squarespace i need the iphone 3gs my 3g is broke as of today

squarespace my iphone hates me please give me a new one ps i lost all my phone
5800world re another dev lost to the iphone thats too sad is there a backup of
all their released apps
angusnb the silence button switch thing on the side broke off my iphone
chanc thanks im happy to pay outright if only the telstra iphone plans werent so
curiousillusion im just not an iphone fan i think its because i hate when my sc
reen gets dirty or smudgie and im just a bb snob
daveiam i lost some songs on my iphone reboot that i hadnt yet transfered lost e
dannymcfly harry not on twitter cause of what happened to his iphone i broke my
iphone too but i was drunk and dropped it in the sea x
frankiethesats oh noes rip iphone id be lost without mine i read a puppy got fl
ushed down the loo by a 4 year old and survived o xx
iamdecal is that a jailbroken one i much prefer the normal layout sorry am ver
y set in my ways with my iphone screen lol
jaciofthedead anytime an iphone is lost to the pool its a sad day i would have
died had that been me
jaypthaker angusnb the silence button switch thing on the side broke off my ipho
heymisterdj okay this shoot is dragging that green screen is making my headache
worse and i have to hold the iphone w my hurty hand
klarabela no probs me too iphone has dust under the screen though have an appoi
ntment witth apple to get it replaced hopefully
kshibs my phone be broke andinarvaez now i can get that iphone 30 woot
lilyallen u dont remember when my iphone broke
laurenjanfeshan i lost your number in the great iphone update of 2009 are you a
t backbooth
joannerobertsx soz to hear of your phonerelated woes i lost my iphone this we
no insurance
lonelycoo ive lost the plot cause my iphone isnt working properly anymore
lrdlnitari if im not mistaken youre referring to the new iphone thing in that ca
se i had to get a new iphone i lost my old one
knightparsifal i saw that on july the 17th look at iphone screen picture httpt
msja lol nuthin happy cause i just found out how to get stuff on my iphone lmao
but im practicing 4 american idol auditions ahh
nitestar i mean an acient laptop silly lg touch screen phone i need an iphone
opposablethumb im on iphone right now cant remember as i has 24quot screen and
dont fullscreen tell ya when i get home
mommyinstincts how about the new iphone update today arent u at all excitedlol i
dont get to do mine comps broke again
naomiinhamburg i read you wrong thought you lost your apps because you tried to
make a latte using your iphone
richardlai no but i believe a lot of iphone users will miss out on this feature
by installing protective film covers on the screen
saragthatsme phew i am lost without my iphone thank you for setting me straight
skreech2 more useful on a tablet but ive been tempted to touch my laptop screen
since having an iphone
phildouyon kk sounds good im so happy the iphone is free but i jst broke my phon
stephenfry i have a pooly iphone and it has to go to iphone hospital only took m
e a month to break it actually it broke by itself
powermonster well im not at all happy about the new iphone to be honest i have
been using an amd version of mac osx squarespace
tcfodor hmm that would be nice if my iphone is working i broke my iphone and can
t repair it till i go back to shanghai
sosodeformed tmobile is great w unlocked devices they offer support 4 iphone whi

ch isnt theres amp storm does have the clicky screen ugh streeterstevens you broke the internet again i broke my iphone what a sad sad d ay retweet iphone screen went wrong today backing it up so i can make a trip to the apple store wish me luck httpbitlyfztwe untitleddesign agreed sad news though i dropped my iphone and now have a crappy cracked screen sniff after a tragic iphone update i lost all numbers texts data etc send me your num bers please in hk now yay almost dropped my iphone screen first on tile squarespace my fiances 1st gen iphone screen is cracked help us out anyone managed to log into the wwdc iphone app yet for me the login screen comes up and immediately disappears again apple has approved me in the iphone developer program so happy now just have to finish my app at iphone store getting a new iphone to replace mine that just broke a quick users tip for iphone users dont drop your phone in oil like i have makes the screen go pretty dam strange trippy j a screen shot on my iphone doesnt work yet is that broken only 50 days since ive got one cant get along without iphone lol kimzilla i gained an iphone and you lost one at the apple store because my iphone broke while trying to install the new updat e after upgrading to os 3 for my iphone now get itunes unknown error 4 when trying to download an app not happy zanelamprey i replaced the cracked screen on my iphone last night it doesnt work now a piece of plastic fell off my iphone 3g its the tiny piece between the silent b utton and the volume buttons i lost it a really nice atampt rep a shock to myself to held an iphone 3gs on the side for me in nj but i lost it due to all of the traffic awesome iphone 30 broke all fams fones mine yea off to bday dinner not even hung ry amp sushi not my fav 2 more proj on my desk amazing my iphone was fixed in softbank store by hardreboot but deadblack screen situation was scary phone rang and no way to answer aplusk i just recently dropped my iphone and got the white screen of death i los t my precious at eye doctoreyes dilatingcant see iphone screen very well completely shattered my iphone screen broke my iphone last night well kind of cracked the screen pretty badly but the phone still works fine still really sucks aw crap i bought iphone not iphone 3g screen protectors theyre an inky wee bit too small damm i got a dead pixel on my iphone screen dammmmit lost my precious iphone desperately lost for my shuffle hate running with my iphone in my hand best iphone os 30 feature so far email server search worst i lost my youtube boo kmarks during the update and had to redo em all dreamers was great last night lost my iphone though dropped my iphone and screen cracked hope i can keep using it until the new on e comes out will be able to record videos right doing a happy dance my iphone frozeupbut its been rebooted dropped my iphone and smashed the screen today fuck broke my 3g iphone got a nokia e71 as a replacement device for a couple of weeks my iphone is brok e down right now got new iphone cover and new screen protection but it has a bubble in it ffs wtf was this i thought i broke my iphone for a second httptwitpiccom6en5h got my new iphone touch so happy elliottkember haha my friend broke his iphone so i lent him a spare nokia i lik .

