability of the candidate. it does have to abide by current state laws when it comes to dealing with mental patient be it children or adults. In the past and currently the company struggles with staffing on a day to day basis.FINAL 4 interview process that dealt with experience or how to handle certain client situations. Describes the results of your assessment of the work processes and key employees to be There were two human resource issues assessed. Problem Areas Although the company does not have a vast array of competition. The secondary problem is likely one cause for the major issue. It is not unusual for an employee to work two consecutive shifts several times a week. Employees (mostly contingent) feel as though the salary is not worth the time away from their families on holidays and on certain shifts. The major problem with this is that there are certain shifts that are more difficult to fill. This change has included hiring a Human resource manager to better staff open positions as well as ensuring all shifts are covered on a daily basis with qualified personnel. Additional there are certain times of the year when full time employees opt to use their accumulated leave time leaving staffing specials and the human resource manager with the tough task of filling those position with contingent/relief workers. In the past 2 years the company has undergone a change in direction. However many of these positions are filled with contingent workers. that affect the quality of work being done by employees at BP Children’s Center. is the compensation plan is such that the turnover rate is very high. This does fill the slots that need it on a daily basis. The company employees both full time and part time workers to fill position. however the quality of care suffers when employees are “burned out” from the continual work.

Those who work directly with the clients include teachers. They administer daily medication as well as emergency medication to calm a hysterical/violent child. They are responsible for educating the clients at the facility. All the classes are self-contained. Along with the typical instructional duties.FINAL 5 employees that work directly with the clients. This usually comes as a result of a recommendation from the treatment team. For the most part they seem pleased with their working conditions and compensation plan. and nurses. Nurses are usually the ones to administer first aid and make a recommendation to whether further care is needed. As a result their attendance and punctuality have suffered. Para-profession/Mental Health Workers. They are called in to monitor vital signs when a client has to be restrained and placed in seclusion. Results of the assessment of nurses shows that morale amongst is higher than the other two groups. they are required to attend the individual Educational Plan (IEP) meeting. Nurses The Nurse’s role in the company is to ensure that the physical health of the children is maintained. Although all staff is trained in basic first aid. Management has placed more demand on the teacher . Teachers Teacher’s role at BP’s Children’s Center is typical of that of any classroom teacher. The morale of the teaching staff has continually declined in the past three years (when the company began to seek state accreditation). However a recent tragic death of one of the long time nurses and managements insensitivity to the needs of those who worked closely with her have left the majority of the nurses feelings for upper management decline. IEP meeting also take place anytime there is a need for a change in this plan. which means that more than one grade is taught in a classroom. The second issued assessed was high employee turnover. This type of meeting occurs at least once a year.

This will improve the selection pool as well as the abilities of the new hires. This has caused a high turnover for this position. For the sake of this assessment this position will be referred to and MHW’s. They also assist in group therapy. No matter the title the duties are the same. It is not unusual for them to be found doing a large portion of the work that teachers do.FINAL 6 without out increasing their resources or their compensation. This is also the group that lack in KSA’s Changing While Meeting Strategic Challenges Organizational changes will improve the way employees are hired. MHW’s also participate in the education process of the client. These outbursts threaten the safety of the client themselves and others. Thus this group has the lowest morale and the highest turnover rate of all positions held in the company. MHW’s are the lowest paid group. Improving the overall knowledge. The fact that majority of the clients are either wards of the state or from . The main role of the MHW’s is to handle these situations. This may require verbal de-escalation of the situation as well as physical intervention. They offer assistance to children during academic time. This is mainly because funding for the organization is in large made from the payments received by insurance companies. The children in this facility are prone to violent outburst. Para-professionals/Mental Health Workers Depending on which program being assessed determines the title of the Para-profession and Mental Health Workers. Those teachers who choose to stay do the bare minimum and are often reluctant to do that. One class has lost a teacher every year for the past five years. In addition to handling dangerous situations. MHW’s are essentially the order keepers in the classroom. skills and abilities of the entire staff is both the change needed as well as the strategic challenge. Other classes have also seen changes at a slightly lower rate.

For the most part most positions are filled with the remnants of those employees who did not qualify or lacked skills for more reputable places. The ability to accept children from out of state opens the door to accepting more children with private insurance which will increase funds to the company. In order to be competitive BP Children’s Center will have to address the issue plaguing their morale and high the employee’s turnover rate. It was designed to give states flexibility in their programs and to ensure that some specific groups of people would be assisted and that some core services would be provided across the country. to assist states in paying for the healthcare of the very poor. According to Friedland (2005) Medicaid was enacted in 1965.FINAL 7 low income homes. and one that will not gain the reputation it needs to compete with similar facilities from other states. the funds come from government insurance programs means that funding is not as much as it would be with private insurance companies. In order to meet the national mandate the company will have to work to improve its compensation policy and implement incentive programs that will enhance the culture. Kaplan (2006) stated. The current KSAs that operate within the facility meet the basic requirements. However because of the company’s market lag positions in their compensation pay many employees do not put forth the effort to utilize their skills to the fullest potential. That being said it is difficult for the company to encourage reliable and highly skilled workers because their compensation policy. under Title 19 of the Social Security Act. However this also means more competition from similar facilities in other states. “A fundamental decision in your compensation philosophy involves where to position your organization relative to the market”. The choice to lag in the market means a counterproductive facility for the clients. The company also has private donors. . whose funds are used for specific activities.

