Starleaf Ltd.

United Kingdom
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a highly motivated second year student reading Chemical Engineering via Natural
Sciences at Cambridge. I am writing to outline my interest and resume, which
encompasses key perks and figures, such as outstanding academic results (750 UCAS
points and 2:1 across all subjects), in order to prove myself adept for this position.
As I present in my CV, I have obtained various skills by working in different fields, from
the food industry to the retail sector. I do not only excel in academia, but I also possess
strong communication and organizational skills. Having live in different countries, I can
state that I can adapt in different environments easily. I believe that my ambitions and
drive for success are in line with the goals other team members of your Company have.
Studying at such a prestigious University, I have the privilege of learning content that is
quantifiable as almost four degrees; in fact, I have studied four subjects in my first year:
Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Material Science. The interconnection between the
subjects enabled me to grasp the underlying concepts that specialisation in one subject
seldom highlights. As I am currently specialising in Chemical Engineering, I have enriched
my portfolio with strong computing skills, with a strong understanding of general tools
such as Excel and Matlab. I have been able to fully appreciate these software thanks to
prior knowledge of other programming packages and genuine interest in the subject. I
have had quite a diverse and enriched education in different countries. My academic
curriculum started in Italy until High School and then attended College in England, to
finally study at Cambridge. Despite having had to settle in different countries, I
persevered with a high morale, still achieving my goals. My perseverance and ambition
to be the best opened me many options, some of which became eventually financially
profitable. I have been recognised as one of ten outstanding students in the Midlands by
OCR and awarded £12000.
Speaking to employees such as Steven R. strengthened my belief that Starleaf is the
right company for me. The division is made of exceptional people and I would relish the
opportunity to contribute to this excellence. Steven’s enthusiasm for working at Starleaf
truly opened up my mind in terms of career prospects. Working at such a successful
start-up company enables you to identify and focus on what’s absolutely vital, and
pushes you to devise a solution in a more creative manner. The results of the success (or
failure) contributes significantly to the performance of the overall business and can be
observed first-hand. This scenario is incredibly rewarding and enriching in the long term,
as I believe I will be able to adopt new skills and responsibilities, which perhaps larger
firms would partly deny, due to their conservative culture. Steven’s recommendation for
this position was associated with stating that the firm wants ‘smart and enthusiastic’
people; I believe that I possess both attributes and would be privileged to work in your
company for the summer.
I hope that my qualifications and my interest for this position are in your interest. If so, I
am looking forward to participate in your summer programme.
Yours faithfully,