e your upgrades how many songs can it hold gutted the day of iphone os 30 and ive lost my phone i hope ive left it at on si te at a clients offices i broke my iphone screen and im really gonna cry had not updated iphone yet beta software ran out lost quite a few things i hadnt backed up as had to put phone into recovery mode i am so happy i just got 22 new mobipocket books on my iphone and will be readi ng them very very soon love this new eage i could really use a new iphone from squarespace i recently dropped my iphone3g and the screen cracked i got new virgil iphone 3gs darn my ocd tho i cant touch it because the guy in t he atampt store put a bubble on the screen i just cleaned the screen on my iphone and it looked beautiful until zoey decide d to lick the entire screen i love her i just got the new os 30 upgrade for the iphone and too many apps arent working well not too happy about the upgrade icoco yeah the iphone is a sexy phone im not going to lie hope you get it back i broke mine after four days i broke my iphone sob i broke my iphone it was perfect and i dropped it on the sidewalk fml japmacs my god you were not kidding with the change in battery life on iphone os 30 i lost 80 battery life overnight i guess my iphone is not going to make it to its 2 year birthday after all died twice this weekend i would get the iphone 30 software but my ipod touch broke but im getting the n ew iphone 3g s so thats awesome i just lost at iphone scrabble in new york ny httplooptus1uobgwt i lost my iphone last nite not cool at all jonivanbogaert this book httpbitlydhsto and also obj c and iphone dev of the sa me serie happy reading in a great deal of emotional pain shattered the screen on my iphone i think my iphone is broke i want an iphone iv lost my phone sobs im trying to figure out why my iphone has crashed whilst updating i think ive b roke it im depressed i just cracked my screen on my iphone is happy he finally has notes syncing in iphone 30 just broke iphone 2 is really sad that my app on my iphone is broke for twitter it keeps saying its down just tooo happy that twitteriffic works again thanks to the iphone 30 os x suppo rt is now iphone 30 but is not happy that she still cannot send picture textsi def did not get that memo is your iphone screen broken consider it a work of art and join httpbitlymymul its been a while since i tweetd home for my sisters wedding and iphone broke ho w is twitter land lizuk a bit tired thicker than water is getting vvvv interesting so was happy on the train and charged my iphone so all good my iphone broke just wanted all to know that i lost my iphone in dc so no twitter or text prayi ng someone turns it in i know off to fly home just worked outand dropped my iphone and broke the screen can u say lame looks like ive lost my iphone and theres a distinct possibility that daughter m ay have chucked it in the bin mental note get an iphone for my birthday so i can use the mobile evernote app t oo my iphone case broke before i even received my iphone fml ok peeps any ideas on how to get my iphone to work it looks like its turning on but i cant see the screen enough to do anything .

