Syllabus Único de Cátedra


Edition: 2016

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This course prepares students to be able to use English in the legal
profession. It gives an introduction to legal concepts in English, with a focus
on general aspects of the legal system as well as the areas of company law
and contract. Practicing, the student will be trained to deal with general
business law and to analyze legal decisions.
3. AIMS:
i. Generals:
Generals aims of the course are to increase the student comprehension
of Legal English and to improve his ability to write, to read and to understand
legal documents and discussions.
ii. Specifics:
1. To strengthen the speaking skills, specifically the legal vocabulary
2. To familiarize students to Common Law system
3. To open mind students to English law

3. and a specialized vocabulary made by legal and commercial terms used by the lawyers. Generals competences of the course    CG1: to have to analyze information CG2: to be fluent English speaker CG3: to have to compare another legal system with the national one 3. Competences: 2.iii.: Practice and independent knowledge To create a dictionary of legal terms (1st portfolio’s step) Essay (2nd portfolio’s step) Subject: Democracy process from UK to Ecuador . CONTENT: FORMATO SYLLABUS ÚNICO DE CÁTEDRA Date : 19 de Mayo del 2016 FP-FR-08 Definitions Supremacy/primacy of the Law in England Magisterial course & oral practicing 21/05/2016 INTRODUCTI ON TO THE ENGLISH LAW Results of knowledge per Unit Teachers methodol ogy RRA ART 15 Weeks 1 Unit session and content Hours per week Unit name & numb er 6 2 THE BRITISH PARLIAMENT Parliament today: House of Lords/ House of Commons Magisterial course & oral practicing 6 28/05/2016 Historical review Versión: 002 Student activities RRA ART 15. These aspects include the analysis and production of authentic legal documents. Specifics competences of the course   To have to work in team To have to upload his knowledge Resume of the course content The Legal English course focus on several aspects of legal English.

Statute Law The rule of precedent Civil Court system 4 THE LEGAL SYSTEM The Jury system The Magistrates Courts 5 JUDICIAL DECISIONS of sue and 2 CORRECTION 2 Partnership & Corporate governance Shareholders & board of Magisterial COMPANY course & CAPITALISATI directors 12 oral ON Changes in the company practicing 8 CONTRACTS Covenant Negotiation E-contracts ENGLISH TEST 2 CORRECTION DEL EXAMEN Magisterial course & 12 oral practicing 20/08/2016 27/08/2016 Contract formation 10/08/2016 – 13/08/2016 7 Magisterial course & 18 oral practicing Subject: Submit legal case related on the course Discussion/ Debate Subject: The jury system is it fair? Oral Presentation Subject: Choose a law in your jurisdiction that you are familiar with and explain what it says 16/07/2016 23/07/2016 -03/08/2016 Company formation & management LAW FIRM Magisterial course & 24 oral practicing ENGLISH TEST 1 Law firm structure 6 6 judicial Ridiculous Law Suits Exercises: defend Magisterial course & oral practicing 18/06/2016 – 09/07/2016 Analysis decisions 6 11/06/2016 Equity Magisterial course & oral practicing 04/06/2016 3 Common Law ENGLISH LAW Team Project with oral presentation Team Project with oral presentation Subject: Create your Company Essay (3rd portfolio’s step) Subject: The golden parachute Role-play : Write client’s contract & Negotiate 2 03/09/2016 1 03/09/2016 .

Essay must be personal and respect the rules of copyright: each quote must be quoted within bibliography. NOTATION: First Term Assiduity & punctuality Exam Portfolio Homework and Oral participation TOTAL FINAL NOTATION University Press 10% Second Term 10% Final Exam 0% 50% 20% 20% 50% 15% 25% 100% 0% 0% 100% 25% 100% 25% 100% 50% 8.FINAL TEST 2 03/09/2016 99 5 EVALUATION TOOLS FOR STUDENT LEARNING COURSE NAME TEATCHING METODOLOGY LEARNING EVALUATION STRATEGY STRATEGY LEGAL ENGLISH LEVEL I Interactive lessons: listening. lost points. Oral presentation will be presented during the course and portfolio’s homework will be sent by the Virtual Classroom before the beginning of the course. Students missing a course. Plagiary is forbidden and is joined by punishment. Homework must be done on time and all delay will decrease notation. Each student is responsible for knowledge of homework to do for the next session. reading and speaking Magisterial course & oral practicing      Course exercises Essay Team Project Oral practicing English Tests TEATCHER AIMES INVOLVING ACHIEVED Exchange with students Debate & Role-play 6 REGLAS GENERALES: Students’ active participation will be necessary for each class theme. without explanation sent before the course. A course for classroom or self-study use. Using cellphone or other electronic device during the course is strictly forbidden except with the teacher authorization. International Legal English. The course can’t be succeeding without the homework’s portfolio. Punctuality and assiduity are an important part of the final notation. Cambridge . 7. Homework must be prepared for each session. BIBLIOGRAFY: KROIS-LINDER Amy & TRANSLEGAL.

MSC DRA MARTHA VALLEJO . Innovation and Communication. Cambridge University Press Library 9.. REVISADO POR COORDINACIÓN ACADÉMICA APROBADO POR DECANA DE LA CARRERA ALEJANDRA COLINA. course will be done with discussion. The teacher is a help and the students must come prepared and known the references given with the program. IMPORTANTE: The Universidad del Pacifico follows an active methodology or learning. Master Degree in Business Law License in Public Law Professional experience: UNESCO. resolving law case and active participation. TEATCHER CURRICULUM VITAE: French Nationality PhD in process about the Law of Underwater Cultural Heritage Master Degree in Law of Cultural Heritage Master Degree in Law of Culture. Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In that way. Given the : …………………………………….