joomjob component

1- make a dashboard like similar to the to the picture dashboard.png and
make sure that all pages will looks good on the mobile or ipad view , den
some pages are total not good on mobile and ipade

and this links to look it life and you can download it's files here :
AdminLTE 2



2- i want add a product key to the component also when the client install it
he will look a windows like here
dfda9372846ad you look the live example here
option=com_nonumbermanager and the client cann not access the site until
he write the good key , and the keys must be genarated to work only on 1
website ..
3- i want add languages files that the clinet cann edit them direct on the
admin site and must be add in the configuration place from the component .



4- i want add Identity Verification place in the dasboard it must have list of
joomjob user and atached files from them and approved or not button , and
must be shown in the freelancer detail page in similar to this box
a6a03d5e42976 and add a verification field here
397aec3dffdf7 to with
Payment Verified : yes - no
Phone Verified : yes - no
Identity Verified : yes - no

awesomescreenshot.i want add a theme option like here http://demo. 5 10 15 20 0b9a5ce55775c and make them good designed and good responsive 25 5-c make this change in the user page b26073d8f87a8 make this change and and i want that you make thos 4 option "disposit 5321baefc472 with name "financial report" and in it also for disposit make this change 688ae869d6c8f and for escraw http://www.awesomescreenshot.joomsky.php? option=com_jsjobs&c=configuration&view=configuration&layout=themes superuser : admin pass: demo 845d5e782a9e and for withraw 251b46041cd9 5-b i want that you create a new box use this http://www.Email Verified : yes -no and we publish them in Identity Verification place with the user list .com/image/1343462/1d59962d6d609f80375 dd69004294545 30 5-d and in project page make it like here http://www. escraw and withraw and Transactions History " in 1 table like this cbaf06e9097a8 and for the by the user you will find this : http://www.

add a "adsense " field in the configuration with this options http://www.awesomescreenshot.awesomescreenshot. .com/image/1340328/3ff603b907fd9285a8b 3c342c37d5ab7 and publish it in the project list and project detail and service list and service detail and freelancer list and freelancer detail page 7 .com/jsjobs/jm/pro/administrator/ make them here http://www.c5283870c1e31 the live page for this is 444675b2ea16 25 10. and make the filter visible 11-make this page a little stylish and add hire buton and and verified icons 30 e2ac334cf9b8 similare design to the project page with available option like picture .make the service page a little syilish http://miraghotels.i will not use the offjahn login register component den when you hide the butons the login form does not appear and remove it form registration page and and remove the hde chages what you have made that we can look the login forms and for social login use the buttons what i add here ca0a09ffa2e1c 8.php? option=com_jsjobs&c=company&view=company&layout=companies user admin pass : demo you will find this option in the upgrade project place 5 10 15 20 5-e make the service page the freelancer detail page try to solve this den when we log as buyer and want send message to freelancer we has this error LAYOUT COMPOSE NOT FOUND.project page http://www.there is a error in the message page http://miraghotels.

AND REDISIGN IT THAT THE USER LIST THHAT SENT MESSAGE IN THE LEFT AND MESSAGE IN THE RIGHT 5 13.COM/PROJECTS-JB/SEARCH-PROJECTSJB/PROJECT/DETAILPROJECT/4-TEST#.AWESOMESCREENSHOT.php? option=com_jblance&view=project&layout=detailproject&id=33&Itemid=1 59 4 service page make it like this : http://www.COM/IMAGE/1343882/3E0F4 EEF2E3F8848FE5EFCFFB9B841D6 AND MAKE THIS CHANGE HTTP://WWW.and project detail page : make it a little stylish http://gygamer.COM/SERVICE/SERVICE/VIEWSERVICE/1TEST#.COM/IMAGE/1343900/C2F0C 03E5A37B6917C894CFCAD62EC31 AND FIX THE Client : icon normal it color change when the client make an payment and fix the fliter that it show only oppen project With same hover effect and filter design and favorite icon .AWESOMESCREENSHOT.PROJECT PAGE : USE THIS PART OF DESIGN HTTP://WWW.COM/USERS/MESSAGES/ FREELANCE WEBSITE : GYGAMER 15 20 25 1 .FREELANCER DETAIL PAGE HTTP://WWW.FREELANCER.V2LKURJJZCS 10 15 -MAKE THE SERVICE PAGE A LITTLE STYLISH HTTP://MIRAGHOTELS.COM/IMAGE/1343557/4AF9B 1ED938303C914A21E982389F615 14 -MAKE THIS PAGE A LITTLE STYLISH HTTP://MIRAGHOTELS.MESSAGE PAGE : MAKE IT LIKE HERE HTTPS://WWW.AWESOMESCREENSHOT.

com/image/1343965/47d603487f3fe45a22b a3d057e3515a5 .com/image/1343951/db79fa15f1fdf6e5e49c 073d8b645e14 7 .awesomescreenshot.i want make the my project and my bids and my services in 1 page simolare to this 5 6.5 make freelancer page like here http://www.add verification option in freelancer detail page like here http://www.