Reflective Journal 1 Notes

Ladson-Billings – people assign culture to problems
Self Esteem Problem, a catchall
The Culture Answer
What We Need to Do – theres a culture to everything

Nieto – culture is changing
culture of power for whites (they define culture)
culture is dynamic, multifaceted, embedded in context, influenced by social,
economic, and political factors, created and socially constructed, learned (can be
adopted), and dialectical (not all Chinese are the same) (no special point in keeping
certain parts of a culture)

Yosso – Critical Race Theory – shifts away from deficit view educators contribute to it educators try to compensate for “disadvantages” PBS – Murray – western society is against differences. but in reality. it isn’t cant talk about it in public but we should Isaacs – poor people are worse off than middle class near poor also suffer college degree of parents boosts child’s chances of degree preschool effects success Poor Children Are Less Ready for School at Age Five than Other Why Are Poor Children Less Ready for School Multiple Targets of Opportunity for Addressing School Readiness of Poor Children Comparison of Three Interventions to Improve School Readiness .