my iphone died ive had trouble with the touch screen not working off and on now its totally dead my iphone has lost its keyboard my iphone is broken the home button and the connection plug both are broken and it seems that the screen stopped working new iphone happy michelle new moon is gunna be so good birthday soon getting a iphone o thankyou mommylt 3 my mothers fascination with the smule ocarina app i dled for her iphone gives me a warm happy glow not happy runkeeper crashed this morning rebooted iphone and now all my apps cra sh looks like a restore is on the cards nicolysis free iphone lol httpbitlyqf9ws i need one mine broke oh my god apple why cant we tap the screen to take a picture with the iphone cam era yet oh just great my iphone has just decided to brick itself after the 30 upgrade no t a happy bunny sadly no birthday tweet from tommcfly ah it cant be helped that his iphone brok e i suppose i shouldnt get the 30 update then so happy my iphone is in great working order now sleeping sound tonight so happy my mommie went get me another iphone to keep my sanity while im here so happy shes here period through all of this pain oops my iphone said it lost connection didnt mean to duplicate somebody just dropped her iphone and cracked the screen pretty bad and its me someone took a bite of my apple iphone finally crashed and is going through a f ull restore lost some pics of the kid something wrong with my iphone screen maybe squarespace will provide me the ne w 3gs iphone sooo excited going boat today with annie so mad my screen shattered on my iphone purplevelvet09 yup im iphone person had a moment of considering the bb for the b uttons but couldnt touch screen more me plus i shattered my iphone screen resorting to sms on my iphone since i lost the top inch reddawn lost my iphone sob sob the screen on my iphone broke tiny crack on iphone screen intense heatsun has caused slight discolouration on the lcd behind the glass some progress iphone software update works but lost all the contacts sorry for the weird tweets yall twitterific on my iphone is all messed up may h ave happened when i dropped and broke my phone tried to install the newnot really iphone update it crashed and now i habe to re store it i just hope i habe not lost everything tweetdeck for iphone has promise but crashy no full screen picture viewing no ne arby search trends or google map app option is bunk simondoggett i would like to install iphone 30 but phone is with the insurance c ompany with a huge crack in the screen the good i think i found an apt ive lost 24 pounds and my alma mater asked me to be alum mentor the bad cracked iphone screen the only place gotheresg cant find is where my lost iphone 3g is wahhh iphone map didnt for me today i got lost and end up driving 40 miles more maybe i need to upgrade the software heh was in ny for dads 70th birthday amp lost my iphone on the lirr yesterday real ly really hope that the 4digit lock code does its job twitter broke my iphone yah iphone is updated not really much difference my birthday soon diamonds amp bentleys in the post x twitterfon blew up on my iphone last night i was lost without it good morning tw eeps httpbitlyhlnsv ugh lost my iphone .

well soo much for going to bed early i just jail broke my old iphone then got t hem confused and thought i had service on both your iphone screen is broken consider it a work of art and join httpbitlymymul woohooo im running pandora on my iphone from australia very happy amp super exc ited nite x httptwitpiccom6onox xmellyssax we lost our iphone httplensacouk200903movingon ya i know i broke my promise of only using my iphone to tweet but the computer w as right here 30 broke my iphone argh my iphone wont connect to the web on the phone in a bloody queue not a happ y bunny fact an iphone with a cracked screen is hard to use forgot to say happy birthday to his dad too bust eating cake so happy b day to h im hes getting his iphone next week now good morning been off the grid for the past day or so because laptop charger bro ke and didnt have wall plug for iphone great its 115am no iphone update im going to bed not happy have flatlined my iphone playing about oops dfu mode to the rescue but i lost a ny picsmessages from today have upgraded iphone to 30 seemed to work ok now cant get off the quotemergency callquot screen because activation server is down having a shattered iphone screen is depressinggoin to get a new one tuesday hazaar update for twitterrific has fixed it on a bad note i dropped my iphone an d now it has white dust underneath the screen home screen pic of my apps on my new iphone httpyfrogcomed8dcj i am so lost without internet connection my iphone is only good for tweeting and emails i believe my iphone was stolen last night someone peed in my closet and a guy i almost lost my friends over ignored me for an evening i broke our internet some how all i got is my iphone to connect me to the outsid e world i cracked the screen on my iphone bummer i have a new iphone g3 and i just love it thank u god for making people so cleve r to invent it now i am happy to answer every call i think i broke my iphone charger i would love to update my iphone so i can cut amp paste but my stupid computer b roke and i cant im mad at my self i droped my iphone and the screen is completely shattered in the 9 yrs ive had a cell phone i never lost one until thursday night when i l ost my iphone is so happy his iphone is back from the iphone doctor and is feeling much better its restored but i think ive lost photos taken on iphone just got a new iphone screen as i had moisture under my other wayy new screen w onder if it will be any better hd ftw haha looks like i having been giving twitter enough loveits cause my iphone broke mother effim at work till 11 and cant enjoy iphone 30 on my broke ass phone yet my boss just lost his iphone and his javeline last night but somehow im the one who feel guiltysorry boss my iphone frozeagain so many issues with it i am not happy not a happy bunny after cracking the screen on my iphone not happy w tweetdeck for iphone anymore it crashes a lot and doesnt start me of f where i left off like twitterfon does not sure if i shud take d bb wid me on holiday last time i went away i lost my i phone one of the saddest days of my life omg my iphone screen has a scratch on it wonder if i can get it repaired anyone know iphone repair some of the sync functions on the 30 iphone software are buggy i lost 2 notes i hope theyre on my mac and not gone forever suuppp birdies i love my iphone apps and today looks happy day .

talk crap and think your still my friend news flash your not broke my iphone scr een last night my life is hell the apple iphone is a peice of shit my screen has been white for the past 7 hour s want to know why my iphone broke all night meaning no tests got through which ma de someone very unhappy zunehd looks great oled screen 720p hdmi only issue is that i have an iphone and 2 ipods make it a phone and ill buy it microsoft .