It does not pinpoint the client or employee that can be the cause of the higher number of physical interventions. The inability to fully staff any shift can have dire results. The current system for ensuring that shifts are covered is inefficient. Another problem with staffing is that it is done manually. Knowing this information is important in either situation. While technology cannot improve salaries it can make filling position with contingent workers easier. one major way that productivity is measured in the number of physical interventions being performed. Their job is more difficult because the position they have the most trouble filling is that of the lowest paying employees. As stated by CRS Advanced Technology SubFinder is a fully automated employee absence management and substitute placement system. There are two staffing specialist that are responsible for filling each position daily. Technology can be useful in tracking whether or not an increase number of physical intervention is because of a particular client or a particular employee. The current technology allows for only basic tracking of this information. This requires them to go through the list of contingent workers and call them one by one until they have commitment for all positions needed to be filled.FINAL 8 Productivity As a mental health facility that deals with aggressive clients. That is to say the management in charge of reviewing these forms can tell what department has the most. One particular technology is already being used by many school systems to place substitute’s teachers where they are needed. More than just an automated . Staffing Systems Staffing is the biggest problem that BP’s Children Center deals with. providing both Internet and telephone access.

Training The center has its own training facility equipped with a theater sized screen and projector. . A large portion of the current employees at BP Children Center’s fall into the unskilled laborer category. To improve this area test should be given online and submitted online. This level is described by Naugle (2000) “as the measure of "knowledge acquired.FINAL 9 substitute calling system. and fill in for absentees. and promote a paperless work environment. Thus it make it seems as though an employees is delinquent in that area of training. The current population of employees is comprised of college students on a work study program. The center also has an impressive video production ensemble. or attitudes changed due to training.” After every class there is a test to evaluate what each employee has learned. The computer system is integrated with the projector to provide a pleasant viewing experience of all the information being given. The company also has electronic simulation devices for CPR and first aid training. some are uploaded to the network for viewing at a convenient time to employees. By implementing this third party technology the human resource will gain a valuable tool in tracking. Although not all training session can be completed by video. This is a problem because often tests from video courses do not make it to the appropriate person and never recorded. It enables the training department to professional looking video for training outside the classroom. Training classes follows Kirkpatrick’s evaluation model especially level two. SubFinder is a powerful tool used to streamline workflow. integrate with human resource and payroll systems. The current requirement only asks that a candidate has a high school diploma. This is the one area that could use some improvement as far as technology is concerned. skills improved.

This means starting wages are low. many citizens have limited education. Although the current local labor market is not filled with a vast array of seasoned talent it does offer opportunity to develop a highly qualified staff.FINAL 10 people supplementing their income with a second job.6 percent unemployment rate means those individuals who want jobs are already currently working.). Another area that will make it difficult to fill positions with highly qualified worker is the education level of the local citizens. The local university also opens the door to opportunity. The city in which the company resides has a relatively low unemployment rate. This will make it even more difficult to find qualified workers. The average wage in the area per individual is about $24. Many of the skilled jobs are teachers who are fresh out of college or those who were unable to meet the full qualifications to teach in the local public school. The city is the home of the state university which has an education department and students that specialize in special education (Tuscaloosa County Demographics n. and retired people seeking to earn a little extra income. There are very few teachers working in the facility that are seasoned and well qualified to teach special education students. Approximately 45 percent of the population obtained a high school diploma or less. This amount is indicative of the demographics of the area. With the proper training program BP children’s center can offer jobs to qualified individuals who may be less desirable to more competitive companies at a lower starting salary and developed them into highly qualified staff.000 this includes people who have worked at a position for a number of years.d. Additionally policies and the . However in order to keep good workers wages would have to be increased. However it may take some valid marketing and recruiting efforts. With 6.

As mentioned the company does a good job at training the incoming employees. It would be beneficial to do a comparison of similar facilities in other states and set salaries that at least meet the competition at a comparable rate according to the states cost of living. The current monitoring system is directly related to performance measurements. Training would be followed by a week of monitored in the field work. For an organization such and BP’s Children Center an organization fit is important finding candidates that will have the patient to work under unfavorable conditions when dealing with clients. the various types of child abuse. At the conclusion of the monitoring sessions the observing manager will give feedback and address any questions the new employee may have. Training Requirements The current quality of training one receives is limited to what is required by the mental health department in Alabama. needs improvement. This has been somewhat effective however. Along with the bi-annual training new employees would go through a two weeks of intensive training.FINAL 11 work culture have to change to keep employees for a longer period of time as opposed to staff that comes and goes. giving them the skills they need to engage with the clients. HRM Recommendations The lack of competition makes it difficult to determine pay level placement. It does not address the real needs of the clients in the facility and does not provide lower level employees the tools/skills they need to be more effective with the children. This will aid in improving the culture of the company and lift morale. Other than implementing a better monitoring system this area should remain as is. . It would cover training on each diagnosis seen in the facility. and the required training of protection and containment and verbal de-escalation.

By tracking them on an employee basis management can address issues with individuals as opposed to the entire staff as it is currently done. The lack of competition has been met with inefficient hiring policies. . Conclusion BP Children’s Center is a facility for children diagnosed with a variety of mental disabilities. Performance of employees comes from the limited number of hands on interventions. This paper addressed current human resource management components and recommendation for improvement in required areas. As a result the company does not operate as effectively as it needs to in order to compete with national facilities. However.FINAL 12 The company is a result oriented firm. this is not tracked by employee but rather an organization. The quest for accreditation to accept out of state children has made management aware of this problem and has now begun to make changes in their overall processes.

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