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1. You are going to listen to certain sounds.
Circle the sound you hear:


2. You are going to listen to certain sounds.
Write the sound you hear:


1. my mother a woman beautiful is
2. doesn't much my see grandpa old.
3. I twelve- year-old have brother a.
4. teaches the teacher new English very well.
5. want to friends I have many


m .in the schoolyard.PART III: ACCESS TO INFORMATION FROM WRITTEN TEXTS: TEXT A Read the passage. Our graduates will have a chance to see each other and their teachers after all these years. A SCHOOL REUNION OFARIM Elementary School is celebrating its 20th birthday We are inviting all our graduates to celebrate this event. Why is Ofarim School having a school reunion? COMPLETE: Ofarim School is ______________________________ 2. What do you know about the event? Fill in the chart below: The place The date The time 2 . The school reunion will take place on July 6th at 6 p. 1. The program will include:  A reception  Speeches  A performance by the school band If you are interested in helping to organize the event. please call 08-6468763. and then answer the questions that follow.

brushing teeth bathing and yes flushing the toilet. a report c. clothes. We need a lot of water! How Much Do We Have? Earth is a water planet. We can live without food for a long time. We have very little water to use. WATER IS LIFE! We Need Water We need to drink water to stay healthy. But this is not true. Even our rainwater becomes polluted. The text is: a. We can't even use it to water plants that we grow for food. The other 2% is very difficult to get to. When we don't have enough water to drink. We Waste It and We Pollute It We waste the "two teaspoons" of water that we have. the water becomes so polluted that the fish and the plants die. CIRCLE THE CORRECT ANSWER 1. washing dishes. an article b. In some places. The fact is that most of the water on Earth -97%-is salt water. we become very sick. We can't drink it. What else do we need water for? Let's make a list: cooking. The water that we can drink would fill only two teaspoons. The main idea of the text is: a. but if we don't drink for three days. Let's keep it clean. Many factories put chemicals into the water. we die.TEXT B Read the passage. a letter CIRCLE THE CORRECT ANSWER 2. then do the exercises that follow. we can only drink 1% of it. We need water to drink 3 . Farms and factories use a lot of water to grow food and to create things that make our lives comfortable. it is easy to believe that we will always have as much water as we want. We also pollute it. washing. Seventy percent (70%) of Earth is covered by water. However. Imagine that all the fresh water on Earth-3%fills five large bottles. Because there is so much water. The other 3% of water on Earth is fresh water. We need water to live.

Why must we keep water clean? ________________________________________________ 4 . Who dies because of pollution? ________________________________________________ 7.____________ ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: 5. We use water in a lot of daily needs.____________ b. The word grow in line 8 means: Grow (verb)‫לגדול‬ Grow (verb) ‫לגדל‬ Grow (verb) ‫להיעשות‬ 4. Pollution kills fish and plants.____________ c.b. . . .____________ d.____________ e. CIRCLE THE CORRECT ANSWER 3. What is the topic of the passage? _______________________________________________ 6. Where is water found? _______________________________________________ 8. WRITE TRUE OR FALSE: a. Only 1% of water on Earth is fresh water. We can't live without water c. Man pollutes the water we need. We pollute the water we need.____________ f. 97% of our planet is covered by water. . Most of the water on Earth on Earth is salty water.

Write 5 sentences about yourself. ______________________________________________________ d. You may relate to the following:  Where it took place  The people who went with you  What the best moments were _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 5 . ______________________________________________________ b. ______________________________________________________ e. ______________________________________________________ c. Write a paragraph (about 30 words) describing your last holiday. ______________________________________________________ 2.PART IV: WRITING 1. a.

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