An algorithm is a finite and orderly set of operations that we can use to find the
solution to a problem.
1. The project approach: a technological algorithm.
An algorithm is a series of instructions or ordered steps for performing an activity or
resolving a problem.
In technology, we find solutions to problems using a working method that we saw last
year: the project approach.
The project approach is a method of dealing with and resolving the practical problems
affecting any society. It consists of ten stages and we can study it as an algorithm.
Algorithms have the following characteristics:

They contain specific instructions.
They are finite.
All their steps are simple and ordered.

All of the algorithms developed nowadays can be solved using computers and
programming languages.
A program is the translation of an algorithm into a programming language that can be
understood and processed by a computer.


Phases of the project approach
1. Detect the problem or need.
2. Information and research.
3. Search for possible solutions.
4. Choose the solution.
5. Design.
6. Prepare and plan the work.
7. Build the product.
8. Check the results.
9. Presentation and assessment.
10. Write the project report.


Selective algorithms. 5. 3. . Algorithm: Graphical representation. Iterative algorithms. 4. Sequential algorithms.2.