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 MaHo_66
Today, 03:59 PM | #1909  

My Personal Eclipse V9 SystemUI

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 October 9, 2016

Homescreen Critique 05
 October 9, 2016

Hi all, here im sharing my somewhat more personalized
SystemUI mods from Eclipse V9, based on the previous update
of N7 UX UI mods package V3, hope you like it.

What's done:
- All UI's include main changes from previous update
- All UI's with/without sf-qc
- Added blurred noti cation bg
- Added 3minitbattery mod
- Changed toggles colors to blue
- Changed (heads-up) noti cation color to blue with white text
- Changed brightness checkbox color to blue
- SF-QC buttons bottom corners rounded
- Some other small xes/changes here and there

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The included UI's come with these combinations:
* Normal UI with/without SF-QC
* Normal + Blur UI with/without SF-QC
* 3MinitBattery UI with/without SF-QC
* 3MinitBattery + Blur UI with/without SF-QC


4. open up the app and select your desired battery icon Credits: @gharrington .for the blurred bg Mod http://forum.php?p=69047374&postcount=1909 SystemUI mods download: 2/5 .com/showpost.10/9/2016  MODs For Eclipse/TW­4.4 ROM(Note­2/S3) ­ Post #1909 * Normal0UI: NOTIFICATIONS:   search  plus  * Normal + Blur UI: * 3MinitBattery UI: * 3MinitBattery + Blur UI: Instructions: .xda­developers.For 3Minit users. original thread here @SimonVN .for 3MinitBattery Mod.Flash with your Recovery .

after downloading open it up and extract the ashables inside ! .Recovery's * Eclipse ROM * N4 Elite Lite ROM (EOL) * S5 Elite Lite ROM (EOL) * Stock ROMs Collection * KitKat Modems Repository    The Following 8 Users Say Thank You to MaHo_66 For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift MaHo_66 Ad-Free Close this window   We're Social     XDA Developers was founded by developers.zip Notes: . Hosted by Leaseweb http://forum. download and ash the revert zip below which also will clean up old 3Minit apk's and data les etc.All the UI's have been added into one zip package. from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.10/9/2016 MODs For Eclipse/TW­4.4 ROM(Note­2/S3) ­ Post #1909 SystemUI mods download: NOTIFICATIONS: 0    search  plus  EclipseV9-MaHo-Personal-Modded-SystemUI-Updates. for developers.4.php?p=69047374&postcount=1909 3/5 . if you have them installed EclipseV9-Original-SystemUI-Revert.com/showpost.I9305: * ODIN Guide .xda­developers. It is now a  valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices.In case you want to go back to the original UI of Eclipse V9.zip Enjoy folks ! My contributions SGS3 . Are you a developer? More info Contact Rules Suggest Content Security Privacy Policy XDA App Root Any Device Remove ads on XDA Copyright © xda-developers.

4 ROM(Note­2/S3) ­ Post #1909 http://forum.xda­developers.10/9/2016 MODs For Eclipse/TW­4.php?p=69047374&postcount=1909 4/5 .4.com/showpost.

com/showpost.4.xda­developers.10/9/2016 MODs For Eclipse/TW­4.php?p=69047374&postcount=1909 5/5 .4 ROM(Note­2/S3) ­ Post #1909 http://forum.