Chairperson’s Page

Hello Members
Is everyone enjoying their British Summer??
June’s journal seems so long ago, thank you for your patience whilst some of our team were
off sunning themselves…
So what has happened since June? Well, we have a new Social Secretary, I’d like to
welcome Kelly Cole to the team, so far Kelly hosted the social at the Rose and Crown,
Portway, and some friendly faces I have not seen in a while came out to play which was
nice. By the time you read this we will have already done the Cottage of Content Social
weekend to which I am/was looking forward to, I can say that now it’s not down to me
haha, on a serious note, we wish you all the best in this role and we look forward to what
you have planned for the years ahead. Please check out the social page for we have
installed for you.
We also ran an RTV at Birdlip thanks to Liz, Kev and Will and their helpers. It was so
nice to back at Birdlip, so many people that come out today have never been, I hope you all
enjoyed it as I did, shame the CCVT didn’t go ahead. We hope to return there again next
year. The next trial will be at Wigmore, this will be an open event but more on that next
month as this will be printed before the event takes place.
Another trial it was nice to be at again was Cornwall and Devon’s 2 Day Charity RTV,
oh how I have missed this event! Read more about it later on in the journal. If you don’t
want to read about it, there are also pictures to look at too. I didn’t get any feedback about
the War of the Roses, Kinver Country Fayre, Deux Chevaux Club or the 2B Retro Day, if you
did support any of these events, please share your stories.
The next few months seem to be rather busy, we have Welland Steam Fair at the
end of the month, and this has again received some interest as it is always a good event. If
someone could put a few words together after the event for Graeme to publish in the
Journal and also on the website? It will much appreciated. Start August off we have the
holiday rally in the Isle of White. This is the first holiday rally I have been able to attend and
I am looking forward to it, Never been on a ferry before! Southern LRC will also be holding
their 2 day CCVT event. After that we have the Off Road Open Driver Training Day at
Wagtail, Brian and Stephen East approached me about this offering to run the day for us so I
have met up with them and done a site visit now we are getting the ball rolling, there is
something to please everyone there. Party in the park is at the end of the month for those
wishing to take in Eastnor’s beauty once again but not forgetting the Baskerville Challenge
held August BH by Wye and Welsh and then it will nearly be time for the Major’s, please
find information about the Major’s in the journal, website and Facebook, Dan Fasham is
taking on Marshal’s again so please contact him you would like to help out, this is a big event for us and an honour to be able to run it after all these
years. This year we will be using different land to what we have used for the Major’s in the
past so hoping to get more people/teams interested. We have already had our first few
teams enter, booking closes Wednesday 31st August 2016, only
2 months left. Help will be appreciated whether it’s helping
with signing on, marquee erecting and vice versa, making tea,
sorting door stickers out, organising, signage, staking out the
lanes for lining up etc etc, a lot is put into making the event
happen, the atmosphere is amazing, let me know if you want
to be a part of it!


So much is happening, please check out the calendar for future events, there is something
every month for the family to enjoy. Please get in touch if you want to help out with

I mentioned last month we were refreshing our club clothing and that we will be taking
orders soon, I can happily say that we can now take orders, please refer to the order form
either in the journal or on the Website. We will have some garments at events ie. Polo
Shirts, Sweatshirts and Hoodies in Blue and Green which you will be able to buy there and
then, other items will need to be ordered upon request. (Red is also an option for clothing).

Not to wish the year away but as you may know, next year the club will be reaching a
milestone of 50 years. Plans are being put together for celebrating this fact, we plan you
make the most of this and information will be sent out to you soon, however. We would like
to design a logo celebrating this anniversary and as a club we want to get all of you involved
one way or another. If you have any ideas how we can do this please contact me. One thing
you will see in the journal is an advert to design the 50th year logo. We have a few ideas that
have been discussed but I would like to see what you would come up with.
Please look at the advert and share your ideas with us and keep your eyes open for events
of next year. It’s exciting times people!
Well, I think that’s it for this month, again thank you for all of your support.
Until next month… Have fun, I look forward to seeing you at the events